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Over this past 3 months I've seem to have become more aware of the paranormal. I have always had a slight fascination as to what happens after we die the afterlife and ghosts. But since the incident from my story 'Dead Relative Protesting To Ashes Being Scattered?' I have either noticed things more or more things are happening to me, and I am unsure why.

It's not a problem as I am so intrigued to know these things that I find it very interesting and exciting when these things happen. I am just curious and wanted to share my story...

For those who have read my first story that I mentioned earlier, you will know that we recently scattered my Grandma's ashes. During the build up to this I saw a woman a few times who I pointed out on a photo as my Mums dead Great Aunty. We figured all the commotion had roused her and I had my own theory that she was protesting to the ashes being scattered. My Uncle and his wife were woken up by books flying off the shelf in the middle of the night, and she kept presenting herself to me and I could feel her presence in the house. However we DID scatter the ashes and we felt the signs that my Grandma was happy, she even visited my own Aunty that night and knocked a huge Cat shaped door stopper onto the floor (this belonged to her before my Aunty inherited it and she claims it has never fallen in the whole 7 years she has had it).

Anyway, since they have been scattered I have experienced a lot stranger goings on. I constantly have the feeling that someone is watching me and following me, I don't know who or what it is but I can sense when this 'thing' is stood right behind me, and countless times I've turned round to walk away and had the feeling as though I've just walked directly through it. I don't go cold but I briefly see the darkness like I've just stepped in the path of someone's shadow. It follows me to work and has done a few times to my friends house, for example the 1st week I began to notice things I went to see my friend and as I entered her Living Room the light switch on the wall clicked to the off position and the lights went off. My friend made a joke about it saying 'Stop bringing your ghosts round to my house!' Other times I have been round I have seen shadows crossing past the door in the Hall and even the legs of a little girl running up the stairs. She has never noticed anything but every time I'm sat there I see it in the corner of my eye. One of our other friends used to as well, he would stop dead in the middle of a conversation and stare out into the Hall and at the stairs saying he thought he saw some one.

I am also experiencing being poked, pinched and even my hair being pulled.

My most recent activity was last week - My sister phoned my mobile and asked if I was at my Mums (I was at work) she said she was trying to ring the house phone and someone had picked up the phone but would not speak, then slammed the phone down. She had tried again, there was an answer, silence then the line went dead. This got me worried as I was looking after my Mum's house while she was away in Wales for the week with my Dad, and no one else lives there. No one was home. I rang the house phone on my own mobile and the same thing happened then it became engaged. I picked my friend up that night on the way home from work because I didn't want to go in the house on my own. We checked all over the house to make sure no one had broke in. It was exactly how I had left it and the phone was on the hook, I picked it up - working fine. Also that week on two consecutive nights I had checked my Mums house to find the garage light on, the first time I turned it off but the next night it was on again.

I stayed at my Mums that night and before I went to bed I opened the front door to close the porch door and lock up. It was windy outside, she has a cat so I shouted for him to come in while I stood at the door and waited. I could hear the whistling of the wind and then out of nowhere the faint eerie echo of a woman's voice shouting 'Help me. Help me. Help me,' filled the air. I shut the door and locked up, I wanted to see if I could still hear the voice so I ran upstairs and opened the window. I couldn't hear anything. That night I went to bed with the feeling that something was hovering above me staring me directly in the face, my nose was tingling as though there was something within millimeters away from it. I was too scared to open my eyes in case I was right. I turned to my side and fell to sleep.

As you have probably noticed my Mum and Dad go away a lot so during the times they're away I drive down to check on the place and to feed the cat. On the weekend just gone (bank holiday weekend) me and my boyfriend had drove down for 10 minutes and when I entered the kitchen I noticed that the Pantry door in the kitchen was wide open, I thought nothing of it and closed it. The next day we came back and entered the kitchen - the Pantry door was wide open again. (I'm thinking of setting up a camera in the kitchen as my Dad has admitted to this being open every morning when he gets up).

I have the same occurrences at mine and my boyfriends flat but find it a lot more eerie and I can't explain why. But a few nights ago while my boyfriend was making my tea I crossed the hall to go to the bathroom and get a shower, the front door has a glass panel so you can see out into the grounds, it's about the size of an A4 piece of paper. I noticed it was steamed up from the heat wafting out from the kitchen; I stopped dead as I noticed I was being watched. Parts of the panel hadn't steamed up; instead it had formed what looked like the face of a demon. It was really evil looking and it had an evil grin. It was like it was staring in the flat through the window - staring at me. I went over and wiped the steam away with my hand. It sent chills down my spine. And last night in bed we were watching a film when I noticed an 'orb like' shape moving upwards in front of the TV, it floated up - roughly around 1ft above the TV and vanished. My boyfriend didn't see it happen but I know I wasn't seeing things.

