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Pushed by a Black Figure


Some of you may have read my other story, The Old Man and the Young Boy, well, this happened a while before. I was laying down, sleeping in my bed, and then out of no where, I feel a hard push. I turned and I looked and I see a very, very dark color by (I don't know whether it was a black aura or he was really dark skinned) my bed. I just looked at him for a while, and he just slowly dissipated. I have no idea what it meant, but it freaked me out. I did not tell my parents about what happened, because I knew they would not believe me, or would think I was dreaming. This boy looked nothing like the boy haunting me now, but I don't know. I have heard many people say blue is good, black is bad, but I don't know. It's all really confusing, and I can't help feeling that he (or she, I couldn't tell) was trying to tell me something, or that he was trying to hurt me. About 5 years later, the other incident happened, and I would really appreciate help

Tmetsfan31 AKA Tanis

Tmetsfan 31 [at] aim [dot] com for any questions or further comments

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Annio11 (2 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-27)
I don't think black figures are always bad. Were you sleeping when this happened? And were you hurt by it?
Tilis (2 stories) (16 posts)
15 years ago (2007-09-15)
You never know, I guess. Not all spirits are bad. Though, if it was trying to tell you something important, it would have persisted and pushed you over and over. Maybe it was messing with you. Perhaps in life, that spirit had been a person who loved to see the expression of fear upon a person's face, so in death as a ghost, it's even easier. Who knows? We may never completely and thoroughly understand the supernatural.
slghosts (13 posts)
15 years ago (2007-07-16)
I think you should get your house blessed that way to might not happen again and maybe it will keep them from hurting you! But good luck with everything!
Abby (710 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-31)
Dear Tanis,

I am using your page in respect to others. Thank you for your response. I hope this find things better at home and school for you. I know this is not much consolation, but what you are going through now will only make you a stronger person, and in the end, yes these dark periods do end, you will also have learned a lot about yourself. The key is to just step back, get out of your way and observe it from that point of view.

In regards to putting the photo on this site you may want to contact Martin, and Shane also knows how, as he has expertise in that department as well.

If you need a helping hand, an ear to listen, a brain to analyze, a shoulder to lean on or a heart to care; we the cast of characters of are right here to lend you, Tanis or any other soul (dead or alive) our body parts and hearts to support you on your hunt, search, investigation and journey.

Please keep us updated. I look forward to your contribution of stories and posted comments.

As always, my heart goes out to you Tanis, Blessings, Abby
doc (2 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-26)
I have had a similar experience. I woke up one night and I could see three black shadows at my bed. I understand that black shadows usually mean something bad will happen, but nothing bad has happened to me. Like chunkygut said, try to watch out for yourself.
chunkygut1 (13 stories) (73 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-09)
I myself have had the same experiences with a black silhouette (my stories are black silhouette and black silhouette 2) they usually mean bad things so watch out o.k

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