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This is Bella and my story is:

Usually when I'm in my room I feel a presence, and it's very uncomfortable. One night I was sitting on my bed doing my homework when I heard knocking on my door. I thought it was my sister, Marie, but it wasn't. After the third knock I heard I got up and opened the door to yell at her. No one was there though, so I closed the door. I thought I was hearing things but I wasn't putting it off.

Around 11:00p.m. I began to watch TV. I felt that awkward presence, just then my purse that was on my shelf flew off and hit the ground. It wasn't just a push because it went to the middle of my room! It was as if someone had chucked it!

Usually there are a lot of movements from nothing that meets the eye. My TV turns off; the radio changes the station, my lights dim, my doors open. The purse incident was the most powerful yet.

A few months on the Ouija board we asked if they were strong enough to move things, and who ever we spoke to they said no. But each case that happens seems like it's from a different spirit. Like each one can do certain things. I really want all of it to stop though.

Questions I would like answers to:

Does this activity mean anything?

Do you have any idea on what type of paranormal thing this may be?

Can anything bad come from all this movement?

Is the spirit trying to contact/tell me something?

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Tonith (1136 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-27)
Teens and moving objects. There is theory that its the teen doing it and not ghosts. Also that a teen can be an attraction for a spirit because of their energy levels. Don't know which it is in your case. Also people believe when a ouija board is used you allow low level spirits to enter your domain. I have my doubts about this as well being that as many people that have used them, we should be inundated with spirits and that is just not the case. Could something be residing in your home? Possibly. Talk to it like you would any other annoying person and tell it to stop it's nonsense. Usually they listen from what I have read.
xXelliemayXx (10 stories) (164 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-26)
Do you have any idea on what type of paranormal thing this may be? I think that it could be poltergeist activity.
Keep us posted with everything!
xXelliemayXx ❤
gogreenjessi (26 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-25)
well this sounds like a poltergiest to me. Because they movie object but never manefest (spelling? Lol) in ne other wayy. And also a poltergiest does NOT connect to a place, or structure, but rather to a specific person. Whoever was with you when you used the board, cheated and pushed the piece because your poltergiest might not have appeared if another person (alive of course lmao!) was there. This also must b true because if the spirit in the board can't move things than how did he set MOVE the piece to say no! Lol.
Hope to have shed some light!
Jasmin314 (13 stories) (210 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-25)
Does this activity mean something: Yes, but no one can tell you exactly what right now. You need to do research yourself.
Do you have any idea on what type of paranormal thing this may be? I think that it could be poltergeist activity. Again only you will be able to figure out what is going on though. THings like that have happened in the home I grew up in. Once me and my bro were watching tv then the Vase on top of the tv (which was centered) moved to the left slowly, then it slid to the right really fast until it fell off. WE were use to it so we just ignored it. Finally over the years we had someone bless the house and it all went away.
Can anything bad come from all this movement? Definitely. Be careful in the way you communicate with this. You don't know if it is poltergeist activity or something of intelligience (they can choose to harm you).
Is the spirit trying to contact/tell me something? You won't know this yet until you find out what kind of avtivity this is.
You should do further research instead of just waiting on our comments. Look up Poltergeist (not the movie) the definition and description of what it is and see if it matches what's going on in your house. Then go from there. If it doesn't match then look up more info regarding ghosts/spirits/entites/gouls/imps and etc. Everything you can until you find something to match what's happening in your house.❤ Jasmin
Enchanted_Sisters101 (3 stories) (6 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-25)
Thanks, for all your help!
Even though some of my questions weren't answered!
But thanks to you who did
Osa (1 stories) (70 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-24)
Enchanted Sisters 101, Yeah,... Hello, means something. You have a spirit trying to make contact. Is it a "good" spirit or an "evil" one? Probably you deep down inside know the answer to this one.
Ouija boards, unless you know what you're really doing, shouldn't be used.
Not saying I didn't experiment with them, just that staying away may save you heart-ache.
Best of luck in your other-worldly endeavours. Osa
ginko (1 stories) (38 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-24)
😊 its raining outside... By the way good morning to all... Hmm I think it was a poltergeist, do I spell it right, =x throw some salt on your room... Thank for sharing this story...

-Sleepless Ginko
AuroraRosa (2 stories) (55 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-24)
I have had stuff moved like that, too. The most dramatic incident was when a glass of water got shoved off the counter and shattered. Soon after that I talked to the spirits who were doing it and they explained that they enjoy practical jokes and just love a good laugh. I said that I also like to joke around but that my family didn't consider this joking and they were getting me in trouble. After that the things stopped and things have been quiet since then. Hopefully things also work out for you. Good luck! 😁 😉

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