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When I was around 11 or 12, my family moved from a large, old house to a newer one across town. During the moving process there where some weird things that happened but we didn't really think anything of them. It was mainly things would be moved from one room to another, we all just assumed that somebody else was moving them but it became increasingly apparent that none of us had moved things.

I distinctly remember my mom frantically looking for a manual to the computer we just bought; she searched the office but couldn't find it anywhere, only to find it on her nightstand. We all thought that was a little odd but we just brushed it off.

My story, however, does not have to do with items being moved. It was Christmas time and we had just set up the tree, I invited my best friend over for a slumber party and we decided it would be fun to sleep by the newly decorated tree. The tree was in the "formal" living room, the house was set up that when you walked in the front door, you could see the formal living room but you had to crossover the hallway that stretched the length of the house.

On one end of the hallway was the kitchen and TV room, the other end had two bedrooms, a bathroom, and the master bed and bath. Anyway, that night we stayed up late talking about who knows what. I remember telling my friend a story, we where sitting in the middle of the room with our backs facing the walls, parallel to the hallway, and something caught my attention in the hallway.

I looked over and I saw a teenage girl with short, pink, spiked hair dressed in a plaid skirt walking from the bedroom side of the house to the kitchen side of the house. She looked right at me and smiled without stopping. My heart started racing and my friend said I just went really pale and still. I told her what I saw but she didn't see it.

Strangely, all the weird stuff stopped after that night and I never saw her again.

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mRose (8 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-20)
I think the reason why she's smiling at you was she already found the light. And you said that she didn't showed up again and all of the weird stuffs that you'd saw was now stopped, so she already found her way. Hopefully! 😊

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