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Sleep Paralysis Or Something Else: I Just Don't Know


This 'supposed' paralysis that happens within my sleep has been continuing on for years. My first encounter began when I was about the age of thirteen; however, I was very awake, bored, and staring at the ceiling. All of a sudden I figured out that I was unable to do any movements with my body and how I couldn't really breathe. After finding myself in such a state, the bed sheets began moving at my feet with the weight of a ten pound kid crawling onto the bed. My arms were tucked at my sides, I tried to shout yet had no voice; so in my inability to get my body to do anything, there was a thin veil-like thing across my face and this child-like thing, that was in the strange form of shadow, just sat on my stomach and stared me down. As it stayed on top of me, I felt helpless, scared, and thoroughly angry; the last option I had left was praying straight to God. I prayed for the good Lord to assist me into telling it to let go of me. My prayer was answered once I managed to say," Let go," in a barely audible whisper. Again, the covers started to shift while the light weight got off from me and left the room. I was inhaling and exhaling normally, moving around my legs that seemed like they were tingling and still had my eyes wide open. I was so awake that I stood up, went into the bathroom, turned the light on, and stared at my reflection in the mirror for a decent ten minutes.

Another experience in which I had 'sleep paralysis' was being gradually dragged towards the bottom of my bed. In advance of this instance's occurrence, I was sound asleep but having an extremely disturbing...dream: At the top of some random set of stairs I looked into the darkness and began to walk down the steps. So, I stopped in the middle of the staircase to find I didn't like how dark it was getting. When I was turning around to go back towards the light, something abruptly took hold of my ankles and dragged my paralyzed body. At that moment, I woke up somewhat half asleep to see that something was pulling me across the bed. Yes, I was sort of frightened, but I got very grumpy and said a few colorful choices of words at it. Without any hesitation, I was released and I quickly crawled up the bed and held onto the person next to me: My brother. After a while, my arm was hurting from having it underneath his side, so I rolled over. When I awoke the next morning, I finally realized what had very much happened to me.

A third occurrence is also when I was fast asleep. At first, the dream didn't happen to seem disturbing. Neither was I expecting it to suddenly take a turn such as that. I was in High School, sitting at my assigned desk in US History class. One of my favorite teacher's was taking attendance with a monotone voice. It went scary when, instead of hearing my Us History teacher's voice, there was an eerie, unfamiliar one that called my name then laughed. I opened my eyes to figure out that it was morning and my body, once more, was paralyzed. As I was stuck in this sort of state which has frustrated me to no end, there were those baritone vocals, which still laughed sinisterly, at me in my ear. Though it's quite uncomfortable for me to spill out, though, I felt like this evil thing was trying to rip my ribs a part. This fourth time, however, my thoughts were too incoherent to form out a prayer. Eventually, it left me all by my lonesome, thank God, to wonder if this really did happen.

These events have not happened all in a single week, month, or year. No, the experiences that I've summarized for you readers have occurred along my teenage years: When I was thirteen to maybe even now. Now, I am a Christian and I believe in there being a spiritual war going on for every soul. Whenever I have told most of my family, my friends, even a religious leader once in a blue moon, and they all look at me like I'm a crazy person. My dad's side of the family tends to believe me with my encounters a lot more than my mother's, for a majority of them have went through many a spiritual battle.

The reason on as to why I am posting this up from all these years is due to, well, last night. Immediately, at twelve o' clock during the night, I was awake with my body put in paralysis. Over the years, I have found out that if you move your fingers or toes the sleep paralysis can wear off. Even though nothing really occurred, I felt as though something was just watching me, waiting in anticipation, wanting to get at me. There was pure terror rushing through me when my room was feeling way too cold while there was a very reliable heater beside my bed. I knew I was shaking, my teeth chattering, and I bet I had goose bumps all over, but though it was probably sluggish and incomprehensible, I was saying for whatever being there to leave in the name of Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit. After some time, I was able to get out from my bed and turn on the lamp across from where I slept.

