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More Things About My Late Husband


I posted here about my experience with some old VCR tapes that I thought were doing some strange things, but neglected to mention all of the other things that have led me to believe, over the last 25 years, that my late husband, Scott, likes to communicate with me. First, he was a young Marine Corps aviator and was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 27. We discovered we were expecting our first baby on the same day he had his biopsy, not a great day. But he had a lot to live for, so we didn't waste time being sad. In the five years he was sick, we had some great times despite his illness. We were not going to let it stop us from experiencing all the life we possibly could, even though sometimes it was very bittersweet. Yes, it's weird. There were a couple movies made about similar things way back in the 90s, but I swear I did not see them (as from the trailers they seemed to be putting my life on the screen, and yuck, I could never watch it!). We had our baby girl, and then had another about 17 months later, some might say an oopsie, but I say a gift from God. Scott had been doing great until the second girl was about ten months old, then had a recurrance of his cancer. He died when the girls were 2 and 4.

When they were babies and toddlers, the news was full of stories about how babies were being accidentally strangled by cords from mini blinds. Scott was always concerned about this as we had a brand new house with brand new blinds. He was always tying the cords up into his fancy Boy Scout knot (that you could pull on once and it would just fall out). I even have video of him tying up some blind cords during our daughter's first birthday party.

After he died, the girls and I went about living our lives the best we could. I don't know exactly when I started noticing that the cords on our mini-blinds would sometimes be tied into the Boy Scout knots, but it probably was years later. It's like once I realized about these knots, I would discover them around the house all the time. I knew it wasn't me doing it, and immediately felt it had something to do with him! We've moved into three other homes since then, and it never failed, I would find the knotted blinds from the kitchen to the laundry room and even this last time I went to paint our garage walls (I know, who paints their garage, right?!) I discovered the old blinds in the garage window had the knots. It got to the point that I would untie them and start watching, and it seems like just as I would forget about it, there they would be for me to notice!

I remained single for 12 years, but after 9-11 an old friend of Scott's from the Marines was headed over seas and traveled through our town's airport on his way, calling me on a lark. We ended up dating (sort of long distance) and then planned a weekend together for when my daughters would be at camp. I was so excited, I was crazy about this guy. He had been Scott's boss at one point, and my husband had really respected and cared about him, though I had only met him a few times. Anyway, I'm getting my shower the Friday afternoon before he was scheduled to come into town for our first weekend together. As I walked out of the bathroom, I stepped on a sharp object and looked down to find my late husband's tiny aviator wings (that I kept in my jewelry box in the closet) impaled into the bottom of my foot. How had they gotten onto my carpeted floor?! I knew I hadn't gotten them out and the kids were out of town! I pulled them out of my foot and probably talked out loud to Scott! It was just like something he would joke about! Then, I realized I hadn't had a tetnus shot in years, so had to go get that shot the same day, just before my big date! Well, you know how tetnus shots make you feel... RUINED my romantic weekend! We joked that Scott was trying to tell us something, but we were only really half joking. Then, after a few months of dating, we were on the phone one night and my new guy told me he loved me. Just as I was answering the same, this tin flower holder -- think cute wall hanging -- that hung on my kitchen wall came crashing down onto the Mexican tile floor in the next room. It had never fallen before, and hasn't since. I just knew it was Scott, the timing was too amazing!

Let me go back a minute... I forgot about the cemetery. When Scott and I first started dating, he was going to leave his truck with me while he went overseas, but I needed a refresher on driving a stick shift. We went to the cemetery to practice on the little roads there, and on this one hill, I jerked the truck and he spilled his coffee on his trousers, which we both laughed at. One day after his death, I was sitting by his grave and realized I had picked the gravesite directly adjacent to the place his coffee had spilled, without realizing it!

Then there were the rainbows. The scar on his head was an arch, and our oldest daughter used to call it "Daddy's rainbow." The day of his funeral, as we were driving home from my parents' house back to our little house, a double rainbow was in the sky and the first thing our girls said was, "Look Mama, Daddy sent us a rainbow from heaven!" I've been interested over the years to read of others who've lost people who saw rainbows on the day they died, especially plane crash victims. And oh yeah, for the next two years on the anniversary of his funeral, we saw rainbows!

