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The New Years Ghost 2


The holidays have come and past and our New Year's visitor has remained. While there were some lulls in the past few months, there has been some significant activity especially in the last few weeks.

I am now convinced that our apparition is that of a young male teenager or adolescent. Several times I have thought I have seen my 13 year old son out of the corner of my eye but turned to find no one there. In most of the occasions, he has not even been physically in the house at the time. While I usually catch just movement and size, I did have a more substantial view in the past month. I was home sick with a cold and I turned in the bed to reach for a cup of tea and saw a faint vision of a young person in a striped shirt bending down next to the bed. I perceived the person as a young male, again, about my sons age maybe a bit older.

I have also heard a voice either whispering or other sounds. A good friend of my husband and mine is training to be a massage therapist. She had her table set up in our living room and was working on my back. My son had left to go to a neighbor's house. As I lay there with my eyes closed I heard someone distinctly stage whispering "Mom! Mom!" like a child will do when they are trying to get your attention and they don't want to make a scene. I opened my eyes and asked my husband if my son needed something. He looked confused and told me that our son was over at the neighbors and hadn't come back. This past weekend, I woke up Sunday morning to hear someone sigh deeply several times. Again, both my kids were away for the weekend and no one else was in the house.

The ghost also seems to be attracted to the television. The TV in our bedroom has gone off and on at times without explanation and the remote has fallen off surfaces by itself as though it was pushed or thrown. Odd things will go missing and then turn up in obvious places. And the cats continue to chirp and respond to people who are not there, with happy little greeting noises.

It's not a very belligerent ghost by any definition and seems fairly friendly. I haven't had a encounter with this strong a personality in a while, but it's not distressing for me or my family in the least!

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