So with that said, I say to you my fellow readers," Why me? Why is it that I just can't sleep in peace"? I'm desperately hoping with all of my heart that it's simply this sleep paralysis which is playing with my head. If it is sleep paralysis, what should I do to avoid it? And if not... Give me some advice anyways.

Thank you for reading this.

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anita1 (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-12)
since moving into this house 4 years ago I have had five attacks, it started a year ago the last one was scary, I keep a diary it seems to come every 2 mths and when my boyfriend stays over like you, I can't move my eyes are open I know I'm not dreaming I looked at the clock and saw the time, then felt something jump on the bed with force, I closed my eyes and said in the name of christ can't say it at out loud it blocks your thoughts trys to get in,,, my heart was poundinding as it waked round my head breathing into my hair, it must have noticed my bibles and crucifix I heard gagging noise and smelt vomit it was horrible I have never heard it before just felt it, my partner felt nothing he thinks I'm having night terrors
kingdark (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-07)
the same thing happened to me and it still dose at random times when I'm going to bed, when it first happened I knew it was a ghost trying to take over my body for the past 2 weeks. 😢
FinanceMajor (1 stories) (64 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-15)
I have looked into sleep paralysis and it makes sense but I believe to completly rule out the paranormal would be like trying to answer all questions with the same response check out this video, it can create a perspective for believers and open minds for skeptics, I personally believe in a combination of scientific and spiritual, because one thing we all learn is that the deeper we delve into the truth the more complex the answers, just look at the california budget proporal:) j/k

fruity-funk16 (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-19)
Huh, I suppose I'll try sleeping on my side more; it might work, but I remember one time I did wake up paralyzed on my side... It was also very unpleasant.
blackbear21 (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-15)
i also have sleep paralysis. I was doing some reseach on the subject and I bought a book about it, well the paranormal. It said that when we have these "dreams" there's a demon on or chest, eversince I heard that I sleep on my side and chest. And since that I haven't had those dreams in years. You should try it.

Hoped this helped (n_n)
fruity-funk16 (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-06)
Hi everyone, just want to tell you guys that for the past few week I've been sleeping without any troubles with some of your advice. I make sure that my thoughts are positive; because I'm usually frightened before I go to bed; I read Psalms 71 and 91 both out loud, and have some metal beneath my pillow for the whole brain chemical stuff that deals with SP. I'll keep you guys updated because, like I said, this happens every once in a while.

