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Touching My Feet 2


A couple of years ago I posted a story about having sensations of something touching my feet. Now two years and this is still occurring. The reason why I am posting a sequel (haha), is because I have now felt something else.

I have been wondering for a while now if the sensation I am feeling is my guardian. The feeling still feels like a tickling sensation, it still does not bother me but I would like to know your opinions on the latest event.

One night last week I was laid in bed, no television was on, my toddler was asleep (she sleeps in the same bed as me), the environment was nice, peaceful and quiet. I purposely wanted to try and communicate with my guardian and ask if it was them touching my feet. I was laid on my right side in bed, with no covers on (don't be alarmed I was clothed). I firstly acknowledged my guardian and asked (not out loud) if it was them touching my feet and if it were could they touch them again. I waited and I did feel the sensation on my feet. Not sure if this was coincidence, I asked a second time and it happened again. Still not being sure, I asked for another sign, something different.

I was still laid in the same position and after a while I began to feel something very different, that has not happened before. In the centre of my back just below my shoulder blades I could feel a sensation, but it felt restricted to that particular area and felt like a circle spinning around. It was not uncomfortable, felt quite pleasant. The sensation of the circle spinning became more intense and I began to feel a pulling sensation like the circle was being pulled whilst still spinning, but emanating from within my body.

I know this sounds odd, I have tried to explain it the best I can. This continued for about one minute and then gradually died down. I just also wanted to add too that when I acknowledged my guardian I also stated that I acknowledged my daughter's guardian too (sounds a bit odd but I was being polite).

I just wanted to know if anyone could shed some light on this? Could it have been my guardian carrying out my wishes? Could the sensation of the pulling circle have been a chakra? This has never happened to me before but whilst it was happening I was totally amazed. Looking forward to any comments. Thank you.

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samtillie (5 stories) (242 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-13)
I've never worked with my chakras before, as I don't know how to. At that time I was worrying a lot about things, I'm not sure if this is a contribution. Sorry for my late reply... Only a year later haha 😊
samtillie (5 stories) (242 posts)
9 years ago (2014-05-10)
Haha Ladydarke, thank you for your message, short or long I really don't mind. You sound like a very knowledgeable person, always glad to speak to someone who is interesting. Many thanks 😁
ladydarke (113 posts)
9 years ago (2014-05-08)
Triskaideka and samtillie, if you're interested in learning more about chakras, I'd recommend that you take a Level 1 Reiki course.

I'll follow by saying that in my personal opinion, the idea of Reiki is somewhat elitist -- you have to be "initiated" with some super secret sigils "scribed into your aura" in order to be able to channel universal energy. They do mess with auras: the class sits in a row with eyes closed while the teacher moves behind drawing these secret sigils. I knew when she was doing mine because, as I mentioned, my back is really energy sensitive and she set it off big time, so definitely something was happening on an energetic level. But I'm not sure I believe an aura can be altered in that way, essentially tattooed or branded if you think about. While I'm sure the teachers believe their party line, I think these sigils are psychosomatic, a sugar pill giving the initiate mental permission to work with energy.

As someone who is energy sensitive, my experience has been that energy is omnipresent, always available for anyone, no initiation needed. Long before taking this course, I could do energy work and come away from it with my palms burning hot and vibrating in a way that I can really only describe as being like the live end of an electric wire, so intense it's actually uncomfortable. My husband is able to feel the heat and electric tingle several inches out from my palm. (It goes away by grounding or dumping the excess either into earth or water.) I didn't feel anything different after taking the Reiki class with its initiation, which is why I've not pursued further Reiki training. I don't think it's necessary. But the course does provide a structure for learning energy work.

