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The Vanishing Coffee Mug


After many years of being bed ridden because of a massive stroke that she suffered early in her life, my grandmother had mercifully passed on. Not long after, my grandfather gave me some items belonging to my grandmother, some of which were family heirlooms. The most valued item (because of its sentiment) was a Japanese wedding obi which my grandmother wore over her wedding kimono. Several years later, in 1978 (I was eighteen years old at the time), I sold the wedding obi to an antique dealer. At the time, I knew it was wrong to do so, but I sold it anyway because I needed some money. My god, I sold it for only $45.00 dollars. That was one one of the most stupid things that I have done in my life, and I regret it every day.

One of the other things that my grandfather had given me was this old bluish ceramic coffee mug decorated with images of daisies. It was my grandmother's favorite coffee mug. One day, not long after I sold the wedding obi, the coffee mug disappeared. I know for a fact that I put it on the second shelf in the cabinet above the stove. I looked everywhere for it because it had also become my favorite mug, and I used it quite often. It just vanished into thin air.

Two weeks after the disappearance of the mug, I was watching a television show with my girlfriend in the living room. We were laying down beside each other and I remember it being about 12:30am. All of the lights were off except for the illumination of the television. Then out of the corner of my right eye, just above the hallway entrance, I saw a dark object appear on the wall. It just materialized out of nowhere. At first I thought it was one of those large cockroaches that I refer to as a 747. All of a sudden, it fell off the wall and dropped straight to the floor. It made a loud (crack!) sound as it hit the tiled floor. When this happened, my girlfriend and I flew straight up into the air like a startled cats.

I turned on the lights and went to see what the object was. My girlfriend then asked me "what's wrong?" to which I replied "what do you mean?". She told me that all of the color had drained from my face and that I looked very pale. My girlfriend was looking at my face the moment that I picked up the object, and realized that it was the ear/handle belonging to the ceramic coffee mug. I knew that the ear/handle belonged to the mug because I recognized the color and the partial daisy image that decorated the middle part of the ear/handle. I could not find any explanation for this occurrence, nor did I recover the rest of the ceramic coffee mug. I guess my grandmother's spirit was very upset with me.

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