So, thanks guys!:)
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1523 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-02)
Good post whitebuffalo, your a true seeker, if you don't mind, I will use some of your transcript in future post to help others. I agree its good to see this author has a mature attitude and not jumping to conclusions, their are children reading this site and we all have a responsibility in regards to sleep paralysis
To post information that will help, not frighten them.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-03-02)
Well Thank The Creator you did not simply jump on the assumption that this was a demon, and quite possibly "just" (believe me, I do NOT use the word lightly) an episode of Sleep Paralysis.
Science seems to prove that there is no ghost or other presence present while in the throws of such an episode.
According to Wikipedia, sleep paralysis "it is closely related to the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM sleep, which is known as REM atonia. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain awakes from a REM state, but the body paralysis persists. This leaves the person fully conscious, but unable to move. In addition, the state may be accompanied by terrifying hallucinations (hypnopompic or hypnagogic) and an acute sense of danger."
I found a pretty informative website for you to take a look at, if you so chose. It has a few treatment options. The problem would appear to be that one must know the cause of the sleep issues before finding the correct treatment for it.
ZiShu (281 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-02)
Sleep Paralysis is caused by evil spirits normally
It happen to me all the time.
It is an attack they use to paralyze and scare the victim to feed on their negative energy.
You have to pray before you sleep, play Christian music, and read a passage from the bible and put it open on the bed.
The evil spirits either came from someone dabbling occult, or Satan. If Satan sent a demon or Fallen on you, that's a different story...
Send me a e-mail in my profile so I may be able to help you. I think there's more to this you than you know.
God Bless
faerielike (15 stories) (268 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-02)
What I have found that seems to help, is sleeping with a mirror at the head of the bed. (Though when I did that, I scared the crap outta' myself a few times, forgetting the mirror was there and seeing a face looking back at me! 😆)
You could also try to put a piece or pieces of amethyst under your bed or mattress. It is supposed to absorb negative energies, and prevent headaches and drunkenness. So there is a couple of pluses for that one! But with this one it is important that the stones be cleansed with salt water before and every other month or so. (Vanishes the bad energies.)
Then there is the bible under the pillow trick.
All of these are supposed to ward off evil and mischievous spirits from bothering you while you sleep.
That way you can determine if it is psychological/biological, or supernatural.
I hope I have been of some help!
Good luck! 😁
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-02)
shame on your mom, for her lack of interest with your SP probs. Parents are sometimes the only adults kids can turn to. To laugh off or dismiss these things, can really damage a kids self esteem. Glad your dad is at least listening to you.
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1523 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-02)
Devyani,People here do believe you, sleep paralysis I suspect is a combination of cause, static electricity and electrical currents flow through the regions of our entire body, when were in a semi state of consciousness I suspect our pineal gland (a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain) is affected by these currents. Creating the illusion that your being held down,""its a conscious nightmare"" some good advise from nyarl will help you overcome this condition. Good luck
Devyani (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-02)
I too have experienced sleep paralysis on different occassions. Worst part is no one belives you at home. How ever after a while my mom too exprienced some one sitting next to her feet while she was sleeping. Whatever that thing is, it overpowers me and sits on me and does not allow me to move, scream or let me struggle to release myself. Sometimes I have experienced weigh of more than one person and I call for help. With great difficulty I am able to saysomething gibberish which disturbs my mom's sleep. She wakes up comes to my bed to find out what am I muttering. At this point of time that devil releases me and suddenly I feel my fingers move and I feel weight in my body. Numbness in body disappears. I can feel presence of my legs and toes. I have also felt some one pulling my plait of hair or someone pulling my sheets and hurting my toes or legs.
My quetion is why me. Will this ever stop cause this is third house we have moved into and I have experience this in my current house and the house before.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-01)
Nyar, you are like the elite advice-giver on this subject. 😊 Glad to have you hear. I think you can really help a lot of people.

Fruity, I hope you'll keep us posted on your condition and let us know of Nyar's advice works for you.
nyarlathotepsama (1 stories) (43 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-01)
Hello fruity-funk16, I am a fellow sufferer of Sleep Paralysis, complete with demonic visions and sounds. I am a huge supporter of this site now, it is truly been a boon to my life but I am also a skeptic, so I don't come from a school of the easily convinced. So I have some advice for you that has worked for me, as well as some explanation of each one.

First and for most; Positive Energy. I've created a mantra that has worked for me and I think it is a very good thing. Mine has been. "I am not afraid and my demon has no power over me if I am not afraid." I repeat it in my head at roughly 6 hour intervals in "reps" of seven or so times whenever I do it. It has help me because my research has found that dark entities, spirits or demons feed on negative thought and the very scientific energies that flow through your mind and body when you have emotions.

Second, and more paranormal. A bowl of White Vinegar and salt (I use kosher salt but any kind will work) is marked in many religions as a powerful protective charm against possession and demons in general. A bowl set beside your bed, even if it only works because you believe it does, seems to have a very positive effect. You have to get used to the smell of it, it doesn't take long however.

Third and more religious; saying Psalms 91 then 71 from the most common form of the bible the King James Edition is often said to be protective. Even if you aren't religious the act of repeating verses and prayer is a form of meditation, which relaxes the body and mind, making your brain less likely to awaken before your body. You could instead however just pick up meditation, I've been taking classes for the last two weeks and I'm a lot more relaxed in my general life and my SP is greatly less terrible.

Lastly, never blame yourself, don't let anyone (on this site or not) blame you for your problem. DO NOT fall into that trap of self hate and doubt. Dark Spirits feed on those emotions too, they are bad on you physically as well. Doubt is anxiety you see, and if there is anything that can always negatively effect your mental and physical state it is anxiety.