What I do feel is that the Reiki class focused everyone there on sensing and working with energy. If you could find another sort of class in energy work, that'd be awesome too. I don't think it matters what system is being used, just that it presents essentially an energy intensive environment where a whole group is beaming energy everywhere. In my opinion, that makes it easier for someone who doesn't know what they're looking for to find an energy signature and learn what it feels like. Once you know that, it'll be easier to pick it up even when the signature is faint. Also in my opinion, once you've learned to feel energy you'll find it easier to work with your chakras. Chakras are gotten into a bit in the Reiki class as well, although I'm sure you could learn a lot more about them through Ayurvedic studies or a pile of books. This isn't how I learned, so I'm totally inventing a course plan and don't know how effective it'll be: I've just always been able to feel energy. I maintain that I personally don't believe the system matters, each one is just basically a unique language developed to convey the same basic concepts but, y'know, draw your own conclusions. I'm not Captain Picard: what I say doesn't "Make it so:"

Samtille, sometimes you can also find metaphysical classes on identifying and working with spirit guides. You could totes do it on your own, except that if you're new to all this, sometimes it's hard to trust what you're intuiting if you haven't built an existing body of validation. As to whether a class is better, I think the effectiveness would depend entirely on how genuine the teacher is, but it might be worth looking into. And a note: once you can feel energy, you'll know for yourself whether anything is happening when the teacher says everyone's guides are coming into the room and whatnot.

Same goes for any sort of metaphysical interaction. If you're getting your fortune told, casting a spell, receiving a religious blessing or even ghost hunting, the ability to sense energy will tell you right away if there's anything actually occurring on an energetic level versus words in a spooky voice and table tapping.

Sometimes you can feel it when someone is just being really sincere: they sort of open up and connect, and a wash of "tingles" pours out of them. That happens pretty often when people confide deeply personal stories and I even felt it once when someone made an invitation. The downside to energy sensitivity is that you can feel anger and negative energy too, and I find that these are more likely to manifest in a sort of "evil eye," if you will: like if someone is glaring and angry and focused on me, a small mishap usually happens to me. I'll tear my skirt in the car door shortly afterward or such. It's part of being receptive. Maybe one could learn to shield against that, I don't know. I myself almost never shield because I just feel like I'm not meant to, but I also feel that I'm protected against anything really bad happening so it all balances out. But if you do start this work, I strongly recommend that you also study shielding. This is do as I say, not do as I do, but yeah, don't just flip the on switch without being able to dial it in or out. You want a fully functional dimmer switch with a range of settings between off and on.

It's not empathy: energy sensitivity is just the energy signature, not emotional content. Empathy is a lot rougher, sort of a double-edged sword, because you soak in the emotions around you, sometimes pick up people's headaches and such, so that it can be hard to tell what's yours and crowded areas are overwhelming. I've got both, so I can't really tell you if developing one would lead to the other or not, but it seems sort of logical that it might. That would make learning to shield extra extremely important.

Well, samtillie, that was very long-winded and I do apologize. You just seemed interested in pursuing your studies on chakras and working with your guides, and I had hoped to provide a signpost toward the next steps. Hopefully there's something in there that'll be of use to you.

Triskaideka (2 stories) (388 posts)
9 years ago (2014-05-06)
Wow, Ladydarke, all of which you shared was so fascinating! I'm feeling rather inspired to start researching chakras, as well.
samtillie (5 stories) (242 posts)
9 years ago (2014-05-03)
Ladydarke - thanks for your message it was very interesting, you have given me new information that I didn't know about, I will look at the links you posted too. To answer your questions I don't know how many guides I have and I am not aware of of messages. I am a complete novice, I feel when it come to guardians. I do though see flashing lights, (orbs) and have done for since I can remember. I have a story to post about this when the site opens up the submissions. Thanks for your reply, off to look at your links 😳
samtillie (5 stories) (242 posts)
9 years ago (2014-05-03)
Miracles - thanks for your reply. I am aware of chakras but only because my sister told me a few years ago because she was doing a therapy course. I didn't even know chakra's could spin until you mentioned it in your message. I don't do any work on my chakras, I don't know much about them to be honest. 😳
ladydarke (113 posts)
9 years ago (2014-05-01)
It's my understanding that there are the seven major chakras one always hears about, but there are also many lesser chakras over the body. I, for instance, both sense and output energy very acutely through my hands and was interested to learn there are in fact chakras in the palms. (A followup to that -- at the Science Center there was a monitor to gauge energy output from the hands -- I think it was galvanic skin energy but I'm not sure. One would place one's hands on plates and watch the meter. Mine was off the chart every time I tested without even trying to rev the chakra up, much greater than my husband's or anyone else that tested while we stood there watching: everyone else was measurable. To me, this was validation that the energy I feel/output with my hands is not entirely subjective.) I wish the scale had gone higher so I could have experimented to see if, had I tried to accelerate my hand chakras, they would have in fact measured higher when I felt greater energy.

