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White Dressed Lady


I was staying at my friend Mel's house (her name is really melissa) and we were the only people there. Her parents were divorced and her dad lived in Nevada so it was only her mom living there. But that night her mom was working late and wasn't going to be home until 5 in the morning. We were up in my friend's room when we heard a noise down stairs, we thought her mom came home early. We went downstairs to say hi but her mom's truck wasn't in the driveway. At that point, we thought it was just her cat but when went back up to the room the cat was there, sleeping on the bed. We were really scared now, but we quickly forgot about it.

About an half an hour later, we heard another noise, upstairs, this time. We went in the guest room (where I was going to sleep that night) and we saw the body shape of a lady that was pure white! As soon as we saw her, she was gone. At this point I was crying because I was so scared. We went down stairs and started watching tv when the channels started flipping by themselves. I started crying again. My friend decided it was best if we went up stairs and went to bed. So we were going up stairs and my friend looked back and saw the lady's face outside the window and she screamed. I looked back for a second and looked back to the top of the stairs and saw the lady and pointed to the front door. Me and my friend, practically peeing our pants, ran to my friend Kelesy's house, who was next door, and we told her all about it.

The next day we went back and told my friend's mom what had happened and she told us that a woman had dropped dead in that house! I never went there at night again.

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