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My Childhood Experiences


So I have posted something before about my daughter having a visitor. I'm very happy to report that, her friend is no longer scaring her, and they actually have conversations and sometimes play together.

I would like to share some of the experiences that I had as a child. I stopped having things happen after I had to see a therapist from lack of sleep and the nightmares that I would have. After seeing a therapist I was prescribed something and I stopped being able to communicate with my visitors.

My bedroom was in the basement, and I had a window well. Now I never opened my window because there were a lot of spiders and somehow toads would get down there. During the day my curtains would flow, like a breeze was blowing through the window.

A lot of nights I would wake up and hear a lot of voices trying to talk over each other. I could never really understand what there were saying, except for my name. I would see a lot of shadows roaming around my room as well. But like I said above this all stopped after I was prescribed some pills. I can't remember what they were. I'm actually kind of disappointed about that now.

My door would always open to about half way and then slowly shut again. It would do this for about a couple of minutes and then just stop.

We had this spirit in our house whom we called Henry, and he liked to make himself known. Most of the time I was home alone, and I could hear someone running up and down the stairs, and in the hallway. If my siblings and I made my mom really upset the activity got a lot more active. Sometimes when I was sad, I could feel a hand on my shoulder.

One time my mom was in her bedroom reading a book and her cat was sitting with her, she started to hear walking right outside her window but she couldn't see anyone. My mom's cat got up arched his back and started making this sound like he was barking and growling. After maybe 30 seconds of this he went right back to sleep. That was the scariest of the experiences that we had in that house.

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