My back is also highly sensitive to energy, which is why your story resonated with me. The heart chakra is in the chest, and is perhaps more easily accessed from the back, at least according to this article:

I think that it is entirely possible your heart chakra was being accessed by your guide: and in my experience as stated above, one energy center can be more active (or less) than others. This is also something that I've noticed in Reiki. One can feel energy being input where the practitioner's hands are or alternatively focused at the specific area or chakra where it is needed. (Disclaimer: Level 1 class only, haven't done it much, not an expert, but I am energy sensitive and was pretty aware of what was happening on an energetic level.)

At a guess, I'd say this was your guide taking your invitation as an opening to input energy or possibly healing into a chakra of yours that needed it. If I were you, I would take this as an indication to continue working with that chakra, and maybe get some jewelery with stones corresponding to the heart chakra, particularly a necklace that can lie near the heart. You might even wear it backwards so the stone rests on your back. >^.~<

I have noticed in my personal experience that guides -- the higher level guides anyway -- don't generally meddle. They wait for an invitation before interfering, like an adult watching a kid learning to walk and going, "ooh, that was a bump," but letting the child try until it feels the need to ask for help. When help is actually asked for, the results I've seen are phenomenal and in more serious circumstances, they do interfere as actively as necessary - for example, once when I was driving over a hill crest in pitch country darkness, I had the steering wheel suddenly spun under my hands to put the car in the opposing lane, then found myself passing a tractor hauling a wagon piled so high with hay bales that the tractor and its lights were invisible from behind. The wagon itself had no lights, it was just a mass of blackness. The hill was right at an intersecting road, so it had probably just turned on as I had seen no lights ahead of me beforehand, a situation created due to horrifically unfortunate timing. Due to the hill crest, the wagon came up right in front of me with no time to see it in my headlights. I remember seeing the moon above darkness that I didn't have time to register as a mass just as I topped the hill, then suddenly being swerved into the opposite lane. I only saw there was anything there as I was passing and the tractor lights became visible and my headlights caught the side of the hay wagon. I was going highway speed and I'd have hit it head on without knowing it was there. As big and as heavily as it was loaded, it'd have been like driving full-speed into a wall. Had I been able to see it and react on my own, I would have chosen the gravel shoulder and potentially the huge deep ditch since, also due to the hill crest and the obstructing wagon, I could not have seen or known beforehand that the opposing lane was clear to enter: but it was. That sudden swerve was exactly the right action to take and I passed safely and carried on my way.

Anyway, sorry for the long digression: I just wanted to share experience with guides, since you are beginning work with yours. My point is that I feel that your guide took your request for a different sign as an invitation to give energy that you may have needed at the place you most needed it. Conversely, it is possible that that your heart chakra is among the most receptive so your guide felt you were more likely to notice the touch there.

There are also foot chakras: Perhaps these are your most sensitive, or represent an energy you need to receive, and that is why your guide has been touching your feet all along?

Do you know who your guide is or how many guides are working with you? Have you been receiving any other messages from them since you've started trying to actively be open, perhaps in the form of weird synchronicities?
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
9 years ago (2014-05-01)
samtillie - just my personal opinion here, but you asked for a sign, different that you've had before, so your guardian complied by touching you in a place different and unlike they have before.

I won't say it wasn't your chakra, but when my chakras are opening/spinning I'm very conscious of it. I can feel each of them individually and I'm not aware of a time when just one has opened/spun by itself to where I would wonder if it was my chakra or "someone" touching me. Do you work with your chakras?

Sounds like an abrupt way to end this but I'm curious LOL

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