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This particular experience I would like to share is actually a very recent and current experience. It was roughly 2 months ago when the whole "Charlie Charlie" phenomenon was circulating throughout the internet (which with all my beliefs and experiences, I thought was all bogus, just something fabricated to cause a social stir). I was at my friends house and with him being a part-believer, suggested on several occasions throughout the evening that we should try the "Charlie Charlie Challenge". Eventually I agreed to partake in this challenge. With absolutely no surprise to myself the challenge was a total fail, we caught nothing at all.

However I kept seeing these books on a bookshelf, 3 in total, it looked like they were bound in black leather, with a leather strap around them. I eventually took a look at them, one of them was just a plain black leather bound book, one of them has a pentagram on the spine. The 3rd had what looked like a rams skull with a woolly fleece imprinted into the leather, with a quartz pendulum attached to the spine. I asked my friend what they were as they looked like they belonged to a satanist. He told me they belonged to his late grandmother who claimed to be a clairvoyant and did spiritual readings, but gave it up because she turned out to be a fraud.

It turned out that they were all just note books with very detailed hand written spells, incantations, lists of ingredients for spells ect, all written by my friends grandmother. There was one summoning spell quite early on in one of the books which would supposedly summon the spirit of someone very significant in your life, however wouldn't work without the required ingredients (which I obviously didn't have). I read it out loud, it consisted of a mix of English and Latin (I think), and to be honest it seemed a little made up. After a while we put the books back and didn't think anymore of it.

I think it was about 2 days later, I was in bed, it was roughly 2am and for some reason I woke up with the feeling someone was standing very close to my bed (bearing in mind I have lived in my flat for 3 years and have never experienced anything there). Due to tight sleeping arrangements my brothers have a chest of drawers in my room so it is very common for them to come in to get clothes so I just assumed it was one of them.

A couple of minutes passed and it still felt like someone was still stood very close to my bed so I glanced over and no-one was stood there, the one thing I did noticed was how brightly the moon was shining and because I had my curtains drawn my room was quite well lit. When I properly turned over I saw in the television set (I had a very old television set in my room which when turned off, gives off a pretty good reflection all considered) a woman all in white with long blonde hair walking away from me towards the other end of my room. I have seen many things in the past so this didn't exactly startle me, and I felt remarkably comfortable, so after a while to reflect on what I just saw, I felt no cause to be concerned so went back to sleep.

Literally everyday after this encounter I kept seeing this woman but only out of the corner of my eye, but it didn't matter where I was so she obviously was attached to me somehow. If I was at work, at friends, at the shop, you name it, everywhere. Even sat next to me in the work van once. This would happen 2-3 times a day but like I said I would only ever see her out of the corner of my eye, never front on.

Roughly a month ago I was babysitting my 3 year niece, after a few hours she announced she was going to "use potty". She was up stairs for what seemed an excessive amount of time so when I went to the bottom of the stairs to call to her, I could hear her talking to someone. As any 3 year old child she had a very active imagination and would often talk to her teddys and dolls. I called asking if she was okay and asked who she was talking to, she responds with, "I'm talking to this lady."

I went upstairs to find her sat in the middle of her room all by herself. I asked her where the lady is and she told me she didn't know. I picked her up and proceeded to take her back downstairs and when we got to the top of the staircase she shrieks, "The lady's downstairs". I asked her what the lady looked like and she said that her name is Bonnie, she wears a white dress and has ghostly hair. I asked her what colour the Bonnie's hair was but all she said was, "Its just ghostly hair". She told me that it was the first time she has seen this lady. It occurred to me that my niece had also seen the same lady I have been seeing.

Roughly 2 weeks ago I was a customer's house with work, she went to another room to get her cheque book. While she was gone I saw I woman walk down the stairs and stopped when she got to the bottom. She was wearing a Victorian style night gown, white slippers, long blonde hair, I'd say mid 40s but she was very pretty. After a few seconds she walked into the same room as my customer, a short while later my customer came out with her cheque book. After getting into conversation with her, she told me that she lives alone. I asked her who the woman was who came downstairs, but she assured me that she was home alone. It then occurred again that it was the woman I had been seeing but this time, for the first time, I properly saw her front on.

