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Playful Little Ghost Girl Or Something Else?


My mother and I had always lived in a mobile home on 79th street and 32nd Ave in Miami, Florida. I had experienced a few "encounters" in that place. Not anything too elaborate. I heard knocking at my door when my mother was sleeping and no one else was in the house, but this story is not about those experiences.

My story begins a few years after we moved from that mobile home, then to my grandmother's house- very strange things happened there too- then to Buckley Towers Condominiums in North Miami Beach, Florida on July 2001.

I can't recall how long I lived there when it all started, but it was in the year 2002. I was exploring the extra storage room- which I admit I picked open- and was talking on the phone with my boyfriend.

The storage room contained old furniture, broken fridges, clothes, costumes- junk. I was there all by myself. I closed the door behind me when I entered. I could see the entire room and door from anywhere I stood in the room. I would have known if anyone was in there with me.

As I was leaving, still talking with my boyfriend on the phone, I began closing the door to the storage room. The door was about 4 inches from being closed and then I heard a little girl giggle inside that room! I simultaneously slammed the door shut as I screamed and threw the phone in the air from surprise, and then ran to my unit. Before I made it inside my unit, I ran back for the phone, which was in a few pieces on the floor, then ran back home and locked the door... All three locks.

Not much time had passed when something happened to my mother. She never slept with stuffed animals on her bed, but I found a stuffed Thumper (Bunny from "Bambie") toy from when I was a child. My mom liked it and kept it on her bed from that day on.

One night, as I was going to bed, in the early A.M., I passed by my mother's bed to turn the lamp off (we had one room and had beds of our own), my mother started moaning softly as if mumbling in her sleep, but not quite mumbling. I never knew her to talk or make any kind of sound in her sleep, but turned off the lamp thinking that there is a first for everything. The next day she told me that she was trying to tell me to help her and she couldn't talk. She said she felt and saw a little girl in her bed, playing with Thumper! I told her she was moaning that night as I turned off the lamp.

Some months later, my boyfriend was in his home alone and was passing through the living room. As he passed the window, he heard a little girl say from outside "Hey, "John Doe", you want to come outside and play?" He FREAKED OUT! He grabbed a knife and started phoning anyone and everyone, but no one would answer. After about an hour, I answered and he told me what happened.

Skipping ahead a few more months, my mother was at another unit in the same building talking with a neighbor. They weren't discussing anything relevant to ghosts, girls, deaths or anything of the sort, but the lady decided to mention that a little girl died in that building. My mother didn't ask anything because she was in shock that the lady would mention such a random thing and it just so happened that we had a little girl following us.

My last experience with her was more than enough. I was sleeping and was woken by the bottom corner of my bed lifted and then dropped. I woke up with a start and stared at the entrance of the bathroom because that was the direction of the sound I heard of bare feet running. I talked to that little girl that day and told her she is scaring us. "If you are a nice ghost, please don't scare us anymore. Be nice. If you are an evil spirit, go away. God is with us and you can't hurt us." We never heard, saw or felt that girl again.

I wish I could find out if a little girl really did die there, but I have tried looking online and cannot find anything related to death in Buckley Towers. If anyone has ANY information that could help, please let me know. Thanks.

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