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Friend's Late Husband?


One of my friends lost her husband. He committed suicide, and she was a witness. So, she moved in with her brother (my boyfriend at the time).

Before she moved in with my boyfriend, his house seemed completely normal and neutral. Well, as soon as she moved some of her belongings into the house, I noticed a change.

I frequently went over there and would get there a little before my boyfriend sometimes, so he would have me just let myself in. One day I did, and I immediately heard some papers shuffling and boxes moving in the back bedroom. I assumed his sister was home and so I announced myself and apologized for letting myself in but got no answer.

I thought it was odd, but maybe she was busy or needed some alone time. So, I sat down in the living room, which has a clear view of the two bedroom doors.

A few minutes later, they both walk in the front door and she goes back to toss her stuff in the room and grab something from the other. No one was in either of them. Okay...odd.

I'm over there again and walk from the kitchen to the living room only to run into someone/something, but there is nothing visibly there? And I feel like someone is just watching us all evening.

This "being watched" feeling persists for a few weeks. Also, I started having serious asthma attacks while at their house, something I hadn't had for over 10 years. (Maybe a cleaning product or perfume the sister used?)

I go over another time and don't feel anything. But, I am having extreme difficulty breathing and have a strong urge to get out.

Boyfriend confides that his sister had been having awful nightmares (involving demons or something like that) and had been getting lots of bruises.

Her late husband's sister also came over to the house and while walking from kitchen to living room, exclaimed, "Something's here!" So they saged the house.

I go to leave because I feel like I'm just suffocating in there. (Maybe I'm allergic to the sage?) and get in my car only to feel "it" in my passenger seat. Whatever it was, it came home with me and just kind of moped around my place for a couple months. Whatever, nothing sinister there.

It never seemed aggressive or anything, just there and kind of dejected/displaced. It would never cross the threshold into my room, but would be near the doorway when I went to sleep. That kind of thing.

However, a little while after I noticed the mopey guy, I started to feel something else too. I would wake up to hot breathing right in my face (like a dog panting on you) and it was ANGRY. So damn angry. I then noticed stuff being moved around/not where I left it and thuds and dishes crashing at night. I can see my kitchen from my bed (studio) and obviously, there is nothing there. And no evidence of rodents or anything.

I also suddenly was scared to death of going in my basement. I'd never been scared of it before. All that's down there is a water heater and washer/dryer.

All-in-all, I slept less and less and started keeping the lights on all night. Eventually, I broke up with my boyfriend because it was just too weird and it all stopped. Just no more weirdness, no more feeling like I wasn't alone. Gone.

I don't really know what to make of it because I've never actually experienced anything like this before and more or less remained oblivious to and skeptical of this kind of thing.

I was never close to the husband who shot himself, so it seemed weird that he would come with me. (If it was him).

So, what just happened? Any ideas?

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MysteryResearch (23 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-17)
To TheSkeptic and others, I agree that it does seem there was an allergic reaction to something.

To MissE, In my opinion, the other phenomena were more complicated, and I think were related to the difficult circumstances, and feelings of rejection, anger and fear. Your friend was grieving, suffering from emotional distress, possibly PTSD, from witnessing the suicide of her spouse. When she moved in with her brother, this put him into a support role, which can be stressful. Maybe his time and emotional energy was a bit stretched. Depending on how he handled this you may have felt either put in the middle, or pushed away, by your friend or by your boyfriend. I think the things you witnessed were somehow created or drawn in by all this. It is hard to say without more details, but maybe the phenomena you experienced were telling you it was time to take a step back from the situation.

TheSkeptic (21 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-17)
Sounds like you were allergic to some of things in that house. The rest of it sounds like just an imagination and panic attacks followed by sleep paralysis. Best of luck!
Loganberry (10 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-14)
I'm going to say that I have asthma as well, and have noticed increased activity when I am feeling a but under the weather with my longs and such. I have no thoughts on what the entity could have been, but I doubt that it was your friends husband. I see at the end of the story, you say he shot himself. Did he leave a note? Anything that would have given an idea as to why? Such a sad situation honestly, and be careful with that sage, the smoke can get super thick in no time.
micasa (17 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-11)
I agree with Rook in this situation. Also, I've been present during a few sagings where the smoke gets pretty thick and strong. I can definetly see it causing an asthma episode.
MysteryResearch (23 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-04)
Hi MissE,

It appears the events you described were caused by being in contact with with your friend, and you did the right thing, breaking it off. It sounds like it was a very difficult situation, on multiple levels.

One question, is it possible your friend could have had PTSD? That was my thought about her nightmares. There are some theories that it can be 'contagious.' I don't know if there is any connection between that and the unexplained things you experienced, but possibly someone with more experience in that area might have answers.

Thanks for sharing your account,
Allicatt (5 stories) (68 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-03)
Hello MissE,

Firstly my best of regards to this situation. There are a lot of key points here and I really don't know how to put this but bluntly. There are a lot of things that tie into suicide that can leave after effects.

1. As Rook said the cause of the suicide.

2.Those who witnessed or found the person who committed suicide. Mainly because a person whom witnesses a suicide goes through a stream of emotions and a lot of questions.
Usually going through sadness for the loss of the person they love, Guilt of could they have done something to have stopped them. Sometimes anger towards the person who committed suicide, among many other things. That in itself is a huge draw in for negative paranormal events and sometimes the onset of oppression making that person an even bigger target.

My point being when she moved in with her brother/ your boyfriend at the time it may have mainly have been targeted on her but decided to zero in on you when it realized that you had a physical condition even if it is something like asthma.

It's easier to weigh someone down physically and gain more ground than it is emotionally or mentally because then you have the objection of will power.

I don't think it was her husband's spirit at all but rather something that was drawn in by the negativity or something that was either attached or followed his wife. I'm sorry that it had the effect on you that it did and I wish you the best.
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-03)
Agreeing with Rook on a few points - reason of suicide definitely. Depression? PTSD? Medication imbalance? Or something more sinister?

He probably came home with you due to the saging - a friend of mine told me that every time she does it, every 'thing' flees the room. He may have stayed as long as the saging occurred and then went back when they quit.

Terribly terribly sad situation. I'm very sorry for both the victim and his wife.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-29)
I will take this at 'face value' and give you this possible answer...

Question first... Do you know, or was there a reason given for your friends husbands suicide? (Why did he do it?)

The 'spirit/entity' that 'came' home with you may not have been your friends 'husbands' but the spirit/entity that 'drove' him to take his own life... It is attached to something your friend brought into your ex-boyfriends home and attached itself to you thinking you were in a weakened state due to your asthma. Once you stopped going over there and the asthma was once again under control it stopped 'visiting' you.

Just a thought...



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