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I'm pretty sure that there's a ghost in my hallway. Now, before I talk about the ghost, it's important to know the layout of my house: my parents sleep upstairs and I sleep downstairs. There is a short hallway downstairs, with my room, a bathroom, and a second room I use as my study/music room. My bedroom and music room are on opposite sides of the hallway, and next to the door of the music room, on the hall wall, is a little bell. It's an electronic bell, one of those flower-shaped things that ring when you push a button.

Sometimes when I'm in the hallway I feel weird, as if someone else is there, and occasionally I feel watched when in my two rooms. If I leave sweets, especially dark chocolate, in the music room it's always gone by the next day (and no, it's not a pet). Ever since we first moved in a few years ago (we first moved in when I was four, but rented it out from age six 'till now) the bell would randomly ring for no reason at all. We've replaced the batteries, in case it was ringing as a reminder, we've moved the button higher to make sure my dog doesn't accidentally knock into it, but it still rings. It's especially creepy when I'm on the computer (which faces the door, and is at an angle that I can see the bell) and the bell rings repeatedly. I've had to quickly run upstairs because I'm so scared. Also, my dog refuses to stay in the hallway. She'll go through it to a room, but she will not stay in it. If I'm doing something in the hallway she'll wait in my room until I move away from the ghost. Sometimes the ghost will follow me into a room, but the farthest it's ever gone is halfway up the stairs.

What scares me the most is what's been happening the past few weeks. At first I was sure it was a friendly ghost, even leaving out dark chocolate chips on purpose, but now I'm not so sure. I've been getting these weird cuts. For example, just this morning I was getting dressed when I felt a sting on my left leg. Looking down I saw that I had a long, red cut from my ankle, up my calf, to the back of my knee. I'll wake up with scratches all over, or I'll feel a sting and look to find a brand new scratch. Twenty minutes ago I got a cut on my pinkie that wasn't there at school.

Just as a note, I do believe in ghosts. I've seen them. I think that there may be two ghosts, because I go between the impression of a young pagan/old fashioned boy and a slightly older (18, 19) Native American, I don't know what gender. I'm pretty sure my house was built on an old Indian burial site, but ghosts in my city are pretty uncommon. They're more heard of a couple miles away in Virginia City. Please help! What should I do!? I'm a very paranoid and easily frightened teen, the school scaredie cat, so I honestly am a little freaked out by this happening so close.

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MissSuspiciousSpirit1 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-04)
Hey,my name is MissSuspiciouSpirit1, but you can call me Missy, and like you, I have been in the same situation. In school, me and my firends would mess about in the girls toilets doing ghost tests. When they would turn the lights on, they would be fine. But I would always have bite marks and scratches on my arms. Then in my house my cat would go whack and look like he was having a fit. (He wasn't I did check)

I would also suggest the Salt and Lavender. But I just like Lavender XD
caracooldevil (9 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-01)
wow,your probaly doing somthing it doesent like and it won't go away until you do what it wants so its scratching & hurting you 😕 have you seen it yet?

Hope you find out soon

Caraxxxx 😉
KayWinds (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-31)
thanks for all the great advice. Now, I did the salt thing for my bedroom and haven't got any scratches, but I still feel the older ghost. One thing that is getting annoying is I'll go into my room and find half the contents of my trashcan on the floor (I've been sick and so it is filled with tissues.). It wasn't my dog as the bin wasn't knocked over, it's more like someone reached in, grabbed some tissues, and threw them out. This has been going on since I first got sick. I can sometimes sort of sense the older ghost standing by the door, and he seems peeved. But like I said already, I haven't had any scratches lately, so that's good. ❤
TheDarkPianistt (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-31)
😕 uGHHH I dontfeel myself ever since my experience with a "demon'. Ughhhhhh I feel weird like I'm being watched and that its making me do stuff
lottiexxx (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-29)
the (ghost) might be trying to tell you something the scratches might be from the ghost because you might of stepped on it or done somthing to it


:): (
Arc-en-Ciel (31 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-28)
First of all, thanks for sharing! I agree with you, there may be two ghosts and one of them may be evil.
Do you think both of them are bound to your hallway? Well, a lil' investigation would be interesting, but if you are easily scared you better keep the distance and try to get rid of any negative entities around your place (BadJuuJuu gave good advices and it worked for several people here).
Anyway, if anything happens, let us know =)