Back to my second husband. We both believe that our being together was meant to be. I dated throughout my 30s and never met anyone at all that I even had a second date with. We both believe we were meant to be together and Scott had something to do with it. We think he approves. My new husband and I had two children together, and the youngest daughter, when she was about ten, had a dream in which Scott appeared just in time with a "bunch of other military guys" to save her from some "bad man" who was chasing her. As she recalled the dream to me, a man who looked like her older sisters' daddy (we still have photos of Scott, and she knows his story) helped her, then looked at her and said, "You don't know me, but I know all about you!" before getting in his "big truck" and driving away. When I heard this, it really struck me. Maybe it's because I want to think he does know about us all and what a happy ending we've had, and I also want to think he is a protector. If God has warriors in heaven, he's one of them!

Finally, about the night my mom died. This could be its own story, but I'll tell it here. We were very close to Mom, she was a fabulous mom and mother in law. She died after a very brief illness and we were all shocked at how fast she went down hill. The night she passed away, after only a week of her being sick, I was with her. She was heavily sedated, and I was just in that pre-sleep state across the room on a small sofa, but all of a sudden I felt someone wake me up, like a hug and then gone. I jumped up and ran to call my brother who was upstairs. I have to insert something strange, and I debated about leaving it out, but I'll tell you. I had gone through menapause a couple years earlier, for absolute sure, yet as I ran up the stairs to get my brother I realized I had gotten my period RIGHT at that moment! WHAT? I called my brother and he came down just in time for her last breath. Then, almost in that moment my phone rang. This was at 2 a.m. It was my new husband calling to tell me some other old Marine friend had JUST called our house, asking about Scott and insisting that he talk to me about Scott. I told my husband that Mom had passed almost at the same moment, and we both concurred that somehow it was a message that Scott was there for Mom, and he somehow used his other friend to let me know. When I finally talked to the other friend, whom we hadn't spoken to in years, he related how he'd been up with his own baby in the night and felt compelled to call me to check on things. He said he couldn't get Scott out of his mind. I realized after this that he was the one, during all the years I was single, who always knew to call me somehow to check on things when I was the lonliest. And he would say things like, "We should get those girls into private school." Which was confusing to me. Why would he say that? We weren't dating, just friends. But it makes sense to me now... Maybe that friend is somehow sensitive and Scott figured out how to somehow communicate through him? It sounds a little crazy. By the way, I told my doc about the period part and he was shocked. He feels it was a spiritual thing (and I applaud him for admitting that to me). Haven't had it since, by the way (apologies for TMI!) Anyway, these days, I feel that Mom and Scott are both around sometimes. In my heart, I hope it's like they can visit for special occasions, such as our daughters' weddings (I related a story about that somewhere else) but want them to be happily in heaven drinking martinis with everyone else! When they aren't keeping my little ones safe from "bad guys" in her dreams, that is! Thank you for letting me share here. This has been ongoing for the last 25 years. It's all good.

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aussiedaz (18 stories) (1309 posts)
5 days ago (2019-09-12)

Your response probably validate what you both have felt for a long time (a deep soulful connection) right, sorry I went back and double checked your story and you did confirm what I do suspect? Your current husband is your twin flame and Scott's mission was to bring you two together... Kind of a strange way to do it right?...however from the spiritual realm we can see what lays ahead and it's all a part of the plan picking the characters that support the mission. Did you have any dark thoughts after Scott died? I'm trying to figure out your purpose of growth? Perhaps something may have went real wrong in one of your past lives and you had to go through what you did this time? We all hunger for spiritual perspective and do confront any short comings as a result of our actions from previous lives. Perhaps the reason you traced your ancestors was more of an intuitive hunch looking to dot the I's and cross the T's searching for answers?

Anyway, Direct Soul Groups are usually comprised from 5 to 25 souls who basically come into the Earth Matrix integrated in close nit relationships. They may be your boss, a close friend, brother or sister or even a villain on an odd occasion.However, generally when you discover your twin flame you know it deep inside. Soul Groups do work with cluster groups sometimes up to a thousand souls. When we cross back over to the other side we usually gravitate our frequencies among these cluster groups living in community's adjacent to each other. We do all have spirit guides who prepare us all for the next mission.

