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My Mother and Father passed away in 1989 and 1988. My nephew (Joey) committed suicide in 1990. The reason I mention them, is due to some things that have happened since.

My Parents raised six of my cousins. The youngest married two years after my Mother's death. When my cousin received some pictures back, of the reception, you could clearly see a man dressed older style with a woman standing behind him with her hand on his shoulder. I do not know for sure if that was my Parents, but it was comforting to see. Now this is where the story gets more eerie.

My Daughter and I moved to Washington State six years ago from Ky. My Grand Daughter was four.

One day she was on the patio just laughing, talking and dancing, having a good time. My Daughter and I looked to see who she was talking to, but there was not any one there. We asked her who she was talking to. She said her friend. We asked her the friend's name, thinking she had an imaginary friend like a lot of children do. She said Joey, and that he had died. We asked her how he died and she said he was shot. We were speechless. We had never mentioned anything about Joey. We never talked about him. To this day I am still having a hard time trying to figure out how she knew and I can only come up with one answer.

To forward this story to the last two years. We moved into a new home (still had saw dust on the floors) two years ago. After about six months we started hearing strange things. Most of the time it's me. I would go to bed and a little later I would hear foot steps in the hallway. As you walk into our house the living room and kitchen are open on the right, the laundry room is to your left and just pass that you turn left and go down the hallway, which has two bedrooms on one side and a bathroom and master bedroom on the left. At the end of the hallway there is the linen closet. The footsteps would start at the linen closet and walk into the kitchen and around the corner and sound like it would stop at the fridge. I would get up and look to see who was up and there would not be any one there.

I told my daughter and she thought I was just hearing things until it happened to her. Since then it's been many things happening, like the toys in the garage start playing when no one is in there, laundry room light on when nobody had been in there the television changing channels or switching itself off.

The first night the television switched itself off my daughter took the camera turned off the lights and started taking pictures. We have one that looks like it has a mist around the bottom of her desk with a mans face in it. Another night I was sitting on the computer in the living room and the couch was behind me. I heard a noise and turned around and saw a man sitting on the couch. He had dark thinning hair, was skinny and wore a blue jean jacket with a collar on it like a Chinese garb has.

We have two dogs. Through all of this they had not reacted to anything. One is a Malinois breed named Daisy and the other is part Rottweiler and part Lab named Akita. Akita was lying next to me on the floor around three months ago, when all of a sudden she jumped up went and stood at the start of the hallway, looking at front door and started growling. Her hair was standing up on her back. She would not go near the door, just stand there growling. Finally after several minutes of growling she took off running down the hall and got upon my Daughters bed. Several nights later Daisy was lying on the couch when she started barking, looking at the front door. She jumped down off the couch and went to the window and just kept on barking towards the front step outside the door. I looked but there was not anyone there.

Next big thing that happened was one morning my son in law was on his computer and I was on this one when we heard someone walking down the hall. Thinking my daughter or one of the girls were up I turned around to say good morning but no one was there. I told my son in law I better go check on them. When I started to get up all of a sudden a door slammed in the hall way. The thing is I could see all the way down the hall way and they were all shut before the slamming. Spooked my son in law.

Then last week I had gone to the bathroom and opened the door and was talking to Akita when I heard the master bedroom's door knob turn. So did the dog. Her ears perked up and she sat there watching the door as I did. I could not bring myself to open that door. My Daughter and everyone were shopping. The dogs and I were the only ones here.

Now last night and tonight I have heard a little girl's voice clear as day saying Mommy. There have been other things that have happened, but these are the ones that stick in my mind the most.

The history of the house as far back as 1903 is this. The house we live in is only two years old. The man we bought it from never lived on this property. The people he bought it from moved somewhere else, all them still living. They in turn bought it from the Northern Pacific Railroad back in the early 1960's. People have said that there was mining that went on around here back in the early 1900's. Other then that I have not been able to find anything else out.

Is this my Parents or Nephew? I don't know. But I do know that the man sitting on the couch was not any one I knew. I don't think that what ever is here is mean. The foot steps in the hall way after getting used to hearing them, kind of make you feel protected. They are a heavy tread.

My Daughter and I have come to the conclusion that it might be the man from the couch.

Does any one have any idea how to communicate with whatever is in here?