There are a lot of people on this site that are here to brow beat you into joining their religions, making you doubt the person you are and causing loads of stress. But there are many more helpful people here too. Religion is not bad, just most people inside one become oddly heavy handed and forget that their ways of believing aren't for everyone. I wish you well and keep me up-dated, you can even email me if you have any questions pariahsama (At)

If any of this helps you out thank Number13 because he/she is the one that informed me of your story.
fruity-funk16 (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-28)
Yeah, that second experience was actually very disturbing to me...Luckily, I wasn't thinking straight and it didn't scare me too much at the moment. Though I do remember, after being dragged by my feet down the bed, that I was lying in the middle with annoyed thoughts of," Oh crap, I'm going to have to get back up there..." As I said before, I had to physically get myself back up there. And while my brother was laying on his side, I held onto him for dear life. Eventually, also mentioned, my arm started hurting from it being under his side. So with that experience, I don't know and I don't really want to know. I just pray it's nothing but my imigination acting up when in SP.
petitegazelle (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-28)
well that sounds weird because I've had SP myself but never actually felt dragged out the bed physically or anything like that (reminds me of paranormal activity) anyways, when I first moved out to another country, I experienced SP a couple of times and I was terrified because it had never happened to me before, I immediately thought there was something wrong with the studio where I lived and I was alone, I used to wake up but I could only move my eyelids, I felt some sort of evil presence in the room, people whispering and I even felt something breathing in my ear, it's a terrifying experience especially when it's the first time. But when I read about it on the internet I was no longer afraid, in fact when it happened to me for a third time, I knew what it was so I just thought to myself alright try and move your arm (of course I couldn't) and so I thought ah well never mind, and went back to sleep. When major changes occur in one's life, and when their sleeping pattern gets irregular, they're very likely to experience sleeping paralysis. But what you describe seems different especially cause of the physical aspect and also the fact that it happens in your house.
Rainman (guest)
12 years ago (2010-02-28)
Your attitude in reply makes me feel proud to be a Christian, god bless you.
fruity-funk16 (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-27)
Well, as I said before, I sure am hoping it is Sleep Paralysis. After some research on the subject, I saw that it's most common at the age of 13 to 25 years old. In a few of those internet articles about this condition, I found that SP can be genetic. A couple of nights ago I was summarizing my last experience for my dad since he believes me a lot more than my mom. Supposedly, as our conversation went on, my dad also experienced SP in his teenage years. So, I'm wanting to really see a doctor about it, but when I told my mom she began to get annoyed with me by saying," Oh no, not this again." I did not even tell her that I felt threatened by something, just about the symptoms and such. And before I posted this up, I tried searching for an article about sleep paralysis happening when one is wide awake, but I couldn't find it... But I'll try out the metal underneath my pillow, reading Psalms (I do make sure to read a passage from the Bible every night before going to bed since it comforts me.), and the other stuff. I won't rule out the possibility of being attacked, but I'll try it within my power and by God to overcome whatever this is. Luckily, it doesn't occur as much.

Thank you guys for your support and advice.
JimD (431 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-26)
Hi. I'm sorry about what you're going through. It's seems like you're under demonic attack. The 'magical wisperings', feelings of being watched, and intrusive dreams all occur in the infestation stage of demonic assault. Without going into great detail, I've counseled many with similar problems. We live in a secular world, which does not believe in either God or the devil. Try (Catholic) Holy water, Blessed salt, and the Holy Rosary, in addition to Jesus' name, Mary's name, and the name of St. Michael the Archangel. If you're Catholic, please try frequent receipt of the Sacraments, i.e. Mass, confession, etc. Good luck. Email me, if you like.
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1523 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-26)
I agree with Devious Angel, I do believe this is sleep paralysis, before you totally convince yourself this is a entity attacking you, it will be better for you to convince yourself that this is a medical condition. The power or the mind is a almighty weapon, you can use it in a positive way to overcome this experience.I'm not saying demons and entitys don't exist, but what the demons with in and the demons around us hate is positive thinking and people taking control of their lives,

