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Spirit Of Nemo And Something Haunts My Bedroom And Bathroom


Before this is deleted for being stupid, hear me out. Ever since I was really little, I've felt a presence that ligers in my bedroom, bathroom, and hallway that connects them with my father's office in our small, 40-year-old Floridian house. I don't know if it's more than one, but I suspect it is.

When I was little (and, I admit, now) I was afraid of going into my bedroom. Even if the light was on, and it was daytime, sun coming in through the 2 large windows, I was terrified of staying in it for extended periods of time. I always felt something watching me. I didn't know what it wanted, and I didn't want to know.

I've had multiple experiences in there: Waking up to explosions that my parents didn't hear, feeling presences, cold spots, being watched. A few times, always when I'm home alone, with Ramsey, my Great Dane/Lab mix, we will be in my room, and Ramsey will start to stare at the door. Then, all of a sudden, his fur will go up (literally: when he's really scared or angry, the fur on his back will stand up.) and he'll start to bark and growl at the door. After a few minutes, he'll stop, and start to whimper. He only stops if I drag him out of the room.

I think he might be seeing Nemo, my black lab that died when I was eight years old. (We got Ramsey when I was 9) Nemo died while my family (except for my dad) and I were 500 miles away, in our grandparent's northern Minnesota cabin for summer vacation. My dad, who was boating at the time, came home to find him by his window spot, where he would watch for us to come home.

Upon inspection of the house, dad discovered Nemo had tried to dig in the carpet in each of our rooms: The office, my bedroom, and my parents' bedroom. Our entire family was devastated. I took the blame on myself, because I'd been fairly cruel to Nemo. I would hit him if he got in my way, and if he took one of my stuffed animals (He would never chew them up, just sit there with them.) he would get a whack to the head.

About 6 months later, I walked out of my bedroom at about 2 o'clock in the morning, going to my parents' bedroom, because I had a nightmare. Walking out of my bedroom you have a perfect view of the office, and inside the office I saw something that's imbedded in my mind, even now: Nemo, lying on the floor, his head resting on his paws, eyes closed. As if he knew I was there, he opened his eyes and raised his head, and his eyes were glowing red. He looked at me, eyes filled with...Hate? Pity? Regret? I couldn't tell.

I blinked, and he was gone. I ran crying into my parents' bedroom, and my mom, upon realizing I was crying, asked me what was wrong. All I could choke out was the word "Nemo". I realized she had dried tears on her cheeks as well, as she said he came to her in her dreams too, and told her good-bye, not to worry. I was crying too hard to tell her she misunderstood, I saw him, for real, and he had confirmed my feeling: It was my fault he died. I'm crying right now, proof that the two years of counseling at school didn't work.

The only other time I saw him was only about a month ago, when I walked into the bathroom late at night. I saw a black shape (it was really dark) move toward the toilet, and I assumed it was Ramsey, as he drinks out of the toilet a lot. As I turned on the light and told Ramsey sleepily, "Move, I got to go." I realized I was alone. The dark shape that had been heading to the toilet was gone, and I realized it couldn't have been Ramsey. I burst into tears.

Now, I've been having experiences with things in the bathroom and bedroom before Nemo died though, so it couldn't have only been him. When I'm in the bathroom, I often get strange feelings, shivers, or cold feelings. While I'm in the shower, it sometimes suddenly goes very cold, and when I go to turn it higher, I find it's been turned all the way the cold. Now, the reason I think this strange is because I often talk to myself in the shower, and multiple times I've wondered out loud; "I wonder, it's been awhile since the bathroom ghost came. Is he gone?" and right as I finish it plunges into cold.

However, once me and a friend tried to see if he existed by testing him. We turned on the shower, stuck our hands in, and said "If you're really here, turn it cold." It stayed warm. Later, the friend left, and I took a shower after dinner. I said out loud in the shower; "That was mean, you made me look like a liar back there!" the water immediately turned cold, and after I got out of the shower, I realized the steam had actually gathered in a corner by the sink, and was taking a human shape! I ran out of the bathroom, and it's happened twice since then.

Also, I did have one video, taken using a motion sensor on my laptop, which I had set up earlier in the day and forgotten to turn off, that showed a white blur moving across my bedroom and Ramsey watching it intently, but not making a sound, as I slept. When I logged on to my laptop later that day, I realized I had forgotten to turn it off, and went through deleting the videos it took of me getting dressed and going to school, then coming in and walking the laptop, I saw that it took one at night.

I was perplexed, and watched it, wondering what it had caught. As I saw the blur move across the screen, I was amazed. I never had a chance to show anyone though, because the next day I logged on and tried to play a game I had recently installed, that had been having some problems. The computer froze, and even though I got it running again, all of my files had been deleted: videos, pictures, stories, fanficton, EVERYTHING. Coincidence?

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spookysearch (15 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-28)
Ramseyrules, I agree with the rest of the group... Your story certainly is moving. I'm actually working on a TV show about paranormal encounters and I'd love to learn more about your experiences and possibly feature them on the show. Would you mind contacting me privately. My e-mail is spookysearch [at] Thank you.
Ramseyrules (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-15)
Thanks for everything,, guys. I followed the advice on ignoring him, and I haven't had anything out of the ordinary happen since. As for Nemo, although I'm almost possitive of what I saw, you could be right about the guilt thing. Thanks again!
biblefreeme (2 stories) (137 posts)
13 years ago (2010-07-29)
dogs are amazingly forgiving you can beat a dog starve a dog and it wil stil give its life for its undeserving owner trust me your dogs spirit is not out to get you it may even be protecting you and if the ghost in the bathroom meant you any harm wouldn't it have turned the shower all the way up to hottest turning it to cold its just having a laugh at you may be it liked nemo and thinks you desrve it
GhostBeliver1234 (29 posts)
13 years ago (2010-07-28)
Poor Nemo RIP 😢 Your story was moving indeed! And the dog in the office... I had the same experience but in the kitchen. I'll post the story after few minutes hope you read it... Its about my cat... 😢

God Bless RIP Nemo ❤
sammi993 (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2010-07-28)
your story is very moving! I too think you are beating yourself up over Nemo. Maybe it is Nemo, maybe it is a manifestation of your sub-conscious mind. I'm quite sure though that the other stuff is a human spirit as BadJuuJuu said after your attention. It could be many things, maybe they are attracted tou your guilt?
God bless ❤
BadJuuJuu (guest)
13 years ago (2010-07-27)
I think you are beating yourself up too much over Nemo. We all can be impatient and unforgiving as kids. I think that the night you saw Nemo in the office, what you actually saw was not him, but a subconscious projection of your grief and guilt feelings. The subconscious can play some very realistic images for us. Dogs are very forgiving souls. I'm sure Nemo has long since forgiven you. Forgiving yourself is always the hard part.
As to the other things going on in your home, probably a human ghost just looking for some attention. By talking to it, you are giving it exactly what it wants, and encouraging it to continue acting up. Ignoring it may make it lose interest in you. But, when you first start to ignore it, it may try even harder to get you to pay attention. After a period of increased activity though, it should get bored and leave you alone.
hinihikang_palaka (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-07-27)
that was moving! I would have wished my old dogs would come visit me sometimes. I missed them. I don't think that dogs are unforgiving, that they will haunt you until they're dead. Sometimes things we regret and what we're so guilty of, do manifest in our subconcious minds. I'm not saying that this story is not true... Who am I to judge? But it could be a manifestation of a spirit that dwells on our guilt and emotions. It could be lotsa things. ❤

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