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House On Soapstone Road


Three month after I turned 14, we moved into a house about fifteen minutes outside of Palmer - towards Sutton, as a lot of locals say. Not even a day after we fully moved in and spent our first night there odd things started happening.

Our second morning, it was early around six or so on a Saturday. I was in the half bath on the main floor brushing my hair. My youngest sister came stumbling down the stairs from the upper floor where her bedroom was and asked me if Grandpa was there.

"No," I said.

"Stop kidding around with me," she said. "Is he here or not?"

"Really, he's not here," I told her.

She went back upstairs. Two minutes later, she came back down and repeated her question. Again I told her no. This time, she seemed freaked out.

"There was a man in my room," she told me.

"No there wasn't," I responded.

"Dad just went out to start the truck."

She shook her head at me and said, "No. There was a man in my room just now that walked through the wall by my window".

When I looked outside, he was across the street, pointing into the woods."

I rolled my eyes and told her to start getting dressed since we were headed into Anchorage. There was no more about the creepy man for some time to come.

Eventually she told me about all the things that she saw, ghosts, demons, etc.

I slept in the daylight basement of the house, in a bedroom my parents put up for me. I would hear one of our four dogs running up and down the stairs. When my dog and I would go to the foot of the stairs to check, the two dogs that slept on the small landing would be alert, and confused looking, as if they were trying to figure out what was causing the entire ruckus.

2 years ago, when my mom and step-dad moved out, my then-husband and I cleaned out the house and dealt with the garage sale and calling the plumber and so on. When I was there alone after work, cleaning out the cupboards and taking out trash, I had to leave the front door propped open. The place was downright creepy, and I could hear people talking in the basement. I was alone in the house and I could hear voices coming from downstairs.

When I talked to my mom about it, she told me about the nights that she would be alone in the house, and hear the cupboard doors open and close and the dishes rattle like someone was going through them. If she went downstairs to the kitchen, all the cupboards would be open.

I still consider going out to that house and asking the current owners if they've had any strange occurrences. The whole area out around that street is alive with something. It's one of those places that has you turning around to check behind you all the time because you think someone is there.

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quixoticqt (5 stories) (104 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-29)
hell yeah alaska rocks *laugh*
So... 15 minute away from palmer? Thats just around the correctional center. My mom lives just past it now in the native housing. She moved there like, 2 months ago? Its so nice up there. She has such a cute 2 bedroom spacious duplex now. *laugh* we joke that if a prisioner comes by the house my mom would be like "would you like some tea? Something to eat perhaps?"
Your story kind of reminds me of what I went threw at my apartments in Seward. My other guests are now moved out though. I had my mother bless the place. I'm not even scared to not have my doors locked at night. Nothing to critical to loose if someone wants to rampage through my tiny apartment.
❤ Qt
dragonwalker (5 stories) (77 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-14)
I might look up the history of the house.
I think part of the issue is that there were a lot of people out there that practiced. A lot of homeschooled kids lived out there (I was one of them), and I think a lot of them, out of boredom and rebellion, took to playing with things they didn't understand. Basically, they could open the door but didn't understand what it meant to "put things away" or "close the door". One of my friends practiced, and she and my youngest sister usually got the worst end of whatever was going on around them.
As for Palmer, it's old. Back when they colonized up here, Palmer was one of the original areas pioneered. One of the more well-known back roads that they are curruently re-doing (read here, paving a new area and shutting down the original) is basically an old horse and cart path. The pavement actually follows the twists and turns - there are a lot of them - of the original path. Alaska has a lot of freaky history!
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-14)
New owners may not share info... Plus it can be a possible awkward encounter.

I tend to suggest this site:

To find the history of the home. If you do venture to the library, I would also look up events that happened in the town

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