Oddly enough a few days ago I had a rather eccentric customer who told me that I was a very spiritual person and that I am connected spiritually with someone. Ordinarily I'd say she was a little strange but considering what I've experienced I found this quite compelling.

I still see her everywhere, even this evening I write this, I was preparing our evening meal, I looked at the window, (when it's dark outside and all the lights are on inside the window makes a very good reflection) I saw the woman again, she was walking past the kitchen doorway so when I looked over all I saw was the back end of her night gown and a bit of her hair as she passed.

My only question is who this woman is, she seems vaguely familiar but I'm sure I don't know her. I'm hopeful that whatever I read in that book doesn't have a detrimental effect on me.

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-31)
Greetings, Ryan.

Please bear with me (I can be a verbose commentator on the stories posted here) because I am not dismissing your narrative, I am pointing out an avenue of potential research for you.

The issue which has been troubling me is the name your niece provided, which -given the evidence you included- is the name of the spirit regularly manifesting near you. You described her as wearing a Victorian-style nightgown and slippers; however, the name "Bonnie" was relatively rare during the Victorian period. "Bonnie," meaning both "pretty" and "handsome," was much more likely to be a nickname or an epithet (e.g.: Bonnie Prince Charlie) until the 20th century. It's entirely possible that this pretty lady was nicknamed "Bonnie" because her given name was innocuous or fairly common (Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Anne are all nice names, but they're hardly unusual). Can you ask members of your extended family about "Bonnie," to see if any of them has useful information?

The second possibility which occurred to me is FAR LESS LIKELY, so don't trouble yourself over this point, but it is worth bearing in mind. Some paranormal entities, including spirits of the dead, have the capacity to appear as they wish to be seen... Rather like an idealized version of themselves, or a totally delusional self-perception. If, for example, the deceased had been a plain woman in life (even disfigured, scarred, burned, etc.), she may be amusing herself in death by not only presenting a much more attractive visage than she had in life, but also getting those capable of communication to call her "Bonnie." If this latter were the case, I'm not 100% certain that you'd sense her intentions clearly, as she would have the capacity to disguise herself mentally, too. This is just a "be careful" idea which occurred to me.

As for invocations, Tweed is spot-on. Spells, summonings, etc., are all about intentions; all of the rituals, incantations, objects, etc., are to focus the mind of the spellcaster on the subject of the spell (sacrifices are used in darker magical rituals to convince whatever is being summoned that the summoner is serious). That said, even a simple summoning spell can act as an invitation if an entity is waiting for you to call it forth -consciously or not- to interact with you; a cleansing ritual to remove only negative energies can't hurt. If you can still see/feel her around you after a cleansing, then you know you're on pretty safe ground (If she's still there and riled up, however, you'll need to consult with a clairvoyant or psychic asap).

I do check social media correspondence pretty regularly (my students think e-mail is something old people do), but I've never even heard of this "Charlie Charlie" thing. I'll have to look that one up.

Take care,

P.S.: Take a minute to reassure your niece that you've seen Bonnie, too. She's going to have a rough time if she stays open to the spiritual side of her awareness, so it can't hurt for her to know that she's got your support. 😊
Tweed (35 stories) (2494 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-31)
Hi Ryan, thanks for sharing this story, I truly loved it.

Firstly, I could be totally wrong but I don't see anything in your story which suggests negativity. Your initial feelings about this woman upon first seeing her in the TV reflection I think is very telling. What intrigues me further is that she feels vaguely familiar to you. I'm wondering if this woman has been with you for many years, in a guardian type capacity, and this is why she seems familiar. That you have felt her presence, perhaps when you were younger, and your subconscious is supplying you a stored memory of her.

Your experiences here remind me of a very sped up version of my own experiences with my guardian. Sped up here for you because everything from awareness to partial sightings, to full on solid manifestation in a client's house have happened in a very short time! This all echoes what happened to me with my guardian. But, in my experience with him, it gradually built up over my entire life.