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sandee568 (2 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2017-05-18)
Since I wrote this, I lost my hearing. I am now profoundly deaf. I can hear really loud noises at times. I am still living in the same apartment and still have my cat. I have trained him to recognize different sounds, like the beeping of the microwave, smoke detector, and bells are just some of them. The microwave beeps and he let's me know. I have bells on the inside of my main door that if anyone knocks on the door they jingle. Several times they have jingled and the cat goes over to the door. I go over to the door where the bells are still jingling look there. The loud thumping noises I heard when I had my hearing, I can still hear. I have noticed a couple times that they have gotten louder and seem to go on for hours. Those times someone in the family died. The last one was my cousin Patty. The main changes since I lost my hearing are to me. I seem to pick up on scents. Several times I have smelt a mans cologne or a women's perfume, and boiled cabbage. I have been woken up by someone shaking my shoulder or to the feeling of someone sitting down on the bed. I don't think it is the places where I have lived that things have happened. I think it is me. I thought about getting a camera to record in my bedroom while I sleep to see if anything is happening, almost afraid to though, lol. Thank y'all for replying and I agree with you, no Ouija Boards. I also agree with you, BriFischer05. I think they have shown their selves, maybe not in form but in other ways.
sandee568 (2 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-18)
It has been a while since I wrote my story. A lot has changed since then, but not the experience's.We moved from Washington State, to Ga. For a month or so everything was quiet. Then thing's started happening again. First I get what I call a feeling of doom, as I call it, that someone in the family died or was dying. I called home and was told my sister-in-law had stage 4 cancer and they had only given her a couple month's to live. I have always had the feeling's though, so was used to them. My son-in-law was in Iraq had been there a couple month's.My Daughter slept on the couch or in her children's bedroom. One morning around 4:30 a.m. The alarm clock went off in their bedroom. It wasn't plugged in, and had not been set. Then another time, middle of the day, Grand Daughter's came running into my room, and were accusing each other of pulling their hair. While they were in my bedroom their shelving that had their porcelain dolls and snow globes on it fell over. While we were cleaning up we heard what sounded like the closet door open and shut, but we were right there the door never opened. Then another time my Granddaughter and I saw a woman in a white shirt walk through the living room towards the front door. When my son-in-law came home, I moved back home to Ky. Since I have been home, I moved into an apartment on the top floor. Nothing above me but the roof and sky, but almost every night after I would go to bed, it sounded as if someone was walking above me, or loud noises in the living room. Loud thumps like someone had dropped something. It was so bad I started staying awake all night and just sleep a couple hours during the day. A little over a month ago, I got a cat. Started going to bed at night again. A couple nights after I got him, he was laying beside me, sat up and just stared at the door way. Then started moving his head like he was watching something move around the room. This went on like this up until Last Tuesday. After we went to bed, the cat was laying beside me and jumped up looking toward the door, but this time he cowered. He was scared. Then he went to the doorway looking into the living room, started hissing and arching his back. I jumped up, came into the living room, did not see anything. I called to the cat and he slunk into the opening of the living room. I picked him up and he was shaking. An hour or little more, we learned my Brother in Oklahoma had just died. I did not get the feeling of doom over my Brother.Why?Do I think that everything that has happened over the years, is some how connected to me? Yes I do, but I don't know why. Could it have been my Brother that scared the cat so bad? I believe it was. Does anyone have any suggestion's for me on how to deal with everything?
Walter_R (1 stories) (81 posts)
11 years ago (2011-03-04)
I agree with Oli do not mess with a Ouija Boards, that will only bring in more demons and you don't want that to happen.

Take care,

Oli (2 stories) (74 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-09)
All I know is don't mess with Ouija Boards lol. Anyways, thanks for sharing this story with us. It gave me the creeps lol.
LaughLove22 (11 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-09)
I know how to communicate with the supernatural beings.

But it may be risky so make shure your children are else where.

There's a few ways, a Wegie board, if you don't know what that is I'll explain...

Okaay a wegie board is simply a board with numbers and letters and the words yes, no, and I think maybe. How it works is you need some type of cup/glass or something flat, usually it comes with one. You will need someone to write somethings down. So, you'll need paper and pencil. So, you may need 4 people.

Make shure you DO NOT let go of the object unless you are done asking questions

What you do is, you need maybe 3 or more people to be holding the object and one writing things down. You all put both hands on the object. Ask some questions, and if the spirit is willing to answer, what will happen is the object will move to either one letter, word, or number at a time. And as long as you know you or anyone else isn't moving it, you will get yer answers to your questions.

Another thing you can do, is a Sayons. To do this you need to get like three or more people, light some candles, you all sit in a circle or triangle (depending how many you have) holding hands. There's a saying you need to say for it to work, I'm not quite shure what it is, might need to look it up. Everyone closes their eyes. Then once you have started, you must ask yer questions and wait for someone to get something, you might, you all might, or one might. To end it, blow out the candles, BEFORE letting go of each others hands.

One more way is EVP. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena.

What to do is, get some type of voice recorder. Turn off all the lights in yer house. Then press record and start asking questions. You might not hear anything, but if yer getting answers, you will hear them once you play it on the voice recorder. Also, while yer doing that, Take some digital pictures. Flash on.

This was very interesting story. I hope the ways to communicate with the spirits helps. Thanks for sharing
BriFischer05 (14 stories) (169 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-08)
I do feel like your parents / cousin have shown themselves to you in the past. I'm not so sure about the recent activity though. Sounds like you're pretty sensitive and easily pick up on spirits etc. Sounds to me like this current activity is coming from either the house or land beneath / around it. Check out your local library and scroll through the archives. Keep us posted...

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