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We Think There's A Ghost In Our Basement


My mom, step dad, and sister recently went on a trip to Dayton. My younger brother and I stayed at my dad's house and my older brother (20yrs.) stayed home alone. When we came home, my older brother told us he had heard a woman speaking in the basement (his room is in the basement). He said she was really quiet like a whisper, and said it seemed like she was having a conversation (she would talk, pause, and talk again as if replying to someone and someone was replying to her). He couldn't understand what she was saying though. He said he went upstairs to make sure a TV wasn't on. It turned out everything including radios, were switched off, and all windows were closed. He couldn't hear the woman when he was upstairs, and could only hear her when he was in the basement. I always got a weird feeling in the basement, even before I knew about all of this happening.

About two years before this happened; my mom had surgery and was relaxing in a chair in the living room. She said when she woke up, she saw a woman standing over her and looking at her. My mom said when she realized she was looking at someone who wasn't supposed to be there, the woman 'flew' under the basement door, into the basement. My mom thinks that the Ghost woman is being hurt by someone or something, and doesn't think she was killed. When my mom saw her, she said the Ghost looked shocked or startled and looked like she needed help.

I'm not sure how my situation compares to theirs, but there have been times where I'm home alone and upstairs in my room. I'm usually on the phone and have all the radios and TVs off. I'll hear noises downstairs, so I'll think someone is home, but when I go downstairs, no one is there and my dog (a fat English bulldog) is asleep (she doesn't make much noise anyways). It freaks me out, so I'll go back upstairs and sometimes the noise continues.

The people I have been the phone with have witnessed this happening.

Someone tell me if we are going crazy?

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Sassy_Lash3s (2 stories) (22 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-11)
you are not crazy, if your crazy then all of us here are crazy:). I agree with Jasmin, do some research and maybe she was murdered or something. Good luck!
Jasmin314 (13 stories) (210 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-02)
You say that you are not the only one experiencing these things, and I'm pretty sure that you all were Not hallucinating together. I also feel that you and your family should do some research on the house. Mayne you will find out something about a previous female owner (the lady from the basement). ❤ Jasmin

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