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Someone Is Touching Me


I've never really seen a ghost straight up, full out in its form, but I've seen orbs and feel presences. Right now as I sit here in my room I feel a chill, my room is the coldest in the house... There isn't any wind or anything, my windows are shut and the curtains closed and I'm watching my dream catcher which hangs from my ceiling sway back and forth lightly, it's turning kind of.

I've always felt a presence and such. I don't like to sleep alone and I get rather creeped out. I have a few stories, not many, just a few about my experiences. I live in an apartment type thing where somebody lives upstairs and we get the full downstairs. I lock the doors so that nobody can come in. The man upstairs is very religious and he's really old.

One night, my father informed me he was going out for the weekend. I was kind of freaked out to be staying alone for the weekend but I agreed. I've never really been good at being alone because of my experiences at my old house that were similar. So, I locked all the doors and windows and went to sleep in my room, which creeps me out a lot of the time. I had woken up several hours later at midnight because I felt a hand caressing my thigh and when I opened my eyes I had my hands above my head, hanging over the bed with my hands clasped and my shirt pulled up over my head near my clasped hands. Nobody was there and my door was closed and everything was locked and in place and nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, I was creeped out and only saw something fade out above me. I didn't sleep for the rest of the weekend. Although, I did feel hands touching my shoulders, legs and stomach under my chest that weekend while trying to talk on the computer with friends. It was creepy.

You all probably won't believe me, I know. That's a chance I'm willing to take, facing humiliation. This is the second time I've ever told anybody other then my sister who said she had similar things happen to her after she used a ouija board when she was around my age... I've never used a ouija board though. So... Yeah. I don't know.

Sometimes I feel like somebody NEEDS to talk to me, like they've got something on their mind and I just get this sense that I need to go find them. I once found my friend crying at a park and said she had been thinking my name (I hadn't spoken to her in years prior to that) and next thing she knew I had come running. I didn't know WHERE I was going, I just knew I had to go there before something bad happened.

I just felt the need to tell some of my stories whether you people believe me or not. I have no psychological problems and I'm perfectly healthy, so, we can rule that one out. ;) Alright? Maybe my mind just plays tricks on me... But these are all true stories. I really would like to know why and what all of this means.

- Aileen.