Thank you for your kind words relating to my own accounts.

Regards daz!
MrsRamsay (3 stories) (20 posts)
5 days ago (2019-09-11)
I'm intrigued by your comments (and checked out your interesting stories as well). Regarding a "soul group," a term I've not heard of before though the concept is familiar: I'm also into genealogy and have traced our ancestors back in quite a bit of detail. When I started about 8 years ago, I did his side first, wanting to make my research a gift for his elderly mother before she passed away. I got tons of great information for her, published it into a book and moved on to my own family. I have a really great memory which was helpful as I started uncovering some amazing "coincidences." Our families/ancestors have been connected by time/place or event going back centuries! At one point in time, around 1700, his ancestor (his 10th great grandfather) actually owned my 10th great grandfather, a slave! Their grandchildren were married to each other and then the families diverge again. It's well documented, but I find myself doubting even now that it could be true, as it just seems amazing. This is my second husband, not Scott, who I talk about in the story here. And within his own tree and within my own, our parents' paternal and maternal ancestors in more than a couple cases were connected. I realize there were many fewer people in the U.S. In the early colonial days, but some of the coincidences are AMAZING. In our tree, his ancestors were followers of my own ancestors' religious group starting in the mid 1600s and track all the way together through almost the Civil War. First they fought for religous freedom (this was in the New London, CT area), were jailed together, intermarried and supported each others' religious philosophies... And by the 1840s, they were abolitionists fighting for the rights of the slaves, including those from the Amistead (there was a movie... The slaves of that ship were given a trial when they reached the U.S.) Anyway, getting too longwinded, but this topic is fascinating. Since I discovered all of these coincidences, I feel my faith in some higher power has been strengthened quite a bit! (there was an episode of the X Files once where Mulder was remembering his days as a Civil War soldier and I think that's where I first saw the idea, and I've often wondered if I just snagged it from the show. On the other hand, maybe the reason I found that episode so intriguing -- I was not a huge fan of the show -- is because something about the concept was already familiar to me!) Thanks for reading and commenting!
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1309 posts)
1 week ago (2019-09-08)
Your intuition is spot on MrsRamsey Scott does approve of your new partner, your first and second husband along with yourself belong to the same soul group It was planned from the spiritual realm long before you all entered in. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience in the Earth Matrix where space and time are an illusion... From the other side we have the ability of precognition to chose the host before entering in and exiting out. We often enter in with members of our Soul group sometimes things don't work out to plan because of that little risk factor called free will, however you guys nailed your mission. Time will pass and then you three will be back where you started a little more wiser and enlightened with collective memories of lives once lived on your travels back to source. Nice story thank you for sharing it.

Regards Daz
MrsRamsay (3 stories) (20 posts)
3 weeks ago (2019-08-28)
Also, thank you for the Bible reference. I am a Christian and I do believe in God and the afterlife in heaven. Or wherever. I was sort of a party girl in my youth, and not a weekly church goer, but my family going WAY back has always been faithful (ancestors started the Seventh Day Baptist church in America, gotta honor all that, for sure). I don't have great Bible knowledge, however.

