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It's Time To Go


This is just a little thing that happened this morning. Not scary, but a little unsettling.

The night before, I stayed up late watching some episodes of "Planet Earth" (a nature documentary) on T.V. It was around 1am when I went to bed, so you can imagine I did not want to wake up early (I've already started winter break). I fell asleep on the living room couch and woke up at around 5:30am to my father's dog. He was scratching to be let in another room. After letting him in, I decide to go to my own room to sleep. Let me tell you, I have had a few minor experiences in my room, so I usually don't sleep there. It also has the most "feel" to it (I suppose energy?. But, I figured, since it was already morning, what could happen?

I leave the door open so any of my pets can sleep in bed if they wish, even though most pets don't come in other than sniffing around then leaving (I've always found that curious; maybe they are repelled by the energy?). The only animals that are regular visitors are geckos (they love my room, even though there aren't many bugs), that I call Mo'o (we live in Hawaii, and Mo'o are actually Hawaiian mythological creatures. They had two forms: a dragon/reptile like one, and a beautiful woman. Since geckos and mo'o looked similar, it is sometimes believed geckos are manifestations of mo'o).

Anyway! So I have an odd dream about some post apocalyptic government project underground that I was somehow involved in. As I was about to wake up (I've learned to mostly control my dreams, and know what happens around me while sleeping), I hear in my left ear a kind male voice say "Honey, its time to go!". I immediately wake up and hear my father and mother talking in the living room about possibly going somewhere. I know this couldn't have been my father because a few reasons:

1) When my father wakes me up, he always stands outside the hall instead of coming in my room, much less my ear. 2) I could hear him clearly in the living room. 3) He didn't tell me before or after about going anywhere, and I had no where I needed to be.

So I lay there a bit puzzled about what just happened, but shrugged it off as imagination (even though it was VERY clear...) so I could go to sleep. I close my eyes, and as I do so, feel pressure on the bed near my legs, as if something were trying to get in bed. I lift my foot and bounce it on the bed (thinking it was a cat) to get the "cat" off the bed. It happens a few more times and I open my eyes, annoyed, and see nothing. Since I was more focused on sleep, I raised my voice and said "Get off the bed, I'm tired!". A little while later I feel the same pressure, but it kind of melds into a feeling of drifting on waves, I don't really know how to explain this. I was not too tired to imagine this (and even if I was, I never "physically hallucinate" like that), and I was fully conscious.

Okay, so I am a real scaredy cat when it comes to some things "supernatural", but when I'm tired and irritated, nothing bothers me until I sleep and think of it later! So I know it could be just because of lack of sleep, but I doubt it because I have never hallucinated unless I was severely sleep deprived (I'm talking about 2 hours a night for a week, that happened twice but hallucinations were only visual, and only in my peripheral vision). So, whatever it was, it either had a neutral energy (?), or I was too irritated and tired to feel it right then. I wonder why on earth this thing called me honey, and where did I need to go?! Maybe just toying with me...

Not a very interesting story, but it was peculiar experiencing it!

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thestars (3 posts)
6 years ago (2012-01-08)
That's weird. It could have been some kind of sleep paralysis.
crecentblue03 (151 posts)
6 years ago (2012-01-05)
Interesting! I'm not sure what it was but, when I was little up until I was 8 I used to hear scary sounds at night Like walking around but never saw anyone my father said they were bad dreams then he added You know how to tell if your having a bad dream or not? Listen for sounds around you that you are familiar with like, every house has its own familiar sounds listen for clocks ticking, cars moving outside thing like that if you can hear these things as well as the odd sound you know your Not dreaming. I hope this advice helps you as it has greatly helped me.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
6 years ago (2012-01-01)
[at] Aussie,
Thanks mate, that's what I was wondering about. And even though the symptoms the OP described are not as easy to claim SP as the culprit, I do believe the assessment has merit in this case. Thanks for the explanations about this stuff mate, you make much more interesting for me.

