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Phantom Of The Church


When I was 14-15 I had a friend, Dan, whose father was a minister at a church in the small town I grew up in. He myself and a group of friends began to take the keys to the church building and hang out and play hide and seek type games during the night time hours. The first few times we did this we were very uneasy. The church was much less inviting at night than it was during the day and there were many noises heard at night that weren't heard during daylight hours. It also seemed nearly impossible to keep the building heated during the night time hours. There was never a problem with this during the day. A third difference between day and night was the shadows that sat in strange places during the night. They would sit in the hallway especially, which had no windows and was one of the darkest areas of the building. Eventually we got used to the noises, we began to ignore the shadows and we chalked the cold up to an old furnace and the cold northern Michigan nights. We had been using the church as our personal hang out for about a year when our fears were renewed.

It was an early winter night sometime in November. At about 12:30am Dan, another friend Jeff and myself began to make our way to the building. The front entrance was a set of double glass doors. During the day, if the doors to the sanctuary were open, you could see all the way to the back of the church. At night without a light on in the building you could barely see, if at all on very dark night, those same doors to the sanctuary. As we approached the entrance I noticed it was one of those nights when you couldn't see the sanctuary entrance. Then just ten feet from the entrance I saw the Phantom! It came from the right side of the doors to the left. I clearly saw a hooded figure with a white face. The only feature on its face was two hollow eyes. The figure faded out at mid torso. It moved rapidly across the doorway and disappeared into the hallway. I stopped in my tracks. So did Dan and Jeff which told me they had seen it too! This was confirmed when Dan said "did you see that"? Jeff and I mumbled yes as we stared straight ahead. Finally we slowly made our way into the building. We unlocked the front door then Dan and I sent Jeff in through the only other exit accessible from the end of the hallway. Dan and I quickly made the left turn into the hallway and quickly began throwing open doors. The search of the two offices, two restrooms, one class room and a utility closet yielded nothing. Likewise Jeff's search of the fellowship hall, (the room at the end of the hallway) had the same results. The phantom had disappeared. Call us chicken, but it was a rare moment when we returned at night to the church.

I'm sorry this story is not very exciting but it's the truth. And it was a scary experience for me

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Bluebonnet (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-06)
You guys must be crazy. If I saw what you saw I would not proceed to scour the place in the middle of the night looking for it lol! Anyway playing around in a creepy old church during the night is a super weird way to spend your time. But it sounds fun 😆! Churches are creepy!

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