Take care
indiandaksh (guest)
14 years ago (2010-05-28)
Never ever in your life be sternwith a spirit, it will provoke it and it might try to harm you, be patient, be calm and be positive. Go to the haunted place and place a croos or swastik there, it'll give YOU reassursnce. Try being patient with the ghost, ask him the reason for his presence or problem, it might help
Love ❤
ghostwatch3r (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-27)
the 1 that's scratching you is a poltergiest. They do stuff specifically to annoy people, like ringing the bell and taking candy. Although, if it only goes halfway up the stairs it may be chained to that spot by some spiritual connection from the past
Hope I helped a little
Contact ma at rickrolled33 [at] if you want to speak further 😲
earthshine86 (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-27)
"I have heard that even a stern "Get out of my house, you are not wanted!" can do the trick."

This is true - The core of why this works is this; As I've said in other posts, there ARE firm boundaries between our reality and the one they are experiencing. Somehow causing you to have small minor cuts is probably the best they can do at the moment, and I'm willing to bet this took great effort on their part. And as someone mentioned below, these rising abilities on their part are probably due to the fact that you are acknowledging them and more or less "opening" yourself to them, as well as exhibiting an appearance of fear/submission. You will need to try and alter this attitude on your part. Again I have to repeat my last advice - Don't be afraid! Not being afraid makes you stronger than them, and the truth is that you ARE stronger than them. This goes hand in hand with what is quoted above... Know that you are protected, this is YOUR reality, YOUR world, and they are an out of place guest in it with limited powers. You are in command, this is why you don't have to be afraid. This is the world of the living and you are the living, they are weak and out of place here. A strong assertion like "Get out" will certainly get the point across, but I recommend being respectful and kind to these entities, just as I recommend being respectful and kind to all souls and always making an attempt to help. This is valid where we're talking about a friend in need, a troubled stranger on the street, or a ghostly entity.

Again, don't worry about this being a demonic entity of some kind. It's not - If that were the case, you would KNOW very quickly due to their being far different and scarier symptoms. That being said, I can see a Native American being creepy but again, don't be afraid - You are the more powerful entity here.

These two need to go into the light. I'm not sure why they have not but who cares, it may be beyond your ability to find out why (sometimes with a lot of strenuous research and historical digging you can find out who they are and what might be keeping them here). Next time you sense either of their presences, speak to them. Maybe not so much as a "Get the hell out of here," but if it were me I would try "I know you are here, but this is my home now and people are waiting for you elsewhere - Why have you not gone into the light?" Be assertive and unafraid. This will get their attention, as they have surely seen the light but chosen not to go in or are too scared to. "Go into the light, that is where you belong and where you will be happy again. You should not remain here where you will be unhappy - It's time to move on. Please do not bother me again." Say this last part with assertion and calmness. Once you are done, simply move on to your business like music or whatever like you are done with this conversation and have better things to do (it's true, right!?) They will likely stand there considering what you said, and hopefully move into the light. If you sense more activity after this, kindly remind them again "You still haven't gone into the light? You should go." And then return to your business, as if you really don't give a hoot. This will get them think less about bothering you and more about the idea of moving into the light, as you keep repeating the same advice but are unwilling to be bothered any further by this anymore. Also you should not allow these two to prevent you from enjoying your daily life and the activities you enjoy in your home - Go about your business, play music, have fun - Don't worry about these two. If you sense them, repeat the advice quickly and then dismiss it from your mind. Don't give them any other attention.

Tricks like salt circles and iron and things from scripture I am just not sure of, I never have been. They may have some merit and may work or partially work or not seem to work at all, I just don't know. Uncertainty is not what you need right now. The heart of the matter is you have two post-human souls hanging around your area who are confused and need guidance. You may not be a medium or have all the information on why they are here, but you can make the helpful suggestion to them that they go into the light. It's for their benefit and yours. Repeat this as needed.
Violet_Sidhe (3 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-27)
I agree with earthshine86 in some ways but if one of them is hurting you it may also be a poltergeist that is gaining power from you attention (the chocolates). But it's hard to tell for sure, so asking to help it may be a good idea but setting boundaries around your bed with a circle (belief that it will work is key!) is a good precaution. If it continues to act violently or gets worse than screw it, and seek out help or try to banish it yourself. I have heard that even a stern "Get out of my house, you are not wanted!" can do the trick.
Good luck!
KayWinds (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-26)
thanks for the info, you guys. Also, I'm pretty sure its 2 ghosts, because I can sort of tell what they look like - sixth sens-ish. The younger one is dressed in schooloboy clothing, but very old. (the clothing, not the boy)
earthshine86 (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-26)
Hello Kaywinds,