I definitely believe there is a plan for us all, and I believe that in times when loved ones are nearing death, EVERYTHING spriritual is magnified. I believe that's when messages to me have come loud and clear, not with one loved one, but with multiples. I've actually thought about writing a book.
MrsRamsay (3 stories) (20 posts)
3 weeks ago (2019-08-28)
LuciaJacinta, I had the same question as you and specifically asked my daughter about it, because Mom had planned to drive with her a few hours away to see my brother over the daughter's spring break. When she got sick they obviously didn't go. But they were scheduled to be back long before it turned out she died. I just cannot figure out what it meant, however, Mom was the kind of person who used to sit at her desk and doodle in the margins of her calendar or a piece of paper. I've wondered if she somehow DOODLED it without realizing, prior to her getting sick. I've also wondered if something like that could somehow get written AFTER she died. She used to tell me -- because of what we went through during my husband's lengthy illness -- that she "wasn't going to do that" to me, meaning linger a long time. The way it went, she was helping me with my Girl Scout troop crafts and such just after Christmas, she got sick with what she thought was a flu-type illness and after a week or so was getting worse. She was diagnosed with lung, liver and spine cancer (she was definitely the type not to want to go to the doc, and I think knew something was wrong but still didn't go). Within a week of diagnoses, she was on heavy medications and sleeping constantly. Six days later, she passed away. So, yeah, she didn't linger. It was like she made up her mind and just went, within three weeks of being just vibrant (but slowing down, aged 78). But she never had a chance, after her diagnoses, to sit down at her calendar. I also smelled her perfume, as did my brother and other family for monthes after she died. One day, shortly after the funeral, I was cleaning out her house and knew I'd turned off all the outdoor lights when I came in. As I left, they were on again and glowing SO brightly. I noticed them as I left the driveway and it immediately felt like a message. Another day, I took this small side table she'd wanted me to have. Got it home, was carrying it into my family room, talking to my dogs about it (yeah, I do that) and as I walked into the room, another item she had left me, a favorite lamp of both of ours, was glowing brightly as I entered the room. I KNOW I had not turned it on! This kind of stuff happened all the time for awhile. She knew I believed in this, as I had told her all the stuff about my husband.
Darkangel73 (4 stories) (119 posts)
3 weeks ago (2019-08-27)
This is an awesome story. I believe you are very blessed for this.
LuciaJacinta (7 stories) (234 posts)
3 weeks ago (2019-08-26)
If you believe in the Bible, Matthew 22 answers that concerning the woman with seven husbands. There is no marriage as we know it in Heaven. But, rather a different state of being. (Just including this if you want a source to refer to.)

If you don't believe in that, just believing in love makes sense. Love doesn't die. Love is eternal. The love your 1st husband and you shared can not end, nor the 2nd husband. Yes you will all be together in love along with all your loved ones.

Of course, this goes along with believing in an afterlife and all that goes along with it.

#2...really neat that "not here" was written on the calendar. That gives me shivers. There had to be a reason why she wrote that. Did she have any vacation plans or places she was supposed to be?
MrsRamsay (3 stories) (20 posts)
3 weeks ago (2019-08-25)
Thanks for the warm wishes here. I felt safe sharing, like you all wouldn't judge, and I appreciate it so much. Two quick questions, would love your thoughts: 1. How do you all think it works after we all die? Are you with your first husband or second or both? I sometimes believe we'll ALL be together, and that's one reason I ended up with my current husband... I feel like there's no jealousy in the afterlife, only compatibility/love with those souls you're supposed to be with. 2. Forgot to mention, a few months after Mom died, I was going through her paperwork and looking at her calendar (a real old fashioned paper one!). On the day she died, she had written in her own handwriting, "Not here." What do you all think about THAT? It will remain my biggest mystery!
Berggraf38 (2 stories) (11 posts)
3 weeks ago (2019-08-25)
When I got to the part where your husband died when your daughters were 2 and 4, I felt like someone punched me in the stomach.
I know he did all these things to show you he is always with you, and at the end of your long life and your daughter's long lives, you will reunite with him and know he was with you all along.
My Dad gave us some amazing displays after he passed away to show us that he's with us.
I always imagine the illusion of everyday life falling away at the end and all our loved ones standing there with big smiles, laughing even that we ever thought they were really gone.
Caz (279 posts)
4 weeks ago (2019-08-22)
What a wonderful story Mrs. Ramsay and it's us who should be thanking you for sharing it with us. I felt very sorry that you lost your first husband Scott, but as it turns out, you haven't really lost him at all and apparently, he's still looking after all of you! I'm so sorry you lost your mum, but I've no doubt she'll be well and happy where she is now. I've lost two of my younger siblings within weeks of each other this year and that was pretty devastating, but they've both been back to let us know they are still around and that's made all the difference!
Cuddlebear (4 stories) (171 posts)
4 weeks ago (2019-08-22)
A heart warming tale. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm sorry for your loss, but gratified that you and your daughters were able to move along and find another worthy man.

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