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New Apartment And Disturbed Sleep


I moved to a new apartment in the first week of June and since moving am having trouble getting a good sleep. I don't have insomnia or any kind of sleep disorders and have had the ability to sleep anywhere peacefully given a pillow and a blanket. I did not have any trouble sleeping in the initial few weeks, the apartment I moved in was built in 1977 (as per the lease agreement) and hence shows its age with wooden staircase etc. The trouble with sleep started some weeks ago.

On June 29 which happened to be a Monday, I went out with colleagues for a team outing in the evening. I had a couple of margaritas (I don't drink regularly due to the terrible hang over the next day) and went home happily, I was in bed by 9:30 pm or so. The next day I woke up with a bad vertigo and considered it to be related to the hang over (I have been having a mild vertigo until this morning when I wake up and it seems to ease out as the day progresses).

I was really grumpy on Tuesday and felt tired and went to bed early, my sleep was disturbed. I woke up in the middle of the night with someone shrieking in my ears, it was so loud and was a high pitched voice, and did not sound human to me. When I opened my eyes, the whole room was spinning and I saw the time was 3:06 am. Unable to keep my eyes open, I went back to sleep.

Another night, I felt there was someone else in my room on the left side of my bed, it didn't scare me but I thought it may be something divine.

Last Friday night, I dreamt of something (I would like to think it was a dream but it seemed like I was looking at it in a half sleep-half awake state) which did not look like a human being. It was a dwarf dressed in something like a skirt made from a sack/jute material - I sensed it was a female but I doubt if it had a companion similar to it on its side. What scared me was its face, its right side was distorted and kind of fluid, it scared me and I was wide awake. I still felt like the thing was still in the room, when I checked the time, it was 3:46 am.

The next day, I smudged my apartment with sage with the help of a friend who happens to be an American Indian. Saturday night also felt weird since I kept waking up being uncomfortable. Sunday, I had a class on the use of crystals - when I told about my restless sleep to my teacher, she suggested a crystal grid around my bed to help sleep and for protecting me. I smudged my apartment before I went to bed. When I was drifting to sleep, I heard a thud and saw the sage wand fell down from the shelf to the floor. Though I couldn't figure out what caused it to fall, I left it as a mere coincidence. In spite of this, I slept well Sunday night.

I kept waking up last night and the sleep was the most disturbed. When I woke up once, I found the room was foggy/misty or like in a dream world (of course, I was very sleepy). The other significant thing I felt was like I was drawn from all sides like a magnet working from all sides on my body. It was like a pressure was pulling me apart from all sides or the kind of pressure that happens when we are in a roller-coaster, I felt this pressure all the time I woke up, once at 12:48 am and secondly at around 4 am when I checked the time.

There were some marks on my legs like a small insect has bitten me (but I think I can handle that by changing the sheets tonight).

I have had a couple of real bad sleep paralysis (I hope it was sleep paralysis and not anything else) experiences in the past two weeks, one of the times I felt as if someone was squishing me. I prayed to God when that happened and after a while (don't know how long), I came back to my senses.

I don't know what to do right now to get my normal sleep back. I would like to think that all the above is just my imagination but I am finding it hard to convince myself about the same.

I don't want to interact with the entity (if there is one in my apartment), it hasn't interfered in any of my daily activities, and so I am not sure if anything exists.

Has anyone had similar experience (s)?

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Thealoneone (1 stories) (77 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-12)
You do know that the entity has not tried to harm you, it is just being playful, maybe you have to do the same?
Safa (3 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-11)
I think you misunderstood Muslim's God that means Allah.Don't be confused or get wrong explanation about Allah by knowing Taliban or this type of jerks. According to Islam, a Muslim cannot force others with different religion to accept Islam. It is a sin. What Talibans are doing is completely insulting Allah. They are not muslims. If you want to know really the truth about Islam you should study releted books. Although there are many fraud type books, so be sure you are reading original books. You can also search internet websites.

The thing is that it is much better if you know yourself rather hearing or watching things the world is showing you. Because Talibans are not following islam perfectly. They are changing it according to their selfishness. So do not be confused.
ai1265 (1 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-05)
[at] hgiog
I don't want to bash people, but your claim that -Allah- seeks the destruction of all non-muslims is a terrible, terrible lie. Perhaps you've been influenced by muslim extremist groups claiming this to be the case, but they too are wrong.

