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My girl and husband were going somewhere the other day, but as they were going in the door, they heard someone say "hello". They both looked and no one was there. We all experience this a lot, we hear someone talking or saying our name and when we say "yea?" or "what do you want?" no one is there. Or we can hear like one of our voices and we will go in there and see what the other want and they say "I never said anything". Do you think that it a ghost trying to talk to us?

One day, me and my kids were gone, my husband was the only one home and he said he heard me say his name and to get up. He said he got up and went and looked and no one was there. One night, my girl was taking a bath and she heard someone say turn the water off. I don't know why we are hearing these things call our name, say "hi", or if it's just us. But it very funny that it is happening to us all.

Can anyone tell me anything about this? Our cats will look at the walls like they see things. They will be laying down asleep and just get up and run and play.

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Kaiixox (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2011-09-06)
This has happened to both my sister and I. On each of our experiences we heard each others voices calling us to come down stairs. The first time I heard "her" voice, I got annoyed because she kept telling me to hurry up and come down stairs. When I finally realized I was home alone I was pretty freaked out.
Naira (19 posts)
14 years ago (2007-12-18)
It's a shame no one answered you yet. This very thing happens to me at my home. I call it my home although I don't live there anymore. My mom lives there, though, and some of the times I go to visit it still happens. Mostly when I'm having a shower or a bath, I will hear someone calling my name. Sometimes I know the voice (my mom, a friend who does the cleaning... Sometimes my father even when he passed away a few years back) some other times, I don't know the voice. I know it can't be my mom or my friend, because generally I'm home alone when this happens, or I call "what?" and they say they haven't spoken.
I don't think it's my dad either, but someone (or something) else, trying to make me acknowledge their presence.
As long as they do nothing to harm you, don't be scared, and answer. If it bothers you, just tell them to leave, and just in case, do it in the name of "whatever you believe in" (Jesus, for example).
Blessed be!

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