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My Ghostly Saga 3


After leaving Utah, I moved back home in my mom's house. For a while I felt like I was being watched, I had that feeling I wasn't alone. One night, I was home alone, my mom and sister took off for the summer. I was painting my bedroom, and I kept hearing rattling noises in the kitchen. I tried to ignore it, because I knew if I didn't, I would get extremely scared. The rattling noise kept on, so I went to check it out. I found nothing, so I locked the utility door that leads to the garage, and I locked the kitchen door leading to the utility door. I didn't hear the noises again, however I did get creeped out and stayed with my friend while my mom was gone.

Later down the road, I was on the Internet chatting with a friend of mine (this is when WebTV first came out, and it tied up the phone line). My sister came home from her date and told me I had 25 minutes to get off the web because her boyfriend would be calling to let her know he made it home ok. I nodded and continued chatting; I looked up and saw my sister standing in my doorway giving me this weird look. So I told my friend I had to get going, my sister is giving me that look. It took me less than a minute to get off the web, I got up and went to my sisters room (her room is right next to mine) to let her know I was off the web. My sister was in her jams, and sawing off logs. There was no way she could have changed her clothes, got in bed and was sound asleep to the point where she was snoring. I guess my sister had an outer body experience or something or this figure was taking my sisters identity. No clue and can't explain it.

After my sister moved out, my mom took her bedroom. One night mom was sleeping and was awakened by feeling she was pinned down. She felt a man on top of her, grabbing her hands so she couldn't move. Mom said that she felt this mans entire body on her, and could actually feel his breath on her neck. She couldn't speak, she couldn't move. Finally somehow she managed to speak the words, "In the name of Jesus Christ our Savoir, I command you to leave!" After saying this twice, the pressure of this man's body was no longer present. Mom had the house blessed. We never had another evil presence in the house, however there are some strange occurrences that still go on to this day, even after my mom's passing. I don't live in that house, but my sister lives there. They have had the buzzer go off on the stove by itself. My nephew who was 9 at the time said he saw a woman standing in his room. We think that might possibly be my mom. Things have fallen by itself, no one even near it. One night my sister said her TV turned on by itself. It was around 10pm, so maybe mom wanted to watch TV? No clue.

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bozoe6 (7 stories) (23 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-26)
my nephew said he thought it might be grandma (my mom). Even though this is the same house I had experienced a lot of stuff from, things never really happened much until after my mom passed away. My brother has a tape he recorded, it was my brother in laws birthday. While everyone was sitting at the table, there was this light with a tail, move from one bro-in-law to the other, right over their heads. Funny, these two the one who do not believe in ghosts. Go figure. I'm trying to see if he will let me borrow that tape, so I can put it on here.
Stacier90 (1 stories) (10 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-24)
Sometimes spirits like to take the form of the people closest to you. I think it helps them feel more alive. Also you should research dopplegangers. But considering she's still alive and healthy I don't think that's a problem at all. If your mother is indeed still in that house I would ask your preacher to bless it again and to help her move on. As for the experience your mom had, you should research incubus and things like that.
TigerLily (3 stories) (145 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-24)
Was your nephew able to describe the woman he saw? I believe that it may have been your mother like you mentioned.
The feeling of a man holding your mother down must have freaked you slightly.
I think an outer body experience is the most logical explanation for your sister.
Keep us informed of any more happenings.

God Bless.
vicuttie8 (7 stories) (92 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-23)
That is extreemly creepy. The other things that happened werent to bad. (besides the touch in your room.) But your mom feeling that man on top of her... Wow that's creepy!
Tori ❤
book_luver123 (227 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-22)
Good job with the house blessing. 😁 It seems your house has a habit of coping other peoples actions. Not sure this even exists. ❤

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