Allah is your God as well as the muslim God. Iehovah and Allah are one and the same; it is merely perception that have made the religions different. Culture, if you will.

I understand why you say what you say, but you are wrong. Allah does no more seek the destruction of non-muslims (despite what extremists say) than Iehovah seeks the destruction of all non-christians (if you consider the crusades etc.).
As a matter of fact, one of the most-used prayers in Islam begins with "Allah is great, Allah is merciful". Worth thinking about.
pie1025 (2 stories) (29 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-27)
thanks for your post... Gods was a typo!
God bless and have a nice day!
hgiog (12 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-26)
I think you may have misunderstood me just a little. I wasn't trying to accuse you as so much, though I did make my message rather a bit too short I suppose. I just experienced some bad things dabbling as you are and was trying to help. If you prefer to refuse my help I will never waste much more time debating with you or any one else. I might add that after saying you have a strong belief in God you mentioned that there are other Gods.

Now here's my point and after I will refrain from posting more here. Lets look at the fact the Alah basicly means God or great creator, God also means great creator. My God however is not Alah. Muslims percieve their God as one who destroys all who are not Muslims, hates all infidels if you would. Mine is light and love, and desires that none would perish. I have never heard of my God, the god of Abraham, Issac, Eljah and Isreal to tell his people to seek anything other than him, his son, and his spirit.

How can they be the same God. They can't. Their personalities if the same god would indicate internal conflict. My God gives power to those who seek him and recieve his spirit through Jesus. Not by seeking power outside of his will. To have power from my god, one has to do his will. My god will allow me to do nothing outside of his will. If I did it would not be through him that I do it. By the way, even demons believe in one God and shudder.

I hope I have nor further upset you. I am only trying to guide you. And dude, I still operate in spiritual things, it's just I have turned from the power of darkness that I sought in my ignorance to the power of light and life. I have prophesied, layed hands and healed, as well as cast out devils, I have seen Jesis. You see I didn't give up any good thing in recieving what I now have.

I just hope you consider what I said, and I'd you reject it. Well then we ate just two stangers crossing paths as we go our seperate ways. God Bless.
pie1025 (2 stories) (29 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-26)
I am strong believer in God and don't do anything that would be against the will of God. And learning about Crystals is not a spirit stuff - before using crystals for any purpose, we need to cleanse it of its past energies. The programming and energising of the crystals is always done by seeking help from your Gods, angels and guides.
Sorry to hear that I sounded like an'anti-God' practitioner.
pie1025 (2 stories) (29 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-26)
[at] L
I practise yoga and meditation and get rid of my daily stresses pretty easily, I don't think stress is the reason of my sleep paralysis. One of my friends who is into angel communication and psychic reading told me that the body's defenses to negative energies get weakened when drunk esp in places like bars. I was told that something must have got attached to me which was causing all the good stuff that I was going thru. Anyways, for the past couple of days, I have been sleeping really well (after blessing my house and room couple of times).
Thank you for responding!
hgiog (12 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-25)
You mentioned you have a class on the use of crystals? Your playing with spirit stuff that is not of God. If you want to keep playing, accept the spirits and misery that come, if not I suggest you repent and seek God. I ended up with similar experiences, though no dwarfs that I'm aware of, cause I got onto new age, OBE, martial arts (spirit exercises), and yes crystals.

I have repented and sought God. I now have more experiences with angels than demons. I don't know why angels aren't as fascinating to people.
Lollypop (1 stories) (10 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-24)
Hello Pie--

I'm glad you mentioned sleep paralysis--as I read your tale, that's what I kept thinking of. In particular, the shrieking sound, fluid faces and strange movements (you mention a roller coaster) remind me of my own experiences of what I would now call sleep paralysis.

Though that doesn't mean it's simply physiological or psychological, I guess... I had my experiences when I was undergoing severe pressure and stress at work and in personal relationships. 'Something' (me/my own unconscious? Something else?) was telling me to wake up and take some control over my own decisions.

You don't mention any such stresses in your life, but maybe this fits--if so, maybe give it a thought.

Best of luck,

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