I haven't got a clue what's in store next or what's around the corner. Even though this has scared me I don't feel threatened - as of yet.

Also my boyfriend has told me of his Mums friend. She told them she was staying with a friend for a few days and on the first night found herself wide awake at 3am (witching hour) and couldn't get back to sleep. She said all of a sudden men dressed as Monks started marching out of the walls and formed a triangle around her bed, still marching, passing from one end of the room to the other. She remained awake until the morning, too frightened to move or to close her eyes.

I know this part isn't relevant but I thought it would be worth putting in as a ghostly experience.

Please leave your comments.

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Casp3r (1 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-05)
"I am also experiencing being poked, pinched and even my hair being pulled."
This is almost a greeting, a way of showing you that they are around. As for the demon shape in the mirror. You have to know that YOU ARE IN CONTROL. They cannot harm you. You have to tell this spirit that you are aware of it and that it is not welcome in your home or in your life. You have to believe in this control or it may simply cause this spirit to move more stuff or to do something else to frighten you. But you also have to remember spirits were once living people, they can lie just like the living can.

If you have any questions feel free to talk to me. I might be young but I was exposed to the paranormal at a very early age.
TigerLily (3 stories) (145 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-04)
I believe you may have a gift. The woman's voice you heard calling for help may have been somebody who couldn't find the light?
Witching hour? May sound daft but, what exactly is witching hour?
Maybe try getting the places blessed? Or even yourself, as it sounds as though these spirits may have attached themselves to you.
Keep us updated.

God Bless.
Hanbobs (20 stories) (119 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-04)
Thanks Belle85 - I've had more problems since I posted my story on here. My boyfriend also felt the presence of a man standing at the side of our bed one morning when I had left for work. He said it felt like someone was stood, watching him sleep. He only mentioned this the other night as I sat up in bed and thought I saw a white ghostly image of a man stood in the room.
We also have a built in wardrobe in the room with wooden slats that are fitted accross the door, the slats face downwards making it visible to see up into the wardrobe (the gaps between them are only small) I can't look at them as I have the feeling someone is stood in there peering out at me and watching. When me and my boyfriend returned home yesturday the doors to the wardrobe were wide open. I know I didn't leave them like that and he claims he didn't, we both left the flat at the same time as well. I have also been feeling really cold for the past 3 days and cannot seem to get warm, It's not the flat as my boyfriend says he is too warm and it's not at work because I'm the only person sat in the office with my coat wrapped round me and several cups of tea!
Also at work on my dinner break I rang him up and was stood on a quiet corridor chatting to him, when the cupboard door I was stood facing creaked open about 2 inches then slammed shut loudly, making me jump. Then the phone went dead. It wasn't the wind as I was in the middle of the building near no windows or doors leading outside and the doors are too heavy to open on their own accord.
Maybe next time I phone him it'll be whilst sat at my desk!
I'll keep you posted 😁
Hanbobs x
Belle85 (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-04)
I definitely have the feeling it isn't any of your relatives. Your right the one who follows you is a man & you must state to be left alone. It may feel ok now but to me you feel way to open. Before I learnt to close myself down I wasn't left alone. As you may know being open can leave you vunerable to the good and bad.
I always ask for Gods protection & vision a gold ring of protection around me. It may sound daft but it has got me outta many scary situations. Any more problems please come back & let us know. Be careful cause it sounds like it's going to get more active & when you don't know what your dealing with you don't want that. Wish you all the best. ❤
Hanbobs (20 stories) (119 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-04)
Thanks for the comments. 😁
Book_luver123 the ashes were scattered in a river about 3 hours away from where we live (This was what she had requested in her Will). I don't think this is her or any of my relatives who have passed over. I know one of them is deffinately a man. ❤
book_luver123 (227 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-04)
On what sort of ground where the ashes scattered? And I think that you should always state that the presence is not welcome. ❤
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-03)
Whoa! Sound Creepy I mean Like you have a creepy Weeks. I feel same way if I have what you have I would just leave or whatever.
-_Syeetaque_- (5 stories) (109 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-03)
Um... Hi there...
As for me, they are always around... It's either they show themselves or stay invisible... And if we can see them all, only God knows how we would react...

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