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Bewildered by the experience I encountered during my weekend trip to the Adirondack Mountains, I volunteered myself into a conversation with a group of people who were invited to my party and started to reveal my ghostly story, but before explaining the details of the event someone interjected by saying he too experienced a ghostly experience upstate NY by hearing children playing. Not finishing my story, I was surprised to hear that someone else had the same experience as I. Never revealing all the details of my ghostly experience including the part about of it being children, I shouted out Yes, they were children". I never mentioned the point they were children. I just started to explain that I heard ghost and this other person took over the conversation and ended up by saying that he too heard ghost. The amazing thing is that his experience was the same as mine and revealing it prior to hearing that I too heard children. He heard children playing too, but at a totally different location.

This is what I heard, one night while staying at a relatively new house up in the Adirondack Mountains. I distinctly heard children laughing like playing, but after midnight. This noise was coming from an area close to the kitchen, so I opened the sliding door, because I thought it must come from outside, but this logic seemed weak because the next neighbor is relatively acres away. As soon as I opened the sliding door the noise from the children stopped, but as soon as I closed the door their gregarious talking and laughter started again. There was no one there but there were these noises I'm describing.

Have you heard children playing when they were no children?

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vonthecool14 (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-02)
wow yeah just last week I had sleep paralysys and I was lying down sleep then I herd it then at first I aint mind intil I realized I was in my bed sleeping that's when I tried to wake up couldn't then after that I herd other stuff

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