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My Dad's Childhood Home


My dad's old house when he was young was seriously haunted. My auntie discovered recently it was built on an ancient burial ground (anyone seen Poltergeist) and everyone experienced something freaky.

My Grandad is a sceptic by the way. He thinks ghostly stuff is made up and he for some reason didn't experience anything (so I've heard). From what my dad tells me, he didn't actually see anything but had regular nightmares and always felt a presence and refused to be alone in the house.

My aunt saw a full-scale apparition of an army man sitting at my Grandad's bed. She claimed she wasn't frightened and when she blinked he was gone.

My Nan probably experienced the most. At least twice, she saw a little girl next to her bed sobbing. When she turned the light on the girl vanished.

They also witnessed other freaky stuff (mainly my Nan I think) but my memory isn't great. It's no wonder that the house is haunted when it's built on a burial ground.

I'm a little sceptical about my dad not seeing anything. He was clearly scared of something in particular but the only one who talks about it is my Aunt (my Nan died when I was a baby) my Grandad dismisses it for dreams and my dad refuses to talk about it.

I'm not sure the address of the house otherwise I'd try to find out the location. I am trying to get my dad to tell me more about the place, but it might be tricky. I just can't get over the fact his childhood home is basically the plot of Poltergeist. I just wish I could get him to tell me more.

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Dennis191 (1 stories) (36 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-11)
Some people deal with things that do not fit into their image of the world as simply denying it... I know I have, all until I just realized there's really no point in denying things that happened right in front of my nose... Well not literally but you get the point. Before things started happening to me, I never wanted to believe in ghosts and such, again I say I didn't want to, but somewhere I just thought that, hey... I don't just believe any ol' spooky tale, but I will believe my own senses... So anyway... Did they share what those spirits have done? Any sort of interaction, such as speech, written messages, something?
It does sound really really creepy though...

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