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My boyfriend and I made ourselves comfortable on the couch. I got two pillows and a blanket, switched on the TV and browsed through the channels to see if there was anything good on. It was between 21.00-23.00a.m.

Inki, our cat, was happily purring in his little house. Sky Premier was showing one of Angelina Jolie's films (sorry can't remember the title but it was good film). The film was intense and we did not move once until it finished which was around 12.30-01.00a.m hours in the morning. I decided I was going to go to bed, so I kissed my boyfriend goodnight and off I went to bed. I passed out more or less straight away but only because I had the light from the living room shining into the hallway as well as knew my boyfriend was still watching TV.

When I got up in the morning, my boyfriend was already awake and working away in the studio. I asked him what time he got up. He said about 04 in the morning. He then asked me if I had got up and switched the television off. I said no to which he replied "don't mess around, you did not want to wake me up, so you switched the television off and the sky and went back to bed". Again I told him I did not and that I had passed out completely as soon as hitting the sack. He was convinced that I had switched off the television and the sky so I left it at that.

My son goes to his gran's on Friday and comes home on Sunday. My son returned home on Sunday at about 16.30pm. I made dinner, and by 18.30p.m, we had all eaten. My boyfriend went back to the studio and my son and I decided to play Assassin's Creed on the computer for an hour or so. About 20.30pm, we were bored as hell playing the game. We switched the computer off and went into the living room to check out what was on TV-after browsing a few channels and finding nothing to watch, we left the news channel on. I was happy sitting there watching BBC News.

My son took Inca's basket into his room; he decided Inki would sleep in his room that night. (Inki always sleeps with me on the bed, it does not matter where our cat falls asleep, he will always end up sleeping next to me). I told my son to leave the door slightly ajar so as to allow Inki to go and eat if he needs to. It was coming up to 21.45p.m, my son decided he would hit the sack, he took the cat and that was him gone.

My boyfriend came into the living room and made himself comfortable next to me. We watched the news for a while before putting on a movie. I sat and watched TV with him for about half an hour after which I decided to hit the sack. I had work the next morning. I gave my boyfriend the pillows so he could lie comfortably on the couch. Before kissing him good night, I closed all the windows, checked everything was switched off, and checked on Inki to see he was ok. All done, I kissed my boyfriend good night and went to bed.

I woke up at some point, I looked at the clock and it showed 01.45a.m. I heard movement in the living room and knowing that my boyfriend was in there and it was probably him I went back to sleep. I woke up at 05.45a.m. Inki was lying next to me asleep. I got out of bed and went into the kitchen. My boyfriend was on the computer. I asked him what time he got. He said around 02.00a.m, he was woken up by a banging on the window. When he opened his eyes, (he had fallen asleep on the couch) The TV was off on stand by but the sky was on. When he went to look outside in to see what the banging was-it was Inki; he was outside and wanting to come in.

His first question was did I switch the TV off? No I did not.

Second question "who let the cat out"? Guess again, not me.

Maybe the cat went out through one of the windows; I explained I had closed all the windows before I went to bed. Suspect, my son, maybe he let the cat out. We would not know until he was up.

My boyfriend said maybe there was maybe an electrical problem with the TV or Sky or the batteries in the remotes were running low, so he would check it out, but that still did not explain who let the cat out.

When my son got up we asked him the same questions if he switched TV off and let Inki out. He said "no", he had done neither of the two. Hmmmmmmmmm, we were baffled. My boyfriend was still convinced we were messing with him. My son and I joked that one of us must have astral projected and let inki out and switched the TV off. The week went by with no weird things happening with the TV or the sky. As for Inki well we are still baffled.

Saturday my boyfriend and I were up most of the night and Sunday morning by 10.00a.m we were crumbling so we both just plonked ourselves on the couch and fell asleep watching the news. Inki was spooled out in the hallway. I remember waking up at one point and changing the channel, and then falling back into a deep snuggled up to my boyfriend. (NB: Our couch, if you lie on it, left, your feet are facing towards the hallway and your head is on the rest which is against the wall. We were of course lying on the right so our feet were facing the hallway. The TV remote was on the floor near the doorway and the sky remote was on the floor next to me-both remotes opposite each other. The only way for me to pick up the TV remote would be to physically get up and get it whereas the SKY remote as I said was right next to me).

A sudden feeling of fear overwhelmed me while I was sleeping and I opened my eyes very quickly, as I did, the TV went on to stand by. I don't know why I quickly grabbed the Sky remote as I grabbed the sky remote the TV was switched back on. I got this feeling of a dark presence near the living room doorway and got up very quickly, nobody there.

Freaked out I got up trying to rationalize what had happened. I could not blame my son, or my boyfriend, so I thought Inki. As I walked into the hallway, he was still asleep. It was just past 12 noon. I could not make sense of this, it had never happened before, and I kept thinking of how many times it had happened to my boyfriend, and now I had just experienced but also felt a presence.

I did not bother going back to sleep, I tried to occupy my mind by trying to do other things. My boyfriend was still asleep. I tried playing Battlefield on the computer in the bedroom but could not concentrate; I tried to browse the net, no good, checked my emails etc. I went back into the living room and just watched whatever was on the box.

My boyfriend got up a while later, and asked how long I had been up for. I told him a while, and told him what had happened with the TV and how someone had physically put the TV on stand by using the TV remote. His comment was "What the heck?"

I told my son when he came home and bless him he started to check the remote controls and the switches, found no faults.