Please be open to the possibility that this is a single ghost who tried passively to get your attention for a long time and may be simply frustrated (all humans, even "post-humans" get frustrated). The fact that this entity has a love for dark chocolate amuses me! I also take it as evidence that this is not an evil or demonic entity... What would an evil non-human entity want with chocolate? Haha...

Anyways, dogs ARE an indicator as posted by a peer below. But just because the dog does not want to hang around the hallway doesn't mean this is an evil entity. Consider how dogs instantly take to some people while being weary (or even aggressive) toward others. Your dog may just be weary of this "stranger" in the hallway area who none of the family seems to see. Also if it is a Native American spirit, his attitude (which Dogs sense easily) may frighten it.

My best speculation is that this Ghost tried to contact you several times before (via the bell, for example) and has become frustrated. This cutting may be it's newest method of trying to get your attention - It is a bit aggressive and poorly thought out, which may lend credit to your sense of a young boy.

This ghost wants to be acknowledged. I agree with the idea of tape and video recorders, except that you have mentioned that you are frightened and the outcome of those endeavors may end up scaring you. Try communication with this ghost - Clearly it is what it wants. Speak out loud, tell it you know someone is here but cannot see it. Tell it that it has been frightening you and you would like to work something out. As with children, it's often more effective to postulate a question and get them thinking on their own then it is to state an action or solution. Ask this ghost why it has not gone into the light. Tell it that it does not have to remain here in the house if it does not wish, that the light will lead him/her to loved ones and happiness and the next stage of their existence. Try not to sound aggressive - Treat it as you would any human being. Tell it that you do not mind it being there but that you think it should approach the light in order to be happy. I hope for you that it will do so and put an end to your troubles.

Don't be afraid... It is nothing more than a troubled human who has left his/her body but not gone into the light for some reason. It is not your responsibility to correct this and get it to go into the light, but as with all human souls charitable deeds are a good thing if you want to try to get to the bottom of this. If the ghost does not go into the light after your attempts at communication, it may have an Earthly concern that you will want to try to get to the bottom of.

Again - My general advice - Do not be afraid, treat it with the respect of any human you meet on the street, and ask it to consider going into the light so that it can be happy. Tell it that you do not wish to see it happy or unsettled. Do not be surprised if you see indications like noises, feelings, etc when trying to communicate. It may try to communicate back in this manner, or it may be silent and listen to your advice. I hope for both of your sakes that it goes - So it can be happy, and you can rest comfortably in your home.
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-26)
Very good advice from BadJuuJuu. I would agree and say that you should try what she has suggested. Since you are now experiencing cuts and scratches there could very well be 2 spirits. If you have a tape recorder or video camera set it up in your room before you go to bed so you can monitor yourself. Also a lot of people suggest keeping a journal of these events. Good luck and let us know if anything else happens. Take care 😊
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-26)
When it comes to evil spirits. Never underestimate the ability of Cold Iron, to ward of evil.

BadJuuJuu (guest)
14 years ago (2010-05-26)
The behaviour of your pets will tell you all you need to know about the nature of the entity. The dog's refusing to go into the hallway is a sign that something just aint right. The cuts, if there is absolutely no logical way they could have appeared, are worrisome. If you have not told your parents about this, tell them asap.
I don't know what your religious beliefs are like, so I hope not to accidentally offend. This is just stuff that works for me. Salt makes an excellent barrier against evil spirits. Draw a line of salt on the floor at the doorway of each of your rooms. Draw a circle of salt around your bed. When drawing the salt barrier, hold firm in your mind that nothing with harmful intent can cross. If you are uncomfortable with the salt, draw the barriers with holy water. It doesn't much matter which you use, your faith is what makes it work. Use what feels best to you.
I've also heard that burning lavender incense will drive evil spirits out. They hate the smell apparantly.
Also, as there are 2 spirits, it may only be one that is causing trouble. If that is the case, the lavender and salt shouldn't bother the one who isn't causing trouble. Best of luck ❤.

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