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I recently wrote a story about my grandfather's ghost that my mother had told me. Now I believe I had my own experience. On Monday 4/16/07 at about 4 am I was standing in my kitchen. It was a week and one day before my step father Carl died. He had something on tv but I wasn't sure what though. I was standing there thinking about my grandfather when suddenly I saw a black shadow figure on the tv screen. It was on the bottom right hand corner and went about halfway up the screen. The strange thing was that it looked as if someone was in the screen looking out into our den. Also, it didn't even look like it was part of whatever was on tv. The shadow looked like my grandfather to a T from his bald head in the middle to his hair on the sides. I stood there and thought that maybe just because I was thinking about him I thought there was something there. However, when I noticed the figure it startled me so much that it made my chest tighten up. I felt frozen in fear and couldn't move.

If it was nothing it wouldn't have had that effect on me. Then 15 minutes later our basement door opened by itself. Even though it wasn't closed all the way, there was no draft underground. I didn't feel any cold air until that door opened. I truly believe it was my grandfather that I saw.

Several weeks before I remember being very upset. I cried and asked him why was my mother lucky enough to see him and not me. I told him that I missed him so much and that I had to grow up without him (He died when I was 3). I know what I saw and I believe he heard my cries of sadness and came to see me as I wished.

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Pitleader4eva (5 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-21)
Awww. How nice of him. I have seen shadows and I think it's my Grandad. I am so glad you saw yours. 😊
Pinky from the phlippines (guest)
17 years ago (2007-05-02)
Your are darn one luck gurl... I wish my Dad come and see me and my daughteragain You see he passed away when I was 19, so I got married and have my 3 year old girl with out him. I know he loves little kids. And even when he was still alive we would sometimes think if he is to have his grand children, he will really enjoy just to be with them every single day... I MISS HIM SO MUCH
Queenie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-05-02)
Hey, your are lucky you saw your grandfather. I wished to see my dad(who pass away when I was 3) but he never ever appear. I only saw him once in my dream after a day he was pass away and he was bidding goodbye to me.

Anyway I am happy too if I didn't see him, means he have move on and pass on...


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