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My family has always had a fascination or a keen awareness that there is more to our world than what can be seen with the naked eye. In 2006/07 when we built our new home we were aware that our property had Indian burial mounds located on it. We were careful to place our home up on a hill so that we would not disturb any of the existing mounds. We are not sure if this has had anything to do with our experiences, but we think it may be important information in helping to determine where our guest or guests may be originating.

When we first moved in, things seemed to be quiet and it appeared we were in the clear of any disturbances from the spirit world. The summer of 2008 our guest made its appearance for the first time. It started with lights turning on and off in the house. At first we thought it was one of the kids forgetting to turn something off or that someone had gotten up in the night and turning on a light. Then it decided to make its presence more definite. The first time we realized it wasn't one of us was when we were all sitting in the same room watching TV when the hall lights of the upstairs turned on. The upstairs was empty and there wasn't a storm to blame. It became more and more frequent and added turning on the radio in the upstairs bathroom.

Then, this summer we started hearing something walking back and forth in the upstairs hallway and up and down the stairs. My husband and I first thought it was the kids staying up late and going from each other's rooms to talk and watch TV with each other. We talked to our kids to let them know that they are to keep quiet at night since we had to work in the morning. The kids assured us that it wasn't them walking the hall and they had thought it was us checking on them. The pacing starts around 1:30am and continues until 3:30am.

Two weeks ago, our 22 year old daughter came home for a visit. While she was sleeping on the couch in the living room, she heard footsteps walking from room to room upstairs and stop at the head of the stairs. When it stopped she heard it say "what?" Our daughter is not one to scare easily but this episode landed her in bed with us!

We continue to hear the footsteps and our other daughter has heard it say her name. It seems to like to "check" on the kids throughout the night. It has never entered their bedrooms but has stopped by every bedroom door. We are very curious about our guest and we would love to have any insight or visits from anyone that would like to research this further. We appreciate any time and effort given.

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Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-03)
Could be a spirit that has never left the land. It may be attached to your family because it misses it's own family. Lots of footsteps, knocks and such are residual but being that the house is new, I doubt what you are experiencing is residual. When you start hearing voices and something is manipulating electrical stuff you either have some sort of poltergeist or some intelligent spirit that is trying to make contact. Take back possession of your home and ask that any spirits residing, find their way to the Light/ Happy Hunting Ground. Doesn't sound like it's anything to be afraid of but I could surely understand why you would want it to move on.

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