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My Sister's House


My sister lives in West Valley City, Utah. When she first moved there, they were living in her in laws downstairs basement 2bedroom apartment. I, at the time lived in Layton, Utah and sometimes would stay the weekend with her. One day while staying with her, her daughter at the time was almost 2. She would always stand at the bottom of the stairs, looking up waving at something. I asked my sister what Noelle was doing at the stairs. So I went to go get her, I looked up and saw nothing at the top of the stairs. My sister wanted to play a game, and all the games were upstairs in her in laws closet. My sister wanted me to go upstairs and get a game. I felt uncomfortable going upstairs and wandering in her in laws home, while they were there or not there. Anyways, it was early in the morning, and I told my sister I didn't want to go up there, her in laws were still there. Julie looked at the clock and said that they had left work, so get the game. I kept hearing heavy footsteps from upstairs (this is while I was at the bottom of the stairs). I asked my sister if they left... Then who was walking around upstairs? She told me to just go up there and get the game. Nothing happened when I got the game however I was really spooked and got it as fast as I could.

Another time my mom was visiting us, and she was staying at Julie's house (oh wow, while typing this... My TV just shut off. How freaky is that?) We were waiting for Julie to give birth to her 2nd child. Mom said one night she woke up and saw this man in overalls, leaving my sister's room going into Noelle's room. He never came out of Noelle's room. She asked Leon (bro-in-law), if he went into Noelle's room that night. He said he didn't. The next night, mom saw the same man go towards the bathroom and disappear. Julie believed my mom about what she saw, but Leon thought all of us were crazy. The footsteps were something that seemed to be a continuous thing throughout the day.

The next time I stayed at my sister's house, it was Christmas time. They had just bought the house from the in laws. My younger sister, Tavie and her husband moved into the downstairs apartment. Julie had her second child by then. We were all upstairs in the living room goofing off and singing to the Jackson 5 Christmas album. Kaytlin was getting fussy, so Julie suggested that we all go downstairs so that Leon can put Kaytlin down for a nap. Well Tavie's stepsister-in-law (who was 14 at the time) Cyndel and I had stayed upstairs talking. We heard Leon telling Kaytlin a story (or talking to her), so I suggested that we had better get downstairs with the rest of them because I hear Leon and he's trying to get Kaytlin to sleep. We went downstairs, and both of our mouths had dropped to the floor, for Leon was downstairs with the rest of the crew. We asked him what he was doing down here when we clearly heard him upstairs with Kaytlin. He said that he had never gone back upstairs. We would have seen him if he was, the hallway is right off the living room, and there's no way you could have gone to the bedrooms without being seen. That was the last time I had stayed the night in my sister's house. Well not really but it was years before I had stayed the night again.

On Thanksgiving, the following year, the in laws were visiting Julie. They were all standing at the door when the guests left. Leon was holding Noelle, and Noelle started waving at the picture on the wall. Come to find out, it was Leon's grandfather in that picture. He had died in their house many many years ago. So now we know who is roaming around in the house.

A year or so after that, Tavie moved out and my dad and his wife moved in. My dad is a painter; he would paint, then take a break or take a nap. When he would get up, he would find his painting had been painted on. For instance, he would paint a few flowers, they would be unfinished, when he get up, the flowers would be completed. My dad, the brave soul that he is, said, "Look, these are my paintings and I would appreciate it if you would NOT touch them. Thank you." Dad never had another painting messed with. Sue on the other hand, she would have a lot of things that she sewed. When finished with her projects, she would leave it hanging on the back of the chair. They would leave the room or whatever, come back, things she had done, would be undone. This happened for several months, and again my dad confronted the spirit and asked him to leave her stuff alone, it complied.

My sister still lives in that same house today, and they still continue to have strange things happen to them. She told me that they caught an EVP on her cell phone; they were horsing around and asking questions. They have a "Yes" replied to one of the questions. I tried to get them to send it to me, but she isn't very literate on the cell phone.

Thanks for letting me tell you my story, I am sorry that it is a long story.

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Trudy82 (5 stories) (57 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-23)
Wow, that's pretty cool! At least it's a family member.:) That helps.
Angellicaly (9 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-19)
brooklynbaby97 (1 stories) (10 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-19)
Wow! That is very interesting. I've had similar things happen, where I could hear someone talking in another room, to find out that person I thought was in there, was in another room! 😕

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