Firstly, I would like you to read narylathotepsama recent story
On (sp) this man has a open mind and was willing to try anything to overcome this condition, read all the advise given to him and his reponse to them,

I have experience sp and feel blessed by the lord that I have, the lord tells us not to fear and fear evil, I know why, because fear is the real instrument of harm not the demon, fear is the fuel that demons really need to hurt us. I strongly advise you convince yourself this is a medical condition, then useing self hypnosis mantra to yourself 10 times a day, THE NEXT TIME I EXPERIENCE "SLEEP PARALYSIS" I WILL REMAIN CALM AND I SHALL NOT FEAR IT BECAUSE I KNOW ITS NOT REAL.
Good luck, god bless
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-26)
And hey, just to back up what ab42berry says, another user on here tried that (I think it was nyralathotepsama if I'm not mistaken...) and said it worked! I'm not sure about whether or not reading the psalms works because I don't put much stock in the bible myself, but if it helps, it's worth a try.
ab42berry (31 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-26)
You could try to put a bowl of white vinegar mixed with salt next to your bed and say out loud psalm 91 and 71 three times before you go to sleep
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-26)
Something interesting to add. Sleep paralysis can happen when you are awake as well. Sleep paralysis is something that can also accompany sleep apnea. Have you seen a doctor about this?

Here's some info on how to prevent it:

DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-26)
Thank you for sharing your experience. I do still consider this to be nothing but the effects of sleep paralysis because you have only experienced this "entity" bothering you when you're paralyzed. It's very possible that the same sort of condition exists when one is awake. I will be doing some research on this. The more I read about sleep paralysis cases, the more I'm convinced that the seemingly paranormal things people experience during episodes is nothing but sensory hallucinations.

Please know that I am not calling you a liar by a longshot; quite the contrary. I completely believe that you have experienced these things during episodes. I just don't think that they are real, even though they FEEL real to you. This is something that happens so commonly among people with sleep paralysis that either they are all being attacked during SP or none of them are. The mind can do very funny things and completely convince you that you are experiencing something you are really not.

Although I don't think the medical industry has studied SP in completion, I'm pretty sure that the answer for this condition is scientific. I won't condemn anyone who disagrees; that is just my personal opinion.
number13 (31 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-26)
A fellow Christian I see. Well done on the speech about the spiritual war, it was fascinating. Anyways, I've encountered someone who shares a similar fate with you, and both of you're fate is strikingly similar. Try use holy waters, crosses, pray a lot, and do a videocam when you're sleeping. If you want to know more maybe you can ask this person for help, just open this link. Http://
Zander (7 stories) (138 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-26)
Wow...excellent account. Like you, finally being able to say the name of a holy man stopped my kanashibari indicent. I think that one knows whether or not one is asleep. I have no problem believing you were awake so "sleep paralysis" seems like a misnomer to me. Western medical science would never accept nor discuss nor even investigate the possibility of entities not normally of this reality being occasionally able to inteact with our own. However, for those of us who have experienced it, well, we know what happened to us.
socalboy619 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-26)
I have the same problem you do, and thankfully, I haven't had it happen in nearly a year. I don't think its sleep paralysis exactly, because sleeping people shouldn't be able to see, talk and hear everything that's going on around them. I've noticed that every time it happens its a little different, sometimes I can only move my eyes around, sometimes I can move eyes and wiggle toes or fingers, sometimes there is a pressure on my chest and lack of breathe. This has happened dozens of times to me and the last time I found I could wake from it but it took a lot of fighting and energy. What I did realize though is that the times it happens sometime throughout that day I had felt a presence or a feeling of being watched, like a sense of dread, followed by strange dreams. I was told by a psychic that there are different types of these paralysis for different reasons, sometimes you are on a out of body experience and didn't quite make it back right, other times theses are demonic forces that have been attracted to you for all your life, like incubus/succubus. Whatever happens I was told never to panic, and try to outlast it, but its funny how prayer always helps too.

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