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The Haunted Holy Book 3


It has been a while since I last updated or even submitted a story, and there has been good reason for that and here they are.

So after my last posts things really got hairy around the house constant smells of cigar and pipe tobacco, the scent of burning rubber and also sudden wafts of smoke that appeared right in front of you and left a burnt wood smell and my personal favorite the smell of rotting flesh, yes ladies and gents rotting flesh. Well My grandmother being the religious women she is had her priest come to the house and he did a blessing on the house that did not work in fact things got WORSE, we started to hear people walking in the hallway and talking when we would be the only two in the house.

Last Saturday the 19th of September 2009 I was disturbed by cow bells by my widow. Now we own cow bells but they are in the back yard with no clappers in then them, and my window faces the front of the house, thinking that it was neighbor kids playing I went to see as I walked out the front door I saw a black mass fly around the house and through the drive way I quickly ran to see if it was a bird or what and I watched the mass hover there for about 30 seconds then try to get into the house through the wall but could not it then headed for our garage.

I walked back into the house to see my grandmother had the bible from 1853 open to a page with writing on it and she was trying to decipher it she said the bible fell off the book shelf and fell open to this page about the time I went out on to the porch. Now I have a few ideas as to what is going on and I going tell you them here.

1) The smelling of the rotting flesh is I believe an elemental as my grandmother did say she saw a little ugly thing run to the back of the house the other night.

2) I believe that my cousin may have not closed the portal when she used a Ouija board a few years ago when she and her husband were living here as she has admitted to using one trying to contact our deceased grandfather

3) I believe we are being haunted by a demonic entity that has come through the open portal

I have friends who are practitioners of Wicca who are coming this weekend to attempt to close the portal through a ceremony to which my grandmother has agreed to. I will let you all know the outcome.

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youngdz79 (6 stories) (58 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-05)
Sorry it had taken me so long to respond to you all I have been busy. Shellybelly if you read jerryhend1's comments he explains a elemental pretty good.

Jerryhend1 The Ouija board open a "portal" which allows spirits and other nasty things to roam free. And we know it is an elemental because we have seen and smelled the little bastard. Though we are also no experience an new entity which my grandmother says fells pure evil to her.

Galleygal Yeah Pikeville was a bust on the ghost hunt but family and historic wise it was a blast. And now I also have the freaking library asking me to "donate" the bible, and they will help me
shellybelly (2 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2009-09-25)
I really enjoyed your story it really creeped me out. But do you mind explaining what a elemental entity is?

galleygal (3 stories) (150 posts)
14 years ago (2009-09-25)
Bogus! I'm not surprised to hear they would want to keep the book, but payment for service stinks...I'm trained as a librarian (not working as one, though) and there has been discussion of such practices but I never thought anyone really did that...

Anyway, good luck on your lead in Pikesville, I hope your granny finds the key to this mystery!
jerryhend1 (3 stories) (136 posts)
14 years ago (2009-09-25)
Elementals from what I understand, are made from an areas past or are attracted to such and always very, very bad past... Now can ouija Bord let one in, I do not know, but what I do know it had to get permission to enter our world, you may want to ask your cousin if they gave 'anything' permission to stay, remember these things lie, it could have phrased the question in a benign Way...Or you have a very mean obnoxious human entity, I say this because Elementals are very, very rare and as we all know mean obnoxious people are not...
youngdz79 (6 stories) (58 posts)
14 years ago (2009-09-24)
Luca: Yep that is exactly what I mean an elemental entity and the worst part is this is the not my first run in with and entity like this.

Galleygal: In my town the Library fells they should be payed for everything the do for you and would demand that the book be "donated" to them. And we do thank we might have a lead after a sighting of where to look now. We are heading to Pikesville KY my grannys hometown after she had a dream with a man telling her to go home and look for him there
Luca (1 stories) (83 posts)
14 years ago (2009-09-24)
Sounds exciting, you should totally get back to us with the info on how this Wiccan ordeal goes.

What do you mean about "an elemental"? Like an elemental entity or something?
galleygal (3 stories) (150 posts)
14 years ago (2009-09-24)
Wow! If your uncle is not progressing on his research into the bible's origins, you might consider bringing it to your local historical society or library to see if someone there could do the research for you...they are usually happy to do so free of cost, although they might want to keep the bible in their collection (which might not be such a bad idea!)

As for the Wiccan ritual: remember that YOU and your grandma, as the inhabitants of the house, have the strongest intent and greatest power to effect change there...put that intent to work during this ritual!

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