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When I was nine years old, I had heard of ghosts, and was stuck between a believer and a non-believer. I loved scary stories and would love to have had one to tell. Little did I know my wish would soon come true...?

It was one of my favorite nights, dark and scary. At about 2:30, maybe 3:00, it has been so long I have forgotten. I got off the computer from playing some games, and walked into our living room. As I entered, my dad was sleeping on the couch, the television was on, and my sleeping bag was on the floor. I walked over to my sleeping bag, and lay down, but decided against the idea. And remembering my mother's offer that if I got scared I could go back and spend the night with her. So I got back up again with a sigh and turned the television off.

Only then did I remember my fear of the dark, but too late. I started to get really terrified, my breathing came heavy and I stood rooted to the spot, too much in shock to move. But then the thought of the safety of the comforter and the warmth of my mother's voice made me gather the courage to head to the bedroom.

As I scurried back to my parents' room, voices started to circle around me. They enclosed me in a tight circle, fear was running through me. I did not know what to do, so I did the only thing that came to my mind. What I had seen in movies, on television, and read in my books. I ran.

After my hand finally found the curved doorknob, I turned the knob down and shoved the door open. I ran over to where my mom was, jumped on the bed and started calling my mom's name. I said my mom's name so many times it's a wonder she did not wake up. But then, I tried to console myself, my mom was a heavy sleeper sometimes.

So I dove under the covers and hid there. Eventually I fell asleep.

When I woke next morning the first thing that came to my mind was the experience I had had last night. And all over again the fear came running through me like ice water.

I sat up and threw my blankets off. I took deep breaths and finally put my feet on the carpet and ran through the bedroom door.

I waited until my dad had wondered outside to mess around with his car, and I then told my mom about the voices.

After I had finished telling her, she asked me what they were telling me to do. I could not tell if she was joking, or was serious. But then I told her that it was not like the Amityville Horror. And I could not make them out, they were like muffled. I know though that she believed me.

Almost 5 years later after that chilling event, I still feel scared to be awake myself. And am a full believer in that another world exists from apart from ours. I still will sometimes hear voices, but after my mom told me about how I used to say that angels stood around my bed, I have to wonder if the voices were angels. That they were not something evil, but something good. I will never know though, and that realization makes me feel sad.

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chibi_ninja_kitsune (5 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-12)
I have a fear of the dark, too, but I sleep with a lamp on at night. Or the TV (Hahaha!). But your story is really interesting. And, also like you, I'm kind of stuck between a believer and non-believer. However, I'm leaning a little towards being a believer... πŸ˜•
IWasMarieAntoinetteInMyPast (2 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-11)
Thank you everyone for your comments! But I would like to clear a few things up. I forgot to tell in my story that I was only on the computer for maybe about 5 minutes, but that still might have had an effect on my brain. And I researched Paranoid Schizophrenia on the internet, and I have none of the symptoms. I believe I am sensitive because my Mom said that she has had experiences that she can't explain,too.For example, she once told me that her uncle who had passed away, came and talked to her. She told me he told her everything would be alright, because my Dad was in the hospital after a major surgery. And once outside the hospital my Dad was in, she saw her uncle waving from a taxi. When she told me this, I wanted to learn so much more from her about her experiences. So she also told me that when something had happened to her brothers or parents, she knew before anyone else. Or before she got the call. I believe I am sensitive to spirits. I began to research the paranormal last Summer, and the more I looked into it, the more I began to notice things. And I know for a fact this was not my imagination, because I had always seen things before, and sometimes even heard a voice talking to me. But I had always tried to find a reasonable explanation for it.Again,thank you everyone for reading and taking time to comment.
xXelliemayXx (10 stories) (164 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-11)
i am a sufferer of anxiety attacks... And I am also a sensitive... I have written a few stories on the site if you wana read them 😁
At first it started with voices... I too saw spirits when I was a baby and through my childood... I haven't written about ALL my stories because I just don't have the time... But if you would like to talk more about my experiences you could add my email... I know excatly what your going through... I have been there myself and still have experiences like yours. Its very scary... But after its happened as many times as it has to me... You get used to people trying to talk to you!
Hope to speak soon!
Heres my emai... Elle--666[at] ❀sorry about the numbers... My brother did it lol πŸ˜†
Tonith (1136 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-11)
Bri, the same things went through my head about this story. Let's hope its sensitivity. If this would continue it wouldn't hurt to have a total physical exam. There can be physical reasons why this is happening as well. Frankly, I think your imagination went wild because fear can do that to us. You also said you had just gotten off the computer and it's been studied that kids brains don't shut down fast from the stimulation of using the computer late at night and this may be a reason for your imagination to be in high gear. This is all conjucture on my part and no disrespect to your experience. If you are truly sensitive this will probably not be your last experience. Dealing with the fear factor has to be the hardest thing for people that are sensitive. I'm sure it takes years to get use to it and accept what is happening. I can't imagine what people go through that really don't want this sensitivity. Good luck.
BriFischer05 (14 stories) (169 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-10)
Hmm, without knowing too much of your background I would tend to think maybe a few things.

1.) you're sensitive

2.) you experienced an anxiety attack and your imagination got away from you

3.) paranoid schizophrenia

Don't take offense to my above points - just trying to narrow the possibilities down. Have you ever experienced the paranormal before in any other way, or like this before? Thanks for sharing and keep us posted.
Victor (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-10)
I know a girl who used to see demons and ghosts walking around her room, then she prayed with her mum and that night she saw them again, and then prayed to Jesus, Then she blinked and saw tall white people standing around her bed with red eyes, they were angels, and she said they had red eyes just like described in the bible verse she read with her mum.
NotSoTypical (guest)
14 years ago (2009-06-10)
I'm scared of the dark too. Well, I'm not scared of the DARK, I'm scared of what's in it.

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