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LightDemonGirl (26 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-08)
i totally believe you, that happens me but just when I'm laying in bed or on couch I feel someone touching me and start doing things to me (sexually things) but I have never woken up to having my hands above my head and so on, so I totally believe you! And I'm not afraid because I feel protected at same time and I feel that he's (the spirit) is kind atleast to me, it feels like I have meet him (been in love with him in my past life maybe) I don't know if he was my lover or not but whatever, I don't think you need to be afraid if it don't hurt you! Good luck! ❤
theanwser (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-05)
well I have the same occurrences, I get some pleasure out of them tho, lol... Only humane whatev, but I think it could just be my mind playin tricks on me, could be an actual person, could be a gohst, could be a spider, could be stink bugs, basically it could be a lot of shiat, it only happens at night I get to bed if I ignore it, its not the end of the world, just deal and sleep... Youll go crazy trying to figure it out so save yourself that.
Kentt (1 posts)
13 years ago (2008-10-23)
Hey Aileen, know this thread maybe is a-bit old and you probably won't read this, but I have the very exact problem in a way. I feel hands expecially fingers caressing me, and see transparent hands, usually on ceiling. I thought I was going insane and this is actually the only thread I've seen so far. I only feel it when I go to bed about. And that prescence I feel as well... Almost as if you can see the eyes.
rose (9 stories) (92 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-02)
To Emma, she has to know her own hability. Every person have thier own gift, different from others. She needs to understand and defeat it. She has to know what is this entity and why it is there. I can not tell her try this or the other. She has to do just what I did, find information. Find information what she is deally with. All entities are not the same. I am not there. I do not know what she has at hand. She has to investigate and read. Find similaities of the case.
There are many solutions, but entities have their own characteristic. She has the gift, and I know once she learned what she has at hand, she will solved the problem. She has to talk about this and make others aware of the occurances she is facing. We are not there. Remember they feed on our fears. They know our reactions pretty well, they play around with us, confusing us. But she has the gift of awareness, and it is with this she has work on. She has the gift of sensitivity, and very important, here is where she can have the control. She will read and she will know.
She will understand easily.
Emma (3 stories) (39 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-01)
Rose - if you know the answer to this gal's question, then why don't you just tell her? Instead of just rambling on about this and that, say something that will help her. If you encounter a person starving, and you have a taco in your hand, don't give her directions to the nearest grocery store, you give her the taco! Aileen - sorry to hear this is happening to you. Be strong and tell your parents. Whatever is bothering you needs to seriously knock it off and leave you alone. Take care and God bless.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-04-29)
Hello Aileen, you could be right. Someone on the other side could be trying to contact you. But also it could be someone or something from a lower plane of existence playing tricks on you. If you want to try something to help with the problem of sleeping, before going to sleep at night, try burning some lavander incense in your room. You can also have them burning around you during the day or evening. I think you will find that you will have the best nights sleep you have had in a long time. Good luck to you.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
leon (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-29)
i think moveing location could be best for you. I think this is not such a rare thing and that anyone who crisises you for writting it (thinks youre lying or jumps to the conclusion youre crazy) is just trying to look at all other possible explinations. Unfortunately, I can't offer any help either though except too move.
Aileen (1 stories) (11 posts)
15 years ago (2007-04-28)
I have no phsychological problems and I know it wasn't a person. I've never had a bad thing happen to me before that would cause me to repress painful memories. One of the reasons I was afraid to talk about this was because I knew SOMEBODY would assume that.
InTheFlesh (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-28)
Well. . .I see the other people who have commented have been of no help. And I'm afraid I'll play the same role. If I was in your position. . .I'd be seriously freaked out. The whole ghost-touchy-feely thing. . .well, kind of spooky. Are you absolutely sure it wasn't a person? (not that I don't believe you or anything, I do, I just had to ask, you know, in case your mind was repressing a painful memory or something. . .) But anyway, back to the point. I say tell your parents what's going on, and be forceful enough in your explination or retell of events to they believe you. Then maybe call in one of those phsycic people that deal with ghosts. Your ghost -- not good. If that happened to me, with my shirt above my head, I'd split. It sounds really dangerous. Stay with people for now and call a specialist. (if that's possible) I know, I know, my advice sucks. What can I say, I've never been in that situation. And I hope you're not offended when I say THANK GOD! Make your parents believe you.
Cindy (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-28)
Indeed your not the onlyone, and I know it must have been hard to write this.
rose (9 stories) (92 posts)
15 years ago (2007-04-28)
Aileen= You are not alone. There are othes as you and I with this sense. It's really nice, but don't be afraid, it is a give of awareness. I couldn't explain why me? While many other people are just plain, with no thoughts or experiences of occurances. It is just this, sensitivity, we can see, feel, and sometimes premonitions of events to occur, but not all the time. The entity that is bothering and scaring you knows of your senses. But when you get to know more on how to deal with it, you will have control and away with them. But all depends on what you want. I rather have them away from me. I don't believe when what ever is spooking me is good. You have to investigate. There are many people stating, that ghost are just people who couldn't pass the next plain in life, because of circunstances of immediate death. It's up to you what you believe. But try always to find the truth. I know my truth, I had to find it myself through reading. But choosing wisely to logic and reason and believing Gods word according to why God left these spirits roam the world. Seek answers and read a lot. I will not tell you what is it. You have to find the answers yourself.
You have a special give, it's good in one hand, anyway you will see for yourslf, but don't be confuse or afraid, it is just an awakening of a sense. But first you need to control what is frighting you. It's an entity. Keep reading articles, and find anwers, but logical and reasonable ones and decide. You are the one to choose. And please, inform of these finding with your family. Two heads are better than one.


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