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The Cat Coming to Visit


Hi again. I'm sure at least some of you remember my 115 year old Slave House Haunted story. Well, I got another one for you. The first one happened about a year after that story. My friend Paige's mom has had a cat, Belle, for almost 13 or 14 years (I don't know the exact date, all I know was that she was older than we were!) And for the longest time, she was a huge cat, no matter what the doctors did or anything. Finally, for the first time, an x-ray came up showing 3 tumors and lots of liquid surrounding the heart, and no doctor had ever seen it before then. It was in its advanced stages too, and according to my friend, they wouldn't have been able to help her even if they caught it in the very beginning.

So, my friend put her cat down. Ever day, she'd gone to sprinkle catnip on Belles grave in the backyard. I came over to stay the night 6 days later. Nothing happened all night, and the next day, we stopped at an adoption center to look at the kittens. After much debate between her parents and her, Paige finally decided: not to get a kitten, but to get a 4-year-old cat, which she named Isabelle. We called her Izzy for short. Izzy was still shy from being in the pound, so we let her explore and went back to Paige's room.

Paige and I had been talking earlier about the ghosts of cats; when I brought up Belle and the catnip, she said "Crap, I forgot to do it! Aw well, she'll get over it". And we went on as usual. Then comes the scary part. We were home alone for a few hours, and Paige was going to get in the shower. So, we sat talking and watching Danny Phantom on T.V. While she got the bathroom ready.

Now, the lights in the hallway were on, the light was on in the sitting room beside the front door, and the curtains were open, and the curtains and lights were on in Paige's room, too. It was still daylight out. As we sat there talking, the T.V. Suddenly went out for no reason. We waited and turned the cable box on and off and on again, and it came back on, so we kept talking. A few minutes later, the T.V. goes out again. Mind you, it was a perfect day outside, so we couldn't blame the wind!

Paige and I start to get nervous, and turn the cable box off again, then back on. It's fine for another minute, but soon after it goes out, comes back on, then goes out. I'm starting to get very annoyed, so I called out "Stop!" The T.V. came back on and stayed that way. Paige comes out in her bathrobe to ask something, and the T.V. goes out, but this time, the closet lights flicker and go out, too. Then the lights above the bed go out. Paige is starting to get my drift, and she shouts "Stop it, Belle! Leave Tiffany alone!" Everything comes back on, and stays on.

Paige gets in the shower and nothing happens. I turned on my Game Boy and was playing it, when a white streak passed in front of the T.V. I dropped the Game Boy and stared at the T.V. To see if it would come back. It didn't, so I uneasily sat back and started playing again. Then, the T.V. Goes out, and the lights flicker. By then I was scared silly, so I jumped up and ran into the bathroom.

When Paige got out of the shower, I stayed in the bathroom while she checked the room. When she gave the all-clear, I came back out. The T.V. goes out again, and Paige gets mad. She shouted "Goodbye Belle! I said goodbye now! Is that what you wanted? Well, there's a new cat here, so I won't get lonely without you. Good-bye and good luck!" The T.V. goes back on, and never goes out again.

That entire time, the lights in the hallway and in the rest of the house stayed normal. The T.V. in the living room was working fine, so it was only Paige's room that went all out of wack. I believe it was just Belle coming to say good-bye. Not long after that, another cat named Toby came up and tried to walk in like he owned the place. So now she has two cats, like I do.

This is a little thing that I don't think is related, but was a funny fact. When I saw Izzy trying to sneak under the bed in Paige's room, I had a sudden thought. The old cats name was Belle, and the new cat in town was Isabelle. See the similarity?

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Brownie09 (6 stories) (293 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-14)
Hi Tiffany, Your friend shouldn't have yelled at Belle like that, and Belle probably felt as though your friend had forgotten her by saying that she has a new cat, and she won't get lonely without her.
So she was probably wondering since your friend got the new cat, if that was why she didn't want her around and that was why she didn't put her cat nip on her grave. By her saying that to Belle is mean 😢, She could have at least said Belle if that is you, you know I love you and you know I will always love you and you will always be in my heart, and even though I have a new cat it will never be able to take your place.
ominousnyxx (10 stories) (136 posts)
14 years ago (2008-05-07)
hmm, I sort of have to agree with Ohio. The only reason why ghost can "toy" with eletronic devices is due to electromagnetic fields. If only one person experiences the changes in the room, while there are others, then it is only an illusion.

Cats or any animals don't know about electricity, so they wouldn't know how to manifest their energy so they would alter the magnetic field surrounding them so they can mess with eletronic devices, however if the cats presence is strong enough, then they can mess with electronics randomly, but not in a selection. All they do is just pass any appliance and it goes haywire.
Ohiowatha (11 stories) (415 posts)
15 years ago (2007-11-02)
Hmmm, since you have every light in the house on and it's summertime (waste of electricity, by the way), I suspect your lights were flickering because you overloaded the system. Cable is also a finicky thing and goes off and on for millions of Americans across the country. Also, since your windows were open, the flash across the glass television screen could be absolutely anything outside--a bird, leaves, the reflection off a passing car's windshield--anything.

I'd be hesitant to chalk this up to a dead cat that has mastered electrical appliances. There are lots of stories about deceased pets, but I have never heard of them toying with electronics. What, did this cat take a class in electronics AFTER it died? Seems suspicious to me, especially when your previous story was about hearing something in an adjacent room and deciding it must be "ghosts..."

My apologies, but I just don't buy this one.
BaD (4 stories) (54 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-09)
That was sorta mean to shout at the ghost kitty like that... She should have just put the catnip and noooone of that would have happened. Poor Belle just didn't want to be forgotten. And her mommy got mad and told her she'd been replaced. That's so messed.
joseph b. g. (guest)
15 years ago (2007-03-28)
that was a weird story but I liked it I don't think that her friend will get over her cat unless it was a long time ago.

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