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My Ghost Dog Lady


Like the majority of America, my family of five used to have a dog.

Last June I believe I felt our dog named Lady rub up against me in the night. I was just dozing of on the couch after staying up all night (it was about 3:00am) and I had a blanket on. As I started to drift off into sleep I felt something brush past my leg. I looked down thinking it was just my imagination but to my disbelief and awe there was a sight that something had brushed up against me! The blanket was pushed to one side of me and I know very well that I didn't fall asleep like that. I looked around for any thing that could have caused the blanket to be pushed over and I found nothing! I checked for moving air, no windows were open and no fans were on! I looked around the room for any cats that could have done it and found nothing. And then as I almost began to give up I remembered something crucial. I remembered that Lady used to rub up against that side of the sofa before she sat down.

I have no photos or a professionals word I just trust you to believe me. I am not the only one to have encountered our spirit dog. Every once in a while my mother sees Lady walking around the back yard, in a constant search for unwelcome quests.

Lady was a Chocolate lab and as most dog owners say, she was very smart. If you have any ideas on how I could get more encounters with Lady please leave me a message! Oh and also for what its worth we live right across from a cemetery too. It's called the Hedges Cemetery look it up!

Thanks for listening everyone!

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Tharagus (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-14)
Thats ok I am just glad someone has read my story! Chocoalate labs are a smart breed in general I think. 😁
Wardo (8 stories) (171 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-13)
Wow, I also had a chocolate lab named lady who was very smart! I'm sorry but I just wanted to relate that interesting synchronicity, though there are probably thousands of people with the same coincidence! Sounds like your dog is still with you my friend!

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