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Before I start my story, I will tell you of the setting of the room. I am 15 years old, and my bed was set up where the bottom end is inside my closet, and I had a blanket over my closet since there was no doors, I was talking on my phone with a friend, and I was facing towards the blanket. After a few minutes, it got really cold and I saw the blanket ripple as if the wind was blowing it, that is not possible since my windows were closed, but as the blanket rippled, I also felt like something was floating over me, and I heard my name being said but in a very quiet raspy voice and it was echoing very softly...

Another time I was home alone, at my computer, and I heard a door slam and the hall light came on and then went back off, and when I got up to go look down the hall no one was there, I was alone, no one could have done it...

I rearranged my room a few days ago, my bed (which is now just a futon mattress) is now inside my closet, my head is in between to walls while the rest of my body is out in the open basically because I no longer have the blanket hanging down, and no doors... And

from the wall on my left I heard a knock. I didn't do anything, then a heard a knock from right, but this time there was two knocks, I started getting a little freaked out, then I heard my name and I told it to please stop cause I was trying to sleep. I felt a lot less scared if I try to be funny... So that's what I did... And it stopped.

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Another time, me and my friend were sleeping in my room, well we weren't quite asleep, you know how teenage girls are, I'm sure, we were talking about guys and a bunch of other stuff and we both noticed that my doll (I have 3 porcelain dolls on a shelf), the one closest to us turned its head, and now, to this day is still looking toward my bed, it used to look towards my window...

The last story I have to tell you is one time the power was out, the whole house had no power, it was during the day about 7:00 am, I was waiting to leave for school, and the only light was from the sun. We had all the light switches on so if the power came back on we would automatically know... One light flickered on and then off, and it was cold only around that lamp... Which was sitting to my left, then I heard my bedroom door shut lightly and then open and I heard my light switch going on and off, (we have big switches and they have a very noticeable sound) but when I went back there, there was no light on and my door was shut.

One more thing I wanted to add which is not really a story, but there is a shed that we have on the side of our driveway and it always sounds like there is people in it talking and they usually sound very clear, most of the time I can understand them but not always... I have become used to having them around.

I will write more if I have more things happen...

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Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-20)
Do either of you know how to protect yourselves during a seance? I am guessing, no. Please don't play around with things you don't understand. From the post of your friend it sounds like you have already tried to contact those on the otherside and failed or you played with a ouija board and didn't get the answers you wanted. Ladies the things you could unknowingly release into this plane of existance would make your dolls head turning look like a parlor trick.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
tess01 (2 stories) (1 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-19)
that was the worst thing that has ever happened when I was over there, I think we should have a seance in there mabe we might have a visitor that is willing to talk to us and answer some questions. Well talk to you at school.

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