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I Awoke To My Body Tingling, Waves Of Energy And Heaviness


The night before last I went to bed at 12am and had a little trouble falling asleep although I was very tired. I must have completely drifted off because all of a sudden I woke up to (now this sounds odd) a pressure on my face especially lips as if someone is kissing me. Now that I was completely awake I let my brain try to figure out what may be going on. I had a strong tingling sensation throughout my entire body, there is a wave of energy flowing from my head to my toes, my arms felt heavy as if someone was holding them down, and actually it felt like someone was lying on top of me. I did not feel scared or in danger, although I was puzzled on what could be happening and was more in shock than anything. I am sure it was only seconds, though it felt longer, when I thought "Stop!" And all of a sudden the heaviness lifted and the tingling subsided. I wondered how long I had been asleep, but to my surprise it was 12:43 am, only 43 minutes.

This is the first time anything like this has happened to me, but I have had paranormal experiences before and immediately felt a presence when this occurred. So I started doing some research and the first piece of related information was the story by summerrain titled 'Something or someone pinning me down?' Summerrain said their friend suggested it could be sleep paralysis (SP). That led me to do research on that explanation. However, my experience does not quite seem to fit under the description of SP.

If it was SP then I have a scientific explanation, however it just doesn't feel right.

If anyone has any input I would be very grateful.

Thank you.

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steff87 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-02)
I felt a similar energy early this morning around 5 am, I woke up and as I was falling back asleep I felt overwhelming tingles through my entire body and as though there was a presence around me. I kept making myself wake up as the feeling was so scary and I felt like something bad was happening. It continually happened and it also felt like something/someone was ontop of me when I was laying on my stomach. I also felt as though I was being lifted up into the air, and at one point I felt a cold grip on my arm which freaked the hell out of me. This has only happened to me once before, and when it does its hard to tell whether I am awake or asleep, but when I would try to 'wake up' it was so hard and took so much effort. I hated this feeling and at the time I was convinced that a spirit was with me trying to enter my body. Scary!
KirkoBezerko (guest)
15 years ago (2009-11-10)
Seems like a common case of 'Old Hag Syndrome, it wouldn't of been anything paranormal because the symptons you say you felt are to common

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