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Voices But No People


Last summer I was at my ex-boyfriend's house. He had gone to work and I couldn't go back to sleep so I decided I would do a couple of loads of laundry for him. His parents lived next door and he did his laundry over there. They were gone for the week out of town. I got up and got a basket of clothes together and went over to put the laundry in.

When I came back to his house as I opened the back door, I could hear talking. I couldn't tell what was being said; only the different pitches of voice. As I pushed open the door, I thought oh television. No sooner than that thought came to mind, I thought, no I hadn't turned on the television. I stepped into the house and the voices stopped. It was a strange kind of silence, like a heavy feeling. The hairs on my neck stood up. I decided I now needed to go and take a nap, so I did.

I never told my ex., because he didn't like stuff like that. He had one room that he didn't like to go in. He used it to store stuff, and he wouldn't spend much time in there. He had never heard anything or seen anything, just an uneasy feeling with that one room. But I did tell his mom and dad and they told me that a lot of other family members that now have passed lived in that house and they had had a lot of experience with things going on, but nothing bad. It was kind of cool.

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EireRaven (3 stories) (7 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-21)
Perhaps it was just their family members, like your ex's parents said, and that 'heavy feeling' was because you weren't family... Just a thought! 😊

Blessed be!

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