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The Spook


It was the summer holidays and I was seven. Me my sister and Mum and Dad were going to Ecuador to my granddad and grandma's holiday home. We went their lot back then until one day when we saw what me and my brother now call The Spook. Earlier on that year my granddad died and that's why my grandma moved away, she said there were too many bad memories there.

Anyway back to the story, one summer we all went their. The first night we had fun and everything was normal and in order, but then the second night I heard footsteps outside my sister's room. I took no notice and thought it was just her going to the bathroom, But then suddenly I heard her scream in her room and she was shouting "get off of me get off of me leave me alone!" I ran to her room and so did Mum and Dad. We saw a white figure on her. Mum screamed I just stood their scared but Dad ran to her, by the time he got there (in half a second) the figure was gone! Then my sister went to sleep with my Mum and Dad and I went back to my own bed. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night though.

The next day my sister was sick. She looked very pale so my Mum and Dad took her to the doctor. The doctor just said "it's just her nerves" So we went back to the holiday home to pack our things since we were leaving in two days. We wanted to do it that day because the next we were going sight-seeing before we left. Later on we finally finished packing and my sister was looking better. We all went to watch T.V together. My Dad turned it on but it wouldn't come on instead we heard a voice from nowhere chanting "get out" it got louder and louder. "Come on where leaving" My dad shouted picking our bags up. My sister was paler than ever now. As we went towards the door the voice got quieter. We opened our front door and the voice was now just a whisper we went out and the voice just stopped.

We had to spend the rest of the night in a hotel. Now we know why our grandma left it wasn't just the bad memories it was The Spook. We never went back there since.

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Nat96 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-20)
Where was that?
I want to take a look at the house (:
Just... To see it...
Sorry you had to go through that experience: (
pie1025 (2 stories) (29 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-24)
its very scary! Looked like the entity was very strong that it made its appearance to all of you at once. I guess its some residual energy from the past, thanks for posting your experience and sad that your sister was sick!

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