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The conversation between my dad and I took place in 2000 when I was only ten years old. I must be honest with you that I can't remember how it was brought up but we began talking about my dads uncle with giant ears. I told him, "I know... I met him"... He would give me the weirdest look and argue that I hadn't. I reminisced with him about his fathers Christmas parties and there was one in particular of when I was five that I remembered a really old man with the biggest ears you've ever seen that would try to meet me. He would get real low to my level and would put his hand out to try and shake mine and he was all shaky and I couldn't understand a thing that was coming out of his mouth. I remember being very frightened by him. My dad did recall me crying a lot that night needing to be held more than usual. He said I would run and hide behind everyone's leg but seem to be fine in just my great grandmothers arms. I said "yeah, because I was trying to get away from the big eared man!" But his disbelief was much stronger since the man I had been describing to my dad had died a whole eight years before I was born...

My dad was a skeptic for the most part when it comes to ghostly spirits. He swore that I had to have seen a picture of him or heard him talk about him but it would just frustrate me that he or people would just disregard my memory that night of the shaky, big eared man that mumbled, trying to meet me... But now my dad has already passed this year at early age of 52. So I can only hope that he proves himself wrong and pays me a visit one day. I am still waiting for that day to happen 10 months later...

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2018-01-09)
Whether you see him or not, I bet your dad is rarely ever more than a breath away. ❤

I have a similar situation with my maternal grandparents who passed when I was young. I only saw their spirits once the morning they passed since then its been feelings - a sense that they are there. Interestingly, my mother who does not believe in ghosts or the afterlife (not a religious thing though she was raised Catholic she was never a regular church goer and has mostly negative things to say about religion as a whole) has had nearly a dozen clear creditable paranormal experiences with them... Yet, if you ask her, ghosts are nothing but a bunch of hokum. Curious 😉
Jessbcr25 (5 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2018-01-04)
His ears were just that large his entire life according to other family members. Never got to see a pic either. And I love that story about how one of you saw your dad in the Cadillac. I hope to see mine any where anytime. I'm ready. I look for him too much. I strongly believe he's protecting me for as much as he can. I pray to him but haven't had any responses yet. But I know he's real. My dad was the sweetest soul around
Jetson (2 stories) (67 posts)
7 years ago (2018-01-04)
Jessbcr25, I am sorry for your loss. I know all too well the feeling of losing one's father. As you wrote that you hope that your father will prove himself wrong one day... Several years ago my father actually appeared to me and so I have an affinity for your experience.

Briefly my father used to live at 3 East 94th Street in a grand mansion situated on a tree-lined block off Fifth Avenue across from Central Park New York. When I sold his place I walked back one evening to tidy up the remaining boxes which were left by the cleaners and so that everything would be tidy before the new owners took possession. And truthfully to have one last moment in a home I knew well and had played and dreamed in as a child.

As I walked I crossed the street to see an old cadillac approaching and so as I was interested in cars and in particular cadillacs as my father drove a variety of them during his lifetime I was particularly interested to see who was behind the wheel of this '72 Sedan Deville.

To my amazement it was my father wearing his distinctive hankerchief knotted and tied inside around the collar of his shirt. A feature that was in vogue in his day but had been out of style for many many years and which seemed to bother both my mother and me. His passion was sailing and we gathered that this is where he picked up this practice.

Sadly after waiting at the corner for the car and him to drive past me his car disappeared.

But soon a great sense of calm came over me and then I found myself comforted by the thought that there must be car dealerships in heaven.
Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
7 years ago (2018-01-04)
Hi Jessbcr25, so glad you decided to chat with us. I just had another thought about your grand-uncle. What if he had suffered from Parkinson's disease? This affects the central nervous system that controls body movements. For instance, people who have this condition often have hands that shake uncontrollably.

Like lady-glow, I don't sense he meant you any harm and that he just wanted to say "hello" to his grand-niece. The giant ears were definitely his way of making sure you noticed him. 😲
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
7 years ago (2018-01-04)
Jessbcr25 - Did you ever have a chance to see a picture of this relative? If so, were his ears as large as you remember?
I wonder if he made his ears look larger trying to send a message like "Please, listen to me!" or something in that line and you, being the wee little kid you were, got scared of his unusual appearance.

Anyway, it seems like he just was having a good time with the family and never meant any harm to you. And, who knows, perhaps one day your own child will get to see your departed father during a family reunion.
Jessbcr25 (5 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2018-01-03)
Thank you everyone for the comments. Took awhile to see where this was posted. His ears were so abnormally large they took up more than half the size of his head. So big you couldn't forget if you tried.
Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-31)
My condolences and well wishes to you, even if you're not reading this. If Dad was a sceptic, he may have already moved on. Still, he may visit in a memory dream someday...

Lady-glow, the Aussies call someone with big ears a "wing-nut". To have "big ears" also means to be sharp of hearing or inquisitive. 🐰

There is a colloquial greeting: "Cheers, Big Ears". Not sure what that means. Maybe something to do with those Enid Blyton books on "Noddy"? 😁
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-30)
In case you read the comments and decide to participate, I have a question, were the man's ears larger than Prince Charles's?

I'm sorry for your loss.

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