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My Pet Entity


I have had ghosts follow me throughout my life, none in which caused major harm to me, but pulling pranks and leaving me dumbfounded. When I was a child around the age of 12, there were two ghosts in the home that I was living in. One an older gent, who was murdered by a fatal shotgun blast to the skull, and the other, had committed suicide (younger gent). We were haunted every day 24/7 for as long as I could recall; though shortly before we moved, they had crossed over to the other side. Despite the pranks, my family and I had actually missed them, and the house was pretty dull and boring without them.

Over the years, I have discovered the odd entity seemingly follow me around; it bid many people to keep away from me as if I had this onyx energy surrounding my aura. I had very few friends and still do in fact. People will stand far away from me, or no one will sit next to me on a bus, and there will be empty seats around me, including mine. It's like a hard invisible force keeping other people away from me, a force the best way I could describe as above. I have touched the surface of demonology, and this is a major factor on what happens when a demon tends to follow someone around. It's been countless years, but the demon I have not discovered the name yet or its species. As the years passed by, I discovered that my energy force grew much more negative to those surrounding me, many people will look at me with dark expression, and if I'm walking toward them, they will shoot a glance away from my curious eyes.

I do a lot of walking/running at night, and had a few people stop and get out of their cars, but then quickly run back into their car and speed off. Other times (just recently) I had a man follow me around several blocks while jogging home from work, but he didn't get out of his car. Before this a few months ago, I had a guy stop in his car looking at me, I walked boldly past his car as if to dare him to get out, knowing some dark force was with me, (I tend to use this entity when I need it) He took one good look at me, and took off, as if I was pointing a gun in his direction. In recent years (almost 5 now) the force grew darker around me and after my boyfriend killed himself I think this is where it really started.

Just recently a month ago, I was sleeping over at my boyfriend's place, and he was in deep sleep (lucky guy). I woke up, and for the very first time my entity has revealed itself to me. It stood at the side of the bed, on my side and was looking down at me. A shadowed figure, about my height maybe slightly taller (5'1 is my height) it wore all black, and there was no face to it. Its hood indicated to me that it was a Dark Entity. Again I am not sure of its species yet, but I have a knack for thinking this is what it might very well be.

I cried out in fear, and turned away into my sleeping boyfriend. Of course I woke up my b/f, and I told him what I saw. As I was telling him this I looked over to my side of the bed, and it was gone. I only had seen it once, and I think I might have frightened it off with crying out. It never really had bothered me up until recently, and many nights since then, every time I'm at my boyfriend's place, I can feel it crawling by my legs on the bed when I need to lay down when I'm too tired or not feeling well. (This past year my energy level has descended quite heavily and I'm always sleepy, Doctors can't figure out what is wrong with me)

I have a cat and he sometimes will sleep with me, but dart off the bed each time this entity crawls onto my bed with me. I can feel a foot on each side of me, as I lay there. At first I thought it was my cat (Sunny) as it was purring, and I was fooled greatly. So yes my entity purrs and sounds just like my cat. The bed will wave from time to time, but then it will suddenly be gone. This has happened countless time since that night I saw my entity. (I never felt any sexual contact, nor felt its desire) the only thing I really feel is it's breathing on my face, and I can hear it. I'm unable to open my eyes, nor move, but I feel nothing upon my chest. Perhaps I need to get reading on the species of this "pet Entity" I have... Any suggestions?

I'm not afraid of it, but it really scared the heck out of me the night it appeared.

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EmeraldAngel (4 stories) (319 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-20)
Oh My God, I'm so sorry about your boyfriend, like most of the other posters stand up to it, may God protect you, Katherine
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-08)
Hi Blaqwynter: Previous posters have mentioned some good ideas for you to follow, it does sound very negative and by what you have mentioned it is affecting your quality of life it is time to take a stand with this entity I believe I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you for sharing.

princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-07)
I am so sorry for your loss, dear. I feel that this indeed is a demon. You can get in touch with me, I am an ordained minister/pastor & I have had a lot of experiences & I know what I'm doing. I will pray for you. & I rebuke that demon in Jesus' name! It may not feel like a threat now, but they do bide their time, they are cunning & clever. I hope to hear from you soon.


oldgeorge (41 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-07)
All of what you are describing is 100% demonic. Remember, demons do not come on heavy in the beginning if they do not have to. Those 'ghosts' are not ghosts, they are demons who have been getting you used to their presence so that, when the time comes, you will be so used to them that they will have no problem getting you to agree to let them into you. They have gone from following you at a distance to curling up in bed with you. The trap is being set.
You will have to make a decision to no longer be isolated and to fight these things. Ask God to reveal the true nature, then tell them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. You will get a bad reaction, but then you will see that it isn't a kitten in bed with you, but a beast.
These things don't want to be around you because they love you, they want control. You need to start fighting them, before it goes any further. If you want help, contact JimD here or me or someone else who can help, like a priest in your town. It is not too late. You should not have to live in isolation.

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