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A Handsome Spirit On My Bed Side


Years ago, my best friend and I went to Bali for vacation. Before we departed, my boyfriend at that time (now he's an ex;) told me that he will give me his protection by sending "something" as a charm. He was a psychic, something quite normal in my country.

Later on, when my best friend, her name is Jolande (not her real name) and I arrived in Bali, we checked in a hostel in the Kuta area, after having had a very exhausting journey. We took a bus from Jakarta and it took almost 24 hours to arrive in Denpasar. From Denpasar we had to take a public transportation to Kuta. We had a low budget vacation for sure.

The hostel was quite cheap. And all of the staff including the owner was very kind. Especially when they knew that we were Indonesian, they gave us "special rate". You should see us by our looks. When in Bali with many tourists there, we will be considered as Japanese or Koreans by seeing our Oriental looks. We paid full for four nights' fee.

The room itself was very clean, with an inside bathroom, two single beds and some tables, chairs and a wardrobe. My attention was paid to the wardrobe. It has a mirror on its door and I didn't like to see that the mirror was broken. I gave my complaint but Jolande said it was ok. We won't use that wardrobe anyway, she said. But still, I had a spooky feeling every time I looked at the wardrobe.

First day went very well. We went to some interesting places and had dinner in a small but friendly restaurant near the hostel. And we came back to the room around 9 pm. Though I was really exhausted, I could not fall asleep instantly. I brought a novel and started to read while Jolande already passed out on her bed.

I don't remember exactly what time I fell asleep, when suddenly I had an urge to go to the bathroom. I opened my sleepy eyes, and there was someone sitting on my left side of the bed. I could not see the face since the light was blocked by its body, but somehow I knew it was a man and he was smiling at me. And the craziest thing is, I some how knew he was a handsome man though I could barely see his face. I didn't feel threatened at all. I even felt that he was a friendly one, and I also think maybe he was the "charm" that my boy friend sent to me. He was suddenly gone when Jolande jumped out of her bed to use the bathroom. I looked at my watch, it was 1 am.

I told Jolande about the apparition, and she agreed it may be the "charm". And we went back to sleep and nothing happened for the rest of the night

The next morning we went to the beach and came back to the room at around 2 pm. We felt very sleepy after a delicious lunch we had before. I think we fell asleep around 3 pm that day and I remember I woke up around 6 pm. I was still on my bed and tried to sleep again. I remember my mom said it is not good to sleep on 6 pm, because that is the time when all demons were released from hell to disturb human. But my mom was not around and for the goat's sake, it is a holiday! I can sleep whenever I want.

Then, all of the sudden Jolande cried and sat on her bed. She asked me whether I heard something. I asked her what I should have heard since there were also noises from outside. She asked if I heard a sound of her cap being knocked.

Jolande had a cap and she put it on her side. She said she knew I woke up since she also woke up. She also tried to sleep again when she heard three knocks on her cap beside her. She said the sounds were quite clear so she opened her eyes instantly with the thought that it might be me trying to wake her up. But when she opened her eyes she saw me on my bed with my back facing her. So she knew I could not be possibly doing that. This was what made her cry and freaked out.

But after a while we took it as a sign that we were not allowed to sleep again since it was 6 pm. Like I told you before that we have a belief that it is the demon's time. And also, when someone wants to send a black magic to harm you, 6 pm to 10 pm is the best time to deliver especially when you are sleeping around that time.

There was nothing spooky happen after that day. And when I told my boy friend about the man I saw, he said he didn't send any man. The "charm" he gave was in a prayer with a hope that I will be back to him safely. And for the man, he suggested me to pray for him; because he might be a lost spirit who needs the light to go on.

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vitavitong (5 posts)
9 years ago (2013-12-16)
uhm... In my believes thought, "the times" is classified like this:
3 am = is the time when the demon "wake up" or maybe take a walk 😆, so at that time we have to pray for our family safety...
At 12 pm = is the time when we are in the middle of the daylight, that time is the "transition time", and we have to pray to our guardian angel, so they will protect us from the evil...
At 3 pm = is the time when bless fall from heaven, so it was the right time to pray to our God to bless us...
At 12 am = is the "transition day", so its the right time to pray, and feel sorry for all our sin during the day...
I'm not that religious person,there's a lot more "times" my Daddy ever mentioned to me, but I can't remember them all, my memory is just 8 second 😆, so I just remember this "times"...
Hope this information help... 😆
Downofpower (13 posts)
9 years ago (2013-12-01)
As I know demons are released at 3 to 4 am 4 am the heaven open it doors and the angels pray on earth
Eclypse_Nightshade (1 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-19)
interesting... I'd say deffently no sleeping from 6 -10 for you X3! Sorry and did you pay for the man who you saw? If so do you happen to know what happened to him o.O?
zeetha (2 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-09)
[at] Melony_san: No, I am not a Muslim. But most of the people here are Muslim. Somehow our beliefs are mixed between the religions and Javanese Pagan's. Maybe the kind of demon or ghost and the time of their operations are different in other regions or countries. Who knows?:-)
melony_san (9 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-07)
are you muslim? 😐 me too (if you are) but demons usually come out during 7pm 😜
Watersprite (3 stories) (85 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-05)
What a great story! Thanks for sharing it, and also the information about taking naps at certain times. I have usually had really awful nightmares when I sleep in the middle of the day, and now I know why! 😐

Best wishes,


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