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Was That A Ghost Cat?


I used to live next door to my neighbor who had a black/white cat. I just adored this cat, and he just loved when I would come over for a visit. My neighbor told me that her cat had a malignant tumor. The cat was still fine when the last time I saw him.

We got two-bedroom apartment in the next building and we moved out. I came back in a month to visit my neighbor. As she opened her door, I saw her cat walking across her bedroom to a living-room where he suddenly had vanished. I asked her whether I can pet her cat, and she told me that cat passed away about a week ago.

She told me that she did not want to euthanize him, and wanted him to pass away his natural death. However, his condition got worse, and he was in agony. She just had to call to the veterinarian and begged him to come to her home. When veterinarian came over, the cat was in complete agony. There was no other solution but to euthanize him. He died in her apartment right near the door to the hallway.

When she told me that he passed away about a week ago, I was speechless.

I loved that cat so much! But, how than could I have seen him walking from a bedroom to a living-room? He looked so real! I mean just like a living being. I didn't see any weird lights or some strange ghost-like shape. There he was, a regular cat passing by me. I was wondering that he just passed by me and didn't even cross over my legs. That explained why! He was not there anymore. I don't know what I have seen. Was his ghost there, still in her apartment? It has not been nine days yet. Was he really there or was his energy left behind?

I thought that my neighbor had lied to me and simply didn't want me to step in. However, this was true. The cat has passed away.

Well, I still cannot make any sense of what I have seen.

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batVkitty (11 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-06)
I think it could've been a ghost! I don't know if to call this sound of a cat a ghost or not but it is something weird. So the first time I heard the meow of a cat (I could only hear him not see it), was late at night. I was talking on the phone and suddenly I hear a cat (I was in my walk-in closet, it isn't that big). I want to say it came from the basement from my apartment but no cats could've gotten in because there is no way a cat could get inside! All gates are closed so its weird. The second time I heard it was sometime the same time I heard it the first day. One day I heard it on the morning. It was all weird because I could hear it inside my closet but there wasn't any cat! Other than that we had a cat but he died 2 years ago (RIp)...
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
13 years ago (2010-10-13)
DARKNESS: you're right, it's the same story this person posted last, new title though... Happens sometimes 😆 ❤
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-12)
Hmmm this story sounds rather familiar I'm pretty sure the mods will pick up on this. 😆

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