aussiedaz (18 stories) (1276 posts)
6 years ago (2011-12-31)
Jav, in regards to this story and my opinion on it being an hallucination?...I believe it's possible the voice she heard was real and her dreams may well have a reason of their own, but in regards to the pressure on her legs and based on her own admission that's she's bit of a scaredy cat, may suggest too me that it kind of went in a different direction after comprehending sub consciously what was going on around her which is quite a normal progression along the lines of sleep paralysis? But again the voice and dream could well be connected with someone else.
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1276 posts)
6 years ago (2011-12-31)
Nsya, good point about interacting with our own spirit that gives the impression of a separate entity touching our body's and that is exactly what happens in my opinion to a lot of people, especially those who believe they are having relationships with sex spirit's...Most of my own conclusions are based on personal experience's and a willingness to open my mind up to others, first of all... I have been able to leave my body in spirit and interact with other people a couple of times over the years and on both of these occasions these interactions have been validated by them at a later point and I have no doubt about the success of proof arising from these accounts and I have drawn the conclusion that our spirit is in us from birth and has it's own ability to function independently and separately to our own physical state of mind and body as we all know it to be... We know our brain has two states of consciousness... One being our conscious state of mind and the other being our sub conscious state of mind... We also know that there is a gland in our brain call the penal gland that works like a switch that separates us from a waking state and when activated puts us into a sleeping state and when we are asleep our sub conscious is in control of our thought processes during this whole time... I believe based on the fact that I was able to leave my body in spirit from this state of mind and interact with my partner 3 rooms away that this is my eternal state of mind and consciousness that has it's own incredible skills and devices of self supporting memory, vision and energy that defies logic and science as we know it... You only have to look around here and read the thousands of thou
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
6 years ago (2011-12-31)
Oh what the heck, I say you are all on the wrong track here. If you think about the statement I quoted in my previous comment, you will see this is something different. I don't exactly know what yet, but it isn't Hypnopompic hallucinations, for the reason Aussie gave. And I was hoping he might take another look at it. This is his:field really. At least I'm pretty sure it is.
I'll wait before going any further though.

Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
6 years ago (2011-12-31)
Well Aussiedaz that brings out some huge questions, doesn't it? What exactly is this "spirit" that seems to survive death & "where" is it when we are alive? Is it our thoughts, our emotions, our unconscious instincts, some intangible mix of all those things? Is it something deep within us, normally unaccessible to our waking mind? Are we, in a bizarre sense, interacting with a spirit when we have strange experiences with our unconscious mind? Is our spirit "set" when we are born, or does it change as we have life experiences? Your very interesting thoughts are fueling a million questions in my mind.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
6 years ago (2011-12-30)
I find what you've written to be very interesting. And you said something quite telling in your description of how you sleep.
You stated
"I've learned to mostly control my dreams, and know what happens around me while sleeping"
This is what I find the most fascinating out of all that you have revealed. Could you please elaborate on that?
When it comes to this type of phenomenon I stand with Aussie. He always backs up his comments with an explanation that makes sense.

Thank you for sharing.

Jav 😊
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1276 posts)
6 years ago (2011-12-30)
I do agree that hypnopompic-hallucinations do occur when the penal gland is in transit when falling off too or waking up from sleep... But on the other hand, I do believe that these hallucinations are created and fuelled from our spiritual consciousness (sub conscious) and are not associated with any chemical deficiencies or a part of mental illness as pointed out in the link by Moongrim of those who were studied... And this is the dilemma for the person who is having the experience and the 100's and 100's of stories already here at YGS... If I am correct, I do believe that these experiences, although brushed off as hallucinations could be considered paranormal based on the reason that they are a creation of the spiritual mind even though they are not another entity or part of our common reality... If we believe in ghost, then we have to believe that with in us, there must be a spirit laying dormant that has it's own unique ability and it's own awakening and set of skills that allows it to function in the spiritual realm... What do you think your doing when you dream?...do you think that you see your dream with your eyes? I believe when we sleep our spiritual consciousness comes out to play in a sense... Or evolve it's own identity by extracting our conscious thoughts and giving us a visual replay of them via dreams and those dreams have their own purpose in the afterlife... And as some people wake up from these dreams, they can continue into concept of hallucinations due to the fact that our own conscious state of mind is now observing them from crossed realities and if you are the type of person who fear the un known, then usually this is where sleep paralysis can occur for some... But in saying all this I also believe it's possible for a person coming out of a dream (paranormal state) to have real interactions with spirit's and the spiritual realm with full conscious concept usually loved ones, due to the fact that they are in transit from one realm to the other and are more spiritually active, less frighten of the un known and more in tune with the eventual awakening.
Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
6 years ago (2011-12-30)
I agree with Moongrim. Some people only experience such sleep disfunctions once in their life. It seems the most likely explanation, though obviously not the only possible explanation.
terri_fied (5 posts)
6 years ago (2011-12-30)
😨 eep! Don't worry. Give it a few days k?!
Loadsa' love and luck
Terri_fied ❤
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
6 years ago (2011-12-30)
Sounds like you had a one or two time sleep problem- called: Hypnopompic hallucination.

After all you did state that you were up late and not in your usual sleep pattern. It's nothing to get all riled up about.
GemIsObsessedWithGhostsLol (10 posts)
6 years ago (2011-12-30)
What Kind of tone did it have to it?
Like a happy tone like it was just waking you up to go out or something, or was it like urgent in tone like 'we need to go now!' kind of tone? But either way I disagree that it's bad (:

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