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I Should Just Accept It


I have come to the conclusion that I must possess some type of ability or sixth sense. If you have read my other stories you'll probably say, "DUH!" Here recently, I have been experiencing a surge of activity, not at my residence but my girlfriends. I'll start by saying that she has never experienced any type of paranormal activity at her place until I came in to her life. I'll outline the recent activity for you...

She does have an open mind to this stuff and knows full well that I experience phenomena. It all started one night after I had left her place... The bathroom door in her bedroom out of nowhere, swung shut, right in that instant, the lights in her living room started flickering on and off.

Secondly, we went out to a movie a couple nights ago... We walked out of her place and she locked the door as she always does... When we got back the door was unlocked which was weird... We walk in, me coming in last and let the dog out of his cage. I leashed the dog and went to open the door to take him out... It was locked! I had been last in and did not lock the door because I knew I'd be going right back out.

That evening, she and I were on the couch talking when right behind her something took form. The only way I can describe it is a brilliant white light, almost liquid in motion just flowing / spiraling in circles almost like you would imagine a fairy god mother forming. That's all it did... It went away after maybe 3 or 4 seconds. I didn't get a bad vibe from it. It felt powerful though, a high energy, but good none-the-less. My girlfriend did not see this.

The next evening she and I were in her kitchen talking and making dinner when she all of sudden jumped, looking startled. I thought she had seen a mouse or something but she told me that right behind me there appeared to be a pancake sized dark blob, almost like a puddle... It looked like it was sucked into the pantry... Almost like when you would have a water puddle and you take a wet-vac to it and suck it up... That type motion. I did not see this one but did get a negative vibe - it felt like it was being cunning or trying to 'hide something', best way I can describe it.

So that is my latest - I just wish I could harness whatever this is that I have - it's like no matter where I go I just keep running in to these things and I feel it has to be for a reason. How can I hone this 'gift'?

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ghostboy001 (4 stories) (137 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-10)
It could be nothing but I would dissmiss it it could be some one or something trying to communicate. And I know what you mean by what abbilities you possess some people tell me that ecpecially "sensative" people
Its like they think one of us but you should apporach it with a sceptic veiw because every thing is not as its seems.

Trust me I would know.

Secret life of me

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