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School Hauntings 2


If you haven't read my previous story then I advise you to read that before you continue. It'll make more sense, thank you. So, I promised more, and voila, I have! Now, this all happened in year five.

It was a cold winter's Wednesday. A quarter of a way into our lunch break time, I have my regular guitar session with Jasmine so we miss about ten-fifteen minutes of our computer class which is typical as I kind of enjoy computers. Why couldn't it of been maths? Back to the point, as we were only in year five we didn't have desks, we had table groups so when Jaz and I had finally got back, half of the groups had gone. Allow me to explain; the activity that our class had been doing was, in table groups, we went off to various parts of the school to take the temperature of certain rooms with this piece of equipment, I'm not sure what it's called but it was very technical, and it would send a signal to our teacher's computer. Meanwhile, the other groups were just researching a certain object.

Mr. Scott informed us that we had ten minutes to do so. We all got a chance to do it; therefore, our group could do six rooms. In my opinion the whole taking-the-temperature-thing was pretty pointless. By the time we got back, Jasmine's group had already been and so had mine. There were two groups left to go, so we were placed in them. My group was made up of Jasmine, Sam, Shaleen, Tori, Ryan and Me.

Sam chose the first room. Sam is one of those boys that gets all the girls. A player if that's how they say it. I briefly dated him a while back, he's hilarious. But now, we're just good friends. Anyway, that isn't the point. Guess where he chose, the creepy toilets. We all groaned. I was probably the most reluctant. But eventually he got us down there. As we approached; I got really freaked out, all the memories came flooding back. So I hung behind with Jasmine and Shaleen. I guess that you could say that Tori's fearless or oblivious.

Sam snapped on the dim light and started laughing at us going, "Ooooh, it's a ghost!" I rolled my eyes. As the joker Sam is, he slammed one of the cubicle doors, we all jumped and he just laughed at us. I was really annoyed and tempted to just flee. Sam walked back over to us, finally recovered from his spluttering laughing fit and snatched the temperature-object-thing off Ryan. That was when we heard it, the cubicle door slammed and I even saw the horror in Sam's eyes. It wasn't him. He was too far away. But Ryan obviously hadn't thought out the logic by going, "Dude, that isn't funny!" I was certain it wasn't Tori, she's quite a close friend of mine. She would never do that. Besides, Tori is a terrible liar. It definitely wasn't Jasmine or Shae. They were right beside me.

Sam leant against the hand-dryer, fiddling with the piece of technical junk bad idea. The hand dryer blasted it's awful, deafening whine. That was it. I was booked; I was out of the bathroom like a shot. I'm not sure why that sudden burst of the noise scared me.

Any ideas?


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kailee114 (8 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
you said sam leaned up against the hand dryer? Could that have caused it to turn on? 🤔
bluerosesmeansdreams (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-17)
It might be a coinsidence as to why the door slammed, maybe it was somehow still in action after Sam had slammed it. And you got jumpy when it slammed, so it was naturally that you would flee^^ Anyway I really understand! I go to a boarding school and the toilets near my room are just plain creepy! The door is really heavy and one time I was in one of the both, and it was during the day in the middle of class so no one was around my living quaters, and then the door open! O.O So I can understand what you're coming from 😉
mcnutts (13 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-03)
Every time I go to the toilets I leave a monster:) and a horrible smell seems to follow, And at times I hear noises that sound like (I can't describe), they never sound the same.
Pretty scarry stuff!
tee_jo1980 (1 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-02)
I agree with mrdeagle, you were already in the 'creeped' out mode prior to entering the bathrooms. I would not chalk it up as paranormal yet either, although it could have possibly been paranormal. Did you get a temp. Reading from the bathroom? Curious if you were able to get a base temp before the unexplained incidents happened and then another temp reading after that, cold spots and fast dropping temps can lead to paranormal explanations.
William383 (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-01)
Yeah most schools have this kind of things by the way I'm 13 also. My school in the afternoon we hear kids in the gym playing basketball, footsteps in the hallways, and the computers turn on and off by themselves sometimes, This must have scared you it would have me too. Well any-who nice story 😊 keep writing more things 'bout your school
Joojoodolly (1 stories) (28 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-01)
I understand how creepy it must be! A lot of schools seem to have strange things in them. I'm 13 aswell, and in my school, I cannot STAND the old block toilets. The part about the toilet door slamming shut was the scary bit, I can't imagine how scary it would have been if you were on your own! The shock of that hand dryer breaking the silence was probably just too much. I hope you can post another story! Good luck
mrdeagle (6 stories) (69 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-31)
Ariel, I am not sure if you should chalk this one up to ghosts right away. You should think logically about why it might have happened. You said Sam slammed the door once, so maybe it had a little lingering momentum and was able to slam once more on its own. Or maybe it was one of the others with you. The hand dryer going off probably sent you over the edge because you were already a little freaked out. I understand that completely. Looking at your history with the creepy toilets, I can see why you were freaked out to begin with. That is just a spooky place. Hopefully you will post again and share a little more with us, if you have any more stories to tell. 😲

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