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September 2008. One evening I was rather bored so I decided to head to bed a bit early, and went to my bedroom. I wasn't sleepy just yet and walked over to my Stereo System turning on the radio; to listen to a little music before bed. I had been reading the book of Enoch and other legendary text about the Angel Metatron for a while and still wondered if Metatron actually existed. The Bible doesn't speak of him as much as Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Anyhow the subject of Angels has always delighted my senses. I just adore hearing about them and if I can dream of them or have an encounter all the better. I was feeling a bit bold this one night and wanted to see if I could call on Metatron to find out if he really existed. So being a bit of an idiot this one night I suddenly felt daring and said aloud; "I summon you Metatron!" I said it as if I had the authority to command an Angel to come as I pleased.

I know it's not a good Christian attitude, but I was curious and after I summonsed him I brushed it off thinking he would never answer such a demand from anyone. I was mostly stupidly messing around and decided to go to bed. So I turned off the radio and turned out the lights, climbed into bed and lay there for maybe 5 minutes. All of a sudden with my eyes closed a bright red light came up close to my face and was shining right into my closed eye lids. I was still awake, and this red light beamed into my left eye lid and moved off a little over the left side of my head. It was an orb of red hovering over my head.

I was frightened and said; "Have mercy?" I was embarrassed and nervous that this was Metatron and felt he would be so angry for me to summon him without a very good reason. I think he is much like Michael the Arch Angel, who one should only call upon for actual protection or defense; in the moments when you are really being attacked by a Devil. But I didn't have a reason and the way I called on him deserved an angry rebuke. After I had said; 'Have Mercy?' I felt a deep painful prod right in my abdomen just slightly left of my belly button. It was like I was poked with a stick or blunt spear or some kind of object. I apologized for what I did and begged for his forgiveness. The red light beaming in my eye faded away and finally left. I hope he doesn't hate me?

I told some friend of mine and this guy is an occultist of some kind and he told me to be careful because apparently angels like Metatron could kill me. He is depicted by Solomon as having two horns. And he is also supposedly of such power that other angels claimed he was like a second Lord in heaven. He also said that Metatron could have me killed for talking about this. But I said; "I don't believe in that, he is a one of God's angels and he's good." My friend said; "Depends on who you talk to." But according to my research it is said that Metatron used to be Enoch. I admire Enoch because he was always a just and extremely wise and merciful man.

He is even considered a Messiah-like being to the realm of the angels, as Christ is the Messiah to humans. He tried to intercede on behalf of some of the condemned angels who begged God for forgiveness after they sinned with women. Enoch pitied them and even came before God to ask God to be merciful for those who were being condemned to eternal damnation. Metatron is the said brother to another favorite angel of mine named: Sandalphon one of the Angels who guards the Ark of the Covenant and is said to have been the Prophet Elijah. Anyhow, maybe the Psychics are right, and orbs are angels? The only thing that worries me is the color of his orb why red?

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Rustum (3 stories) (25 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-18)
Metatron is a demonic djinn. It also strikes me as odd that the baddie in the transformers movie is called Megatron. Is this similarity a coincidence? Anyway it would be better for you to stay well clear of calling upon this demon and others like it. Calling upon angels could in fact attract djinns that may fool you into believing otherwise.
Kirsten_pax09 (10 stories) (72 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-18)
Oh, I absolutely admire Enoch and have asked Metatron in some prayers if he would help me increase my wisdom in worshiping God properly and mentor me in my spirituality. I have the Book of Enoch as a.pdf file on my computer. Something really mysterious occurred one day when I left the eBook opened on my computer. I left my keyboard for a few minutes to fix some tea in the kitchen. And when I came back I looked at the screen still being several feet from the desk and the ebook was scrolling down fast all by itself. When I left the computer I know I did hit any keys or the mouse in anyway. Anyhow it kept scrolling down through the book of Enoch and finally came to stop on "The Book of the Secrets of Enoch" or the "Secrets of Enoch".

Enoch is known for recording all events God shows him. So since Metatron (formerly known as Enoch) works with text and writings he could very well have great influence on the Internet. Enoch was always a fan of science also. Maybe we should ask him to be the Internet's Guardian spirit to protect us from demonic attacks on cyberspace? 😁 I noticed that demons have the ability to cause computer problems for the people they target. Anyhow here are two images depicting Metatron with horns on a talisman and a Sigil from the Greater Key of Solomon. It's known as "the first Pentacle of the Sun".

Http:// and another amulet of him:

Be warned these are considered "Graven" images and were used by King Solomon for "sorcery" practices which God forbids greatly in the Bible & the Ten Commandments. You can see why some might not trust the Angel Metatron, because of the two horns and the fact that he was invoked extensively by Qabalist sorcerers. 😐
Hoochler (1 stories) (263 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-17)
Metatron is very near and dear to my heart. I have a beautiful picture of him hanging over the door in my bedroom with a depiction of his cube made of light floating over his head. Metatron is my angel and teacher.

I have read that Metatron is a fiery angel of light, but I have never seen him. I have never heard of him being described as having horns as your friend had described.

Metatron is a very powerful being, I have been told that he is powerful enough to outright destroy a demon if he wants to (so I assume he has the physical power to also destroy a human soul incarnated in a body if he choose to). Metatron is an Arch Angel of light though, he does not exist to destroy the curious souls who reach out to him but rather to love, comfort, protect and most especially teach them.

Kirsten, it appears to me that you are somewhat spiritually gifted from what I have read of your stories and posts on this site. Metatron is the Arch Angel of children and also of helping people develop their spiritual gifts.

I did not even know that Metatron existed until he replaced the angel that had been with me after I made a special prayer to God (it was a prayer requesting physical healing for someone else and had nothing to do with Metatron). If you want to know more about the Arch Angel Metatron, ask him to come into your life and to please become your mentor, protector and teacher. I think that you will be AMAZED at the results.

Metatron will not look kindly upon any willing involvement you may have with an incubus though, you should figure out that what you are going to do with that situation first before you invite Metatron into your life. If you choose to pursue a relationship with the incubus, it is my understanding that such a decision would squelch your chances for Metatron to be your angel/mentor.

If you want him to, Metatron can also help you rid yourself of the incubus.

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