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Ron's Shadow Ghost Wanted His Hat Back


In 1989 before their Graduation and during spring break several of my oldest brother's senior high school pals were involved in a deadly motorcycle accident. It resulted in one friend being killed when a truck pulled out suddenly and slammed into his motorcycle throwing him from his bike. He died shortly after police arrived on the spot. The guy who was killed was a very handsome varsity football player in the high school that I was just about to enter for my freshmen year. I remember this guy, his name was "Ron" and he would come over our house to see my brother and I would briefly talk to him at the door. He was very tall and good looking. I wouldn't have minded him being my boyfriend but unfortunately he already had a girlfriend. He was about 6' 2", blond hair, blue eyes and he was always dressed so nice in his motorcycle outfits and his motorcycle was beautiful as well. He really cared about his appearance.

In school on campus he was well known for always wearing this "white 49ers (American football team) ball cap". He always wore this and he loved this one hat. At his funeral which my brother was invited to attend, his parents gave away many things that once belonged to Ron; to his friends. They gave my brother: Ron's favorite Metallica Album that he loved to listen to all the time, a picture of Ron from his Junior Year and his favorite "White 49er's ball cap". Now about a week had passed since the funeral and my brothers were in their bedroom this one evenings watching TV and hanging out like they usually did. I was in the kitchen and I was all alone at this time watching TV on my Mom's miniature television set on the kitchen table. From the kitchen table I could easily look out into the living room to my left and towards the far bedroom hallway.

The living room was dark and my Mom was taking a nap in her bedroom and Dad was at work around this time. I was enjoying my peaceful evening by myself watching something funny on TV when I heard my brother's bedroom door open and then close, I was certain it was one of my brothers. I could hear the door close and hear someone walking out from the hall into the living room and from the side I could see the figure of a tall form walking towards where I was sitting in the kitchen. Now my oldest brother stands about 5' 6 and my second oldest brother stands about 5' 11. From my left side view I thought it was my second oldest brother coming towards me, headed into the kitchen for something. I could hear the weight of the steps and see the figure approaching me at a live pace.

Because I had just seen something really funny on the TV I suddenly turned my attention to this person walking into the living room and I say; "Chris check this out?!" I was still laughing about what I had seen on TV, but as I turned to focus on who I thought was my brother, I suddenly saw a taller 3 dimensional pitch black Shadow Person. There were absolutely no distinguishing marks or face or anything on the body that would give it an identity. This person was all black, except for: high on top of this Shadow's head was a "White ball cap" resembling the "White 49er's ball cap" my brother received from Ron's parents at the funeral. The living room was dark but it wasn't that dark. And this form stopped some nine feet from me and stood there and I asked it one more time; "Chris?" But this figure was too tall to be my brother. This one stood over 6' tall around 6'2 and then it dawned on me and I said calmly; "Ron?"

Then without any interest in responding to me further this tall Shadow Figure turned and walked straight through the curtains about 4' to his left and through the patios glass sliding doors which were closed and locked. That particular portion of the sliding doors is unopenable and he never returned as I would have liked to have talked to him further, because I felt so bad for him and the accident that took his life. I felt his sadness. I should have been frightened but I wasn't because I knew it was Ron. I believe he just wanted me to know that he came to get his hat and that's all. Later I told my oldest brother and he also says he thinks Ron came to visit him earlier that day, he saw something but he didn't tell me too much detail. Ron took back something resembling the hat but strangely it wasn't the actual hat because my brother still has that 49er's ball cap somewhere to this day.

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moonshadow (3 stories) (146 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-12)
id say that ron came by just for one last visit before going into the light perhaps he had visited a few other places as well places where he was happy and comfortable in life if your house was his last place to visit he probabley entered into the light when he walked through your patio doors lovley story and a lovley experiance if its possible you should try and put a lamp in this spot and have it permentaly lighting take care...
Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-27)
If Ron spent time at your house maybe he was just making one last appearance. This has been known to happen within days of someone dying and it's pretty common. Many think its just wishful whatever on the part of the bereft but I'm not so sure about that. I have heard it happening to people that were not in a grief state and sometimes they felt like they were being given a message or a sign for someone who was grieving badly.
Your description of a shadow person rings very true so you did see something. If it was Ron I don't know if he was aware of you or just passing through. Sometimes when people die suddenly a part of their essence remains on earth because they are unsure as to what has happened to them. I hope it doesn't take long for him to understand that he is no longer of this world and moves on to the next world.
Jasmin314 (13 stories) (210 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-26)
Hey thanks for sharing. I'm sorry that your brothers lost their friend. I know exactly how that feels. I'm sure Ron was of no harm. Nice of him to visit though right? ❤Jasmin
gogreenjessi (26 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-26)
wow very interesting! Sounds intelligent to me if you have only seen it once. But either way it's obviously no harm to anybody.
Very cool story!
Ghostluver (4 stories) (123 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-25)
interesting. 😊 I hope Ron is happy with his hat, and I hope that you are happy. 😊

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