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For me to have some form of an escape from my everyday stresses I started reading the stories on this website. Doing so brought back memories of my experiences. All of the following happened to me and my son since my mom passed away in Jan. 2004.

One day, shortly after my mom passed away, I smelled her perfume at the kitchen sink and in front of my one bedroom apartment door. These were among the last spots she was at before going to the Calvary Hospital. The smell was so strong and fresh it smelled as though it was just sprayed from the bottle.

Another time, I was sitting at the dining room table taking care of paper work when the light, which is on a dimmer switch, went from bright to off. Not sure what to make of it I treated it as a joke. I said 'Mom if that's you I dare you to do it again." No sooner I said that it happened for the 2nd time. In the garage, later that same morning, the light right above my car flickered on and off. When I opened the door to my caravan the entire car wreaked of medicine (like an ointment). It took almost 1/2 hr of driving with all the windows open to air out the car.

Another morning, again at the dining room table, the song 'Michael row your boat ashore' came from the center of the living room, loud and very clear. I got quite annoyed thinking my son, then 3 years old, had the TV volume too loud. To my surprise the volume was so low that I had to be in the bedroom just to hear it. I told my brother who didn't believe me without proof. I looked in my son's toy bins that were arranged one on top of the other. I found a small toy radio that my son broke when he was 1 year old. This toy had not worked since, but I thought it was so cute I never threw it out. To my surprise this toy worked and played the same song but the volume was very weak and crackly. Just by listening to it I could tell it was broken. This toy was buried under all of the other toys and could barely be heard from when I pushed the play button. This was not the same tune I heard earlier.

Another day my son was in the living room having a 'child conversation'. I was in the kitchen when I heard him talking. I thought maybe he picked up and dialed the phone and was talking to someone. To my surprise he was standing on the sofa, pointing to a picture of him as a toddler with my mom just talking. He never did that again. Sometime after that, he was in the bathroom on his potty. When he was done I closed the button and zipper of his pants. I stayed in the bathroom with him watching him wash and dry his hands. When he turned around to dry his hands his pants was open. I did not take my eyes off of him. I don't know why I asked 'who opened your pants?' instead of 'why did you open your pants?' His response was 'gamma did it' (he could not say grandma at the time).

I have a recordable picture frame of my son at 4 months old. To hear his cry you would have to press its button. One night late I had just put my son to sleep when my son's baby cry was playing from that picture frame. Within seconds of it playing a woman's voice from one of my son's toys in his toy box in the living room floor said 'push the button.' I was freaked out by this. Jokingly, I said 'mom if that's you I dare you to do it again." No sooner had I said this the baby cried and the woman repeated her comment. I backed up so far I bumped into the TV cabinet. I said 'mom, if that really is you, you are freaking me out!' The woman's voice came back and said 'good-bye' and played a short tune before stopping. My husband heard the something I heard but said I was crazy anyway.

From this point my experiences have become more physical. About 4 years ago my family took a great loss. We lost an uncle one Friday in December, that following Mom. We lost a very close family friend and that next Friday (exactly 1 week almost to the minute) we lost another close family friend (my former neighbor). On Wednesday the night of the 2nd wake, I went to bed very tired. I heard rustling in the bedroom. I felt the part of my mattress closest to my head and shoulders go down. I became angry thinking my son woke up. As I sat up my son and husband were both fast asleep. No one was there. As I lay back down I said 'whoever is there I am too tired for this, good-bye.' After I said this my mattress went back up to normal position.

We eventually moved into my neighbor's apartment (it is much bigger). Two of our candle stick holders were tossed off of a hallway shelf 2 nights in a row. This was not that bad to deal with... The worst came January and March of 2009. Early one January morning around 5 am, I was lying in bed on my right side, knees slightly bent. My left leg was just behind my right leg. The blanket was 'being tucked' right underneath my left calf as I lay sleeping. I woke up to find my husband fast asleep, snoring. There was no one else in the room. I thought since I still had time I went back to sleep. The blanket moved again... With that I jumped out of bed. That January and March my blanket (mind you I had a wool blanket over my comforter) shifted between my feet and legs. It was pressed down in between my feet as though someone put a hand down on my bed right between my feet. I felt as though it was moving. This happened each night for 2 months. I thought I was going crazy. I would go to sleep with a flash light and a bottle of holy water... Rosary beads were not far away. I would have chalked it up to me being crazy had I not seen it for myself... I turned the flashlight on while it was happening and saw no one but the blanket move by my feet. I was so terrified to sleep in my own bedroom. I blessed everything with holy water. I have no idea why I had peace in February.

My last experience (I hope) took place last summer. I was lying on my left side in bed when I felt something blow into my right ear. I don't know who was trying to reach out to me and my son... My guess is that it was my mother. I will never really know for sure and that's ok with me.

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brenttan (64 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-14)
Can you say "Mom, if this is you, could you please stop doing this? As you are freaking me out and I can't be disturbed in my sleep! I hope you'll understand." And pray for her or whoever it is.
Georgeisalegend (35 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-14)
wow... That is creepy! It probably was your mother that did most of that suff.

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