Tuesday is a yoga class evening. My student arrived just a little past 19.30p.m. I put the CD player on and the class went smoothly. The CD I put on had 8 tracks on it. The CD played fine until it got to track 8. The music stopped. I asked my student to continue practice while I checked the CD. When I looked at the on/off button, it was on stand by-the system had been switched off.

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UnknownEvil (24 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-25)
well...i don't know what to say... I alway have a comment but right now I don't so... Sry... Zoom Zoom
ghostboy001 (4 stories) (137 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-24)
Ohh and if I'm hard on you in the future its because your starting to get on my nerves. I have posted many true stories that you keep saying are fictional. 😠
ghostboy001 (4 stories) (137 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-19)
It shouldent be a electical fault but do you have a electric box outside soemone could be messing with you and could be up to some criminal activity with leting your cat out breaking and entering. But most lickly not criminal acctivity.
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-17)
Whatever or whoever it is, we have put it down to soemone trying to save us some money on the electric (hahahahaah) however does not explain who let the cat out, all the windows were shut, and then the system being switched of in the middle of my yoga class.
rstahley (3 stories) (102 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-16)
That sounds pretty scary. So, your boyfriend never noticed the presence? Maybe he is a deeper sleeper than you. Hopefully, this entity doesn't mean any harm.
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-14)
troyarn, for your information there is absolutely nothing wrong with the the television of the digi-box, or the music system. They are all new, secondly my boyfriend is a qualified electrician, I assure you if there were any gliches we would know about them.
troyarn (5 stories) (479 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-14)
Sounds like the TV is on the blink. I see nothing paranormal here... Just a few people getting freaked out.

First, watching TV and playing on the computer can really be a bad way to go through life. Second, all the glitches that come with that bad life style can seem like other things.

I doubt anything weird came around here. Just a case of not getting out enough and living.
Haunted86 (9 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-13)
You should look into the electrical history of the house and have an inspector come over and check if anything is wrong with the wiring in the house. If the person does not see any faults, you have yourself a haunted house sir...
hydee (3 stories) (12 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-13)
what is the "sky" you keep mentioning? It may have a different name here?
scaryboy (2 stories) (117 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-13)
ok ok I got you might be you and your boyfriend are indians (in fact brahmins) and have settled in united kingdom. But meena what is the purpose of keeping as surya as username. It may bepersonal but please do consider it!
Scaryboy 😕
scaryboy (2 stories) (117 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-13)
surya first tell meone thing are you not an indian? And surya is some name kept for boys in india and what is your full name? God promise until now I can't believe you are a girl because in india we even have an actor in india and what that you said you are of brahmins caste if you are not indian. Do you have the brahmin caste in uk even. Really iam nervous and anxious to get your reply please say all your details like bio data and sorry for troubling...
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
He is a beautiful and very affectionate cat apart from he decides to wake me up at 5 in the morning and starts talking his talk. I am sure he is swearing at me for not getting out of bed. Hehehehehe I would not be without him. 😉
sylviessweeties (135 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
Inki what a very adorable name for a a very adorable little kitty. My cats are Astral and Leo:)
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
Hmmmmmm, that kind of reminded me of my brother, tall, mascular, a heck of a macho as long as there's no roach or spider in the house. 😆Then the miniature, delicate sister of his takes charge of things Pffffff
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
Paraka'lo athefie, men, they are more chicken than I am, they even run from spiders, men hey hehehehehe
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
Don't "thelis na" kanto tora". As soon as you can. You have two men at home (at least as far far as the living are concerned-I know bad joke 😠) to help you with the cams...
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
Thelo na, but serioulsy will probably... For the whole universe in the process (hahahahaha), I will try this weekend as they clearly know I have the weekend off and that is when I sense more
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
I'm going to go with another suggestion then something I said some time ago. Try putting up cameras-I know it can be unnerving but it might also be revealing as to what is going on when you're all asleep.

You already know the "hot spots" you should focus on.
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
Firstly, we are still unsure who let Inca, it was neither of us. Whoever let him out, surley would have let him back in instead of letting him get completely drenched. As for the yoga class, this happened last week. No Tuesday just gone. As you know Yoga is spiritual, and we werw doing Kundalini yoga. Never before as the music gone of, I could understand if the CD stopped playing but the system had clealry been switched off. Cats, I am a little unsure, My Grandmother had a cat. My uncle had a cat. It is the first time I have ever had a cat.

Strange atherfie, considering I have a dog who also protects me as seen in a picture as well by four of us.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-12)
Welcome back sis although I'm not enjoying your frustration.

I kept reading and reading and I might dare say this doesn't sound like a malicious visitor or in any way related to the visits you had until a while ago.

The tv switched off while you were asleep indicating someone wanted to grant you with a good night sleep.

Then, the cat was let out. Apart from the fact that the other day he came back wet from head to toe... He might just wanted to "pay his visit" thus somebody helped him achieve that.

Remember the cats you sense as well as the cat in your yard's photo which shouldn't be there? Cats, I think, are there for your protection and might be accompanying the visitor who "messes" with your electrical devices. Remember that Inca is very comfortable around the "shadow cats" and knowing what he can be like, this IS very encouraging for a change.

Now about your yoga class... Do you remember telling me you were so tired you wanted to cancel? Maybe someone's looking out for you here. Maybe they needed to let you know "Ok, enough, rest now!"

Think back to your family members. Just a wild guess but was there a past family member who loved cats... Like a grandma maybe?

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