I'm a big believer in trusting our gut feelings towards everything, not just the paranormal.
Regarding the books in your friend's house. I may be speaking out of turn here but I have a feeling those books of his Grandmother's have been misinterpreted over time. It seems like his opinion about them have come from other family members opinions, filtered through ignorance and perhaps fear. Someone who goes to the trouble of writing down detailed spells, including ingredients, in an elaborate leather bound book is clearly enthusiastic and perhaps astutely experienced and progressive for her time.
With that said, it would be irresponsible to try spells from her books, or from any book, without prior research and understanding. I understand that you were merely reading aloud from this book, and not intent on contacting anyone. However you had been mucking about with the Charlie Charlie of it all and I would say some of this intention trickled in as you were reading from the book. Spells are all about intention.

I'm not saying I think this woman is a negative presence, (it seems to me she's a positive one), however just to be on the safe side, do cleanse and protect yourself. This will ward off anything else you may have invited in unwittingly on that evening and strengthen the abilities of the positive spirits around you. Everything you've described about her is sounds respectful. It also occurred to me she may be unaware you can see her. So I'm wondering if you woke up an ability within yourself during that evening. Perhaps this spell, or one of them, which you read was not so much about summoning a protective spirit, but about opening your senses to the spirit realm.

I don't really know what to say about communication with this woman, if that's what you're interested in pursuing. Obviously don't do Charlie Charlie on her, that's as good as cracking open a Ouija board. I'll await to hear your feelings about this before suggesting anything. It's perfectly normal if you don't wish to communicate with her.

Just out of interest, and considering the spells and nature of these books, I'm going to suggest you look into some Wicca related information. I suggest you contact someone, a Wiccan or White Witch, who may be able to shed some light on the context of the book. There's a guy in England he's a Wiccan expert, a professor of some sort and his name escapes me at this minute.
Given your location it would be interesting to do some research and see if your friend's Grandmother perhaps had some knowledge of or even knew Gerald Gardner, who was instrumental in giving Wicca to the masses. The time frame and artwork on the books suggests early Wiccan days to me.
I've just found the Wicca professor (yes!) His name is Ronald Hutton. He has an impressive collection of Tweed jackets, but that's irrelevant. He's written many books on topics like this. He's an historian and I assume contactable through a university or possibly museum.
You could also contact some 'new age book stores' in Britain, I know there are many, and the people who run them are generally very knowledgeable. You could do a ring around just to chat to someone in the know. I do this sort of thing all the time and shop owners are generally happy to chat, give their opinion and advice.
...and I just found Ronald Hutton's contact details. But feel wrong posting them on a public forum, lest he receive a bunch of hate mail from less enlightened folk. He's contactable through the University of Bristol.
With your friend's consent it would be interesting to send some photos of his Grandmother's books to someone like Ronald Hutton. If you and your friend wish to do this, may I suggest first making contact with Hutton, explain why you're contacting him and ask him if he's willing to take a look at some photos of the book or books. Then if he is, may I suggest taking photos of the books, including the excerpts you read from, detailed photos of the covers, the stitching, any pictures within the pages and any information about when the book was made and by whom. I'm merely going on a hunch here but I'd say, if he has the time, this would be something he'd be very interested in. He's all about the history of occult, paganism, Wicca etc. Heck, he could be a lurker or member of YGS!

Please keep us updated on this intriguing new presence in your life.
One more thing, does this woman seem to know you're aware of her presence? Like you, I'm wondering if it's the same lady your niece talked to.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing!
Take care.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3155 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-31)
Bigryan: according to your profile you are a sensitive and an empath with the ability to hear spirits... Have you tried to communicate with this lady? 😕
What kind of energy do you feel when she is around?

If sensitivity runs in your family, do you know what to do to protect yourself against a negative entity?

Sorry for asking so many questions but after reading your profile I find it odd that you still do not know who the woman is... Perhaps I have a misconception of the abilities of a sensitive. 😢

Thanks for sharing.
Hyde (1 stories) (9 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-31)
Whether Charlie Charlie or Bloody Mary is made up or the like is made up or not I don't think I would ever message with that because you just never know what your doing to open yourself up to. You said that your friends grandmother dabbled in the occult, do you think it may have been her attaching herself to you?
nosidaM (3 stories) (34 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-31)
I really enjoyed reading this Ryan! You write very well.
I wonder why this woman seems to be in your sights everywhere you go. I myself cannot give any advice but I hope someone can give you some insight. I look forward to reading more of your stories, keep them coming! 😊

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