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Late Night Shake


My family has a history of being able to see ghosts/experience paranormal activities. My brother and my mother have both seen them before and I was lucky enough to never experience anything along the lines of the paranormal... Until recently.

I personally believe that some people are just born with the ability to see ghosts, while others, like me, aren't as unfortunate (or fortunate, however you want to perceive it) with the gift. I also think that when you're body is weaker, you tend to let your defenses down (mentally, physically, and emotionally) that you usually subconsciously hold up to block out the spiritual world.

I've been losing a lot of weight recently, and I think I've lost a lot of my former mental capability to block out the spiritual world.

This particular time, I had gone to sleep at a late, late hour (around 5AM-not recommended) and as I lay there trying to sleep my body began to shake uncontrollably, like as if somebody was shaking my body over and over. I opened my eyes and I was very scared because I had no idea what was causing my violent shivering. I knew it wasn't because I was cold or sick because I was feeling neither of those. I couldn't move after the shaking stopped and I suddenly heard footsteps around my bed, but the sound of the footsteps seemed to echo loudly by my ear. I didn't know what to do, but as soon as I regained control, I quickly rolled over and told myself not to be scared and that I didn't do anything to harm anyone so the ghost had no right to harm me. I kept telling myself this until I passed out.

I've been sleeping with the lights on for a few days now. I hope going to sleep earlier will help prevent anymore of these occurrences.

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underworld_ghost (1 stories) (3 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-24)
Nice story Scrong.
I know this is none of my business and I don't have any right to tell you what to do ofcourse.
But,i think you've heard this before... You should be careful how late you go to bed because that's really bad for your wealth and takes your apetite for meals.
I mean it I used to do that too.
But changing topic now are you sure you werent dreaming and was it in school time or on your free time?😐
Because if it was in school time it could have been a dream where somebdy was trying to wake you up to go to school and then failed and left.
If not then you tell him to stay away.😉

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