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This will be a few incidents that I've had with the spiritual. Only one I can honestly say scared me but all of them left me bewildered and seeking answers.

As the App. Foretold: I downloaded a ghost hunting app on my phone. Everybody told me that it was just a joke. While at work I often would get things such as Eric, Virginia, move. For nearly a year I never thought about it until a guy I knew, Eric asked me to move with him to Virginia. Again, in June of 2012, I'm sitting in the living room asking questions. The app foretold the death of a friend of mine 1 month before he died. It wasn't until after I heard of his death that I realized I was told by the app first. This app brought me another message as well. I was in the kitchen cooking and I often got a message coming through on the app that I was doing it wrong. A name came through on the app. Later, a few week later, I went to the local cemetery, it's less than a mile away, in fact being on a hill you can see it from my house. Walking through the cemetery, playing with this app I came across a stone with the three names that the app gave me. This woman died at the age of 93 about 2 years prior. Why was she still there? Why was she in my kitchen?

The House: When we moved into the condo the owner told us that it was going to be cheaper than the other condos. Jokingly I ask him, "Is it haunted?" He laughed and said that he has never seen a ghost here but his roommate has. He roommate reported a cat jump on and off his bed. Almost after 10 years I have never seen or heard this cat. Recently, however, the cat appears. It first came when I felt our cat jump onto my bed one night. I kicked her off only to realize she wasn't on my bed. In fact, she wasn't in my room and the door was shut. One of my mom's friends who has stayed in this room has also reported this cat. I've seen the cat in the living room too, lights on and while watching TV. The ghost cat is often seen on the couch where our cat sleeps. I'm only guessing that this ghost cat is appearing more and more as our cat is nearing 20 years old, nearly the end of her life.

From the beginning we have often felt that there is somebody on the stairs. Often watching us. I've tried to make contact and each time I've made contact I've had a bad dream. It's a man about 5'8" tall. Stocky. During the sessions to contact this ghost I always come up empty. Although with the dreams of him yelling at me to shut up, one of them he pushes me, I'm only guessing that he wants to be left alone. He doesn't harm us, doesn't scare us. It's just once in a while we will see him on the stairs. One day, I came into the house one afternoon and thought I had hit my dad with the door as he was putting on his shoes. As I pull the door away I realize that nobody is there and I'm the only one home. Sometimes you'll hear somebody come into the kitchen with grocery bags when nobody does. I've learned to leave things alone but I often have to ask why?

El Chicono's: I've often heard this building that houses this restaurant was haunted. Usually the ghost is seen at night. The ghost was never described to me until one afternoon I saw him. I'm siting at the bar having some tacos when a tall man in a brown jacket fades in and out walking past the bar. Later on when I was a dishwasher there, I saw a tall dark figure in the back of the kitchen staring at me. Sometimes the lights come on and sometimes you can hear the dishes rattling at night when nobody is in the restaurant.

The EVP: My cousins and I went ghost hunting at this reportedly haunting WW2 abandoned army post in Knik, AK just outside of Wasilla. The next day as I was getting ready for work, I turned on my voice recorder and asked if anybody or anything had followed us home. I placed the recorder on the dresser and left the room, closing the door behind me. About 20 minutes later I come in the room and sit down on the bed. I listen to the recorder. You hear me sit it on the dresser, you hear me leave the room and close the door. At the end of the recorder you hear the door open and me come in picking up the recorder, sitting on the bed and stopping it. It's between this that you hear the recorder, as if it's being picked up from the dresser and a whisper, "I'm sorry!" comes through. I don't know if it was somebody who followed us home, the young man who died at the corner of the property by car accident or the neighbor who committed suicide. But whoever it was, I felt their pain and knew they were really sorry for whatever it was that they had done.

The Show: I was sitting in my grandmother's living room one night watching the show Paranormal State. The show was about the girl who was possessed by legion. Strangely I knew this before the show told me what it was about. At the first commercial I heard loud scratching at the door. First second I thought it was the dog wanting back in and I realized the dog was on the floor, when the dog jumps up from the scratching. Usually the dog jumps up and wants outside when there is another animal in the yard or somebody is at the door. This night, this incident, the dog wanted nothing to do with the door or going outside and hid close to me. Nothing or nobody was at the door and being unlocked, I locked it. I didn't open the door for a reason. For those reading this, I was watching a show talking about a demonic entity. Demons are very symbolic things: 3 knocks, 3 scratches. Although they could very easily come into the home they couldn't. Because of the spirituality of my grandmother and that being her home, they needed to be invited in. Thus, knocking or scratching at the door. So what did I do? I ignored the request to come in by not opening the door and locked it.

Chico: Chico was my grandparents' dog. Chico got sick and we had to put him down. One afternoon I was backing into the driveway about 1 week after we put the dog down. I saw Chico, as if he was still alive, run out of the front door and across the yard as if he was chasing a moose, something he loved to do. I abruptly stopped as the gate was open and 1. I could have hit the dog and 2. He would run out of the gate. It took me a full 20 seconds to realize to remember that Chico was no longer alive. Did I see Chico's ghost? If I did, he's one happy dog even now.

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phenonw (1 stories) (32 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-16)
The cat jumping on the bed was Very interesting. That happened to my mother & her first husband. They were just married & was renting a farm house. Every night after he blew out the lantern a cat would jump onto the bed. They had no cat & had not seen one around the house. This went on for weeks. Finally one night he blew out the lantern but had a match ready to light it again. Right after he blew it out, the cat jumped onto the bed. He lite the lantern & still Nothing there. They knew that there was not a cat in the house so they concluded that it was a ghost cat. They moved quickly.
Phenonwrestler [at]
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-06)
adqkid, Ok that was a lot of interesting experiences! You must be sensitive to spirits if you can see them. Or what it may be as far as the cat could be residual. The man is there to stay because it may have been his home or land at one point. Chico well he was just continuing to play enjoying his life on the other side in a different way. Maybe at your grandmothers home your nerves were getting the best of you, as you were watching the show. It could have been a slight breeze that knocked a limb or branch into the door. I have had that happen quite a lot. When you used the recorder, that's just plain scary! Awesome story by the way! Thanks for sharing
samtillie (5 stories) (242 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-04)
Wow my heads exploding with all your stories! Very interesting. By the way I wouldn't believe any apps and the information they present. I wouldn't have thought they would be able to measure anything paranormal. I hope someone on here can